Lana Del Rey and the Israeli PR disaster.

BBC and Sky news claim the star has ‘postponed’ her appearance at a festival in Israel.

The announcement by Lana Del Rey has been met with a muted response from many of the mainstream media outlets and the ones that have mentioned it claim the cancelation is a postponement. It isn’t, it’s cancelled.


This is an updated flyer for the Meteor Festival with Lana Del Rey’s name removed after she withdrew because of public pressure by pro human rights organisations. The BDS movement has achieved a huge victory by influencing the decision of the biggest name on an otherwise very ordinary line up. Admittedly, I’m not up to date on the latest musical trends but I don’t recognise a single artist on this list, which looks like a it might be a who’s who of obscure Israeli bands.

The massive blow for the event organisers fails to get a mention in any of the newspapers here in the UK, except The Guardian. The primary TV news stations, who have both lied, described the engagement as being postponed. The way I see it, if the singer songwriter isn’t performing between the 6th – 8th September at the Meteor Festival, it’s cancelled.

The millions of dollars being ‘invested’ in fighting the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement will look like money wasted after a high profile defeat like this but the multitude of Israeli departments and organisations won’t be deterred. The accusations implying BDS and Jeremy Corbyn are anti semitic won’t be subsiding just yet.

Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn has shown tremendous courage amid the onslaught of potentially career ending claims by numerous UK Jewish groups. Lesser men would have walked away but he has defied many of the critics including the broad band of ‘Blairites’ still in the party. Frank Field’s departure will mean he has one less ‘colleague’ ready to stick the knife in his back .

The uniformity of UK Jewish groups and Jewish newspapers has been the major driving force behind the relentless smears on Corbyn. A recent car-crash interview involving the Board of Deputies President, Marie van der Zyl emphasises the kind of ludicrous claims that the Labour leader has been subjected to. I know nothing about Marie van der Zyl, yet she is informing viewers that a man involved in public service for over 40 years, without a single claim against him of racism or prejudice, has suddenly turned into a modern day Hitler. The good think is, we don’t have to rely on the lying van der Zyl to know that Corbyn’s political history is there for all to see and no amount of selective video editing can change that.

Thus far, the smear Corbyn campaign has actually had a positive effect on his popularity. This mild mannered and softly spoken man is difficult to turn into a raging bigot, despite concerted efforts. Unfortunately for the (previously) silent pro Israeli lobby, their recent behaviour has brought them out of the shadows and indicates just how prevalent the contingent is in the UK.

Diminishing mainstream media influence.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a major reason for the huge numbers of people joining the Labour Party and the figures are still rising. On the other hand, the future of newspapers seem to be on a progressive decline with even the most popular ones suffering. Subsequently, less readers equals reduced influence. Almost all the UK newspaper and current affairs programs have systematically repeated every allegation against Corbyn, with apparently little success. Control over how events are reported is the key to MSM domination. First impressions carry a lot of weight but the emergence of social media is creating many questions and users are not as isolated as they once were.  Suspicious minds quickly alert other people to inconsistencies, meaning cover ups are much more difficult to manage but not impossible.

The days of the newspaper barons are coming to an end. They had a good run but now they will have to find other ways to influence… Which I’m sure they will strive to do. Lack of empathy for their victims in the continual push to war will mean they still need watching.

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