Israel: Smoke and mirrors, Zionist style.

Israeli claims are always accepted without question.

Statements by the Israeli government, whenever they ‘respond’ to allegations of rockets fired into the country, are accepted by presenters and interviewers, without exception. A long history of deception fails to provoke a more skeptic approach from journalists and the likes of Mark Regev are able to accuse Hamas of heinous crimes, without which the Israeli regime wouldn’t have a perfect excuse to obliterate Gaza or create even harsher living conditions on those in the West Bank.

When three Israeli hitchhikers were murdered in 2014, Netanyahu used the event to arrest 350 Palestinians, killing 5 more, during the investigation. A campaign was initiated to release the three young men and for eleven days media interest was unprecedented. But all along Netanyahu knew the victims were dead, publicly insisting he had high hopes of finding them alive. He’d previously claimed that the US could be manipulated at will and only recently boasted of persuading the American President to abandon the Iran nuclear deal. Furthermore, he’s currently the subject of corruption charges related to his time in government. A compulsive liar would have more credibility, yet still, he and his officials are seldom asked for clarification. Aggressive questioning is very rare amongst Western journalists. Regev is reduced to a stuttering mess when confronted by criticism.

During the ‘Right of Return’ protests, which apart from a few unruly youths trying to fire catapults a huge distance, were peaceful protesters trying to show their dismay at a policy involving demolitions and land theft. I think the last death count was 156 and wounded in excess of 17,000. What other government wouldn’t be asked serious questions about the disproportionate response to a contained crowd of rioters? The news channels never asked if there was a possibility of the Palestinians breaking down the numerous fences around Gaza and gaining access to the occupied territories. There was absolutely no chance of that happening, supported by the Israelis themselves with the small number of IDF soldiers at the scene. Would they have just left a handful of snipers to fend for themselves, if there was?

I never read or heard of a single journalist asking an Israeli spokesperson if the slaughter was unjustified or an over the top reaction. Watch these very same media people when they are speaking with a politician they don’t like very much. They won’t even let them answer.

So the recent reason for Israel destroying a water treatment plant and one of the most revered buildings in Gaza, is clear. It’s the 150 rockets fired into Israel. No mention of Israel assassinating the groups leaders if and when it chooses. The viewer would be left thinking that Hamas fired into Israel just so that they can get a pregnant woman  killed to create world sympathy. The problem is… Hamas and the people of Gaza never receive any sympathy, not from any politician, ever.

I asked an Israeli supporter on twitter if he would show me the damage these alleged rockets have caused (I’ve thought for a long time the rocket count and effectiveness were bogus). The recipients of my questions ignored them. In one of my earlier articles I pointed this out and published the only examples of damage I could find. The images I found after extensive research were pathetic, so it’s no surprise that pro Israelis can’t show us the devastation the missiles are causing. It don’t exist.

The uncritical mainstream media don’t just ignore the many Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, they allow them to accuse the Palestinians of provocation, without a shred of evidence. This unforgivable attitude giving pro Israelis the opportunity to lie without consequences and continuing to ‘enjoy’ their favourite pastime of killing.

2 thoughts on “Israel: Smoke and mirrors, Zionist style.

  1. The face of humanity as exposed by the plight of Palestine is not something mankind can ever be proud of… at the moral level Zionism has won… the world is silent… a few crazy ones like us do whatever we can from wherever we are in whichever manner we can… but as Rebel Voice said in a write-up the issue is global, the solution has to be a global one… it must weigh on the collective conscience of humanity enough to instigate a collective move at the socio-political level… resistance has to build up… Thank you for sharing… a very true depiction of the situation.

  2. Indeed Zara, the stone cold killers, so unaffected by their brutal treatment of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine, are a collective of psychotic barbarians who will not listen to reason. Only a similar campaign to that which created the fall of the white South Africans can hope to succeed, but the media stranglehold by the Zionists means that people are getting a very distorted view of the conflict (if it can be described as that).
    In the UK, this stranglehold as many different tentacles, all with the primary aim of protecting Israel. In actual fact, in a sick sort of way, it’s very clever and effective. Demonisation of anyone that dares to stand in solidarity with Palestine, with so many different methods of silencing us. A high profile victim being the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. Of all the politicians in the last few decades in this country, he is the most decent, inoffensive, honourable and sincere, and yet they have managed to portray him as a vile racist. I wish I had some answers but I don’t. The determination of the Palestinians is inspirational, we need to follow their lead.

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