Jeremy Corbyn: A conspiracy.

A cleverly designed plan fails to remove Corbyn.

Zionists are more than capable of playing the ‘long game’. The slow but continual theft of Palestinian land is conducted in this way to avoid headlines of ethnic cleansing. It might be tedious and painstaking but they know that this policy will go under the radar because of media complicity in concealing the ultimate aim. The recent slaughter and maiming of thousands of Palestinians inside Gaza proves that the Israelis have to cross some thick red lines to incur serious criticism.

It seems the ability to be patient is widespread in the Zionist movement. Chris Friel has recently published Murilgaga, a detailed investigation into the background of the recent attack on Jeremy Corbyn which claims he was anti semitic. The response to yet another claim of Corbyn’s anti Semitism resulted in ‘enough is enough’, a supposedly spontaneous reaction to the allegations.

However, it wasn’t spontaneous at all, as Chris exposes in Murilgaga. The campaign was calculated and coordinated to create maximum damage in another attempt to smear Corbyn. It was a conspiracy by powerful individuals and groups to oust Corbyn from his leadership position. Details are in Chris Friel’s excellent article of who they are.

The repeated attempts by the ‘Zionist lobby’ are only having any effect because of lazy journalism and/or sympathies within the media for the Zionist project. Mr Corbyn’s history speaks for itself. He has never shown any racist tendencies towards anyone. In fact throughout his parliamentary career, he has strongly supported all minorities against oppression, including the Palestinians. He has worked relentlessly for dialogue, whilst being committed to peaceful resolution and talking to all parties involved in a dispute.

Implications beyond the Zionist agenda.

The irrefutable evidence of a campaign to remove Corbyn is also an attack on (what remains of) UK democracy. Jeremy Corbyn gives the UK electorate a choice they haven’t had for decades and Luciana Berger, Joan Ryan, Ian Austin and all the other Israel ‘firsters’ are actually attempting to remove that choice, not for their own personal benefit but to silence a critic of Israel. Having said that, many in the Labour and Conservative parties have enjoyed ‘educational’ trips to Israel, needless to say it will have been a one eyed view. Similarly, many politicians are ‘sponsored’ by influential groups too. They Work For You is a good place to check on our regional representatives.

If any of the ‘Labour rebels’ (aka Tony Blair supporters) were to become leader of the party, there wouldn’t be a choice of policies. Labour would have a slightly watered down Conservative manifesto. Privatisation of the National Health Service, prison and police services would continue without discussion and all but the wealthy paying the austerity price. So this isn’t just about Israel.

4 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn: A conspiracy.

  1. Corbyn is getting serious flak and it won’e stop. Israel is desperate to stop him form becoming PM, as are uber-Capitalists. Perhaps the future of both the UK and EU can be seen to be played out in what happens to Corbyn.

  2. For sure. He’s been an MP for over 30 years and never had a question mark over his integrity, never had a complaint regarding racism but he’s suddenly become a raging anti Semite. It’s the most fantastic story they are asking us to believe. Maybe he is a little too close to being Prime Minister for ‘the lobby’ and they are getting a bit panicky. It does seem like the Conservative government are imploding and Corbyn would be much better at negotiating an amicable outcome for both the EU and UK.

  3. “Zionists are more than capable of playing the ‘long game'” – That is such an accurate observation – they have been at it for quite a few centuries now… I hope Corbyn can survive this barrage of highly undeserved criticism… you don’t find such conscientious gentlemen in politics nowadays… and that is the very reason perhaps they want him out of the picture…

    • Indeed. Despite his outward appearance, Mr Corbyn is built of stern stuff but I fear the constant insults may eventually wear him down. The relentless nature of these defamatory attacks, coming from every conceivable direction, would certainly affect the vast majority of us. If he had strong support from his own party, I would hold out more hope but it seems his close circle of allies haven’t got the conviction Mr Corbyn himself has and there are probably over 100 ‘Blairites’ who are still Labour MP’s, almost all of them in the notorious Labour Friends of Israel lobby group.
      Previously, one of the frustrating things about Mr Corbyn (for me) was that he seemed emotionless, no matter what he was confronted by. When the committed Zionist Margaret Hodge insulted him with her foul mouthed tirade last week, he’s reported to have said ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’, It is this type of response to provocation which makes him a very difficult target for the MSM. Perhaps ‘they’ understand that it’s going to take a sustained and determined campaign that is full of lies, to oust him. Bearing in mind the vast majority of these very same people have no conscience about what the consequences of their deceptions have had in support of war in Iraq, Libya, Syria and other places, I can’t see them losing any sleep over the fact they had to use the same tactics on Jeremy Corbyn.

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