The reinvention of Boris Johnson.

The ‘likeable’, error prone ‘Jack the Lad’ image conceals the conniving, deceitful politician.

Laura Kuenssberg, the Political Editor at the BBC has managed to interview Boris Johnson regularly over the last few months – always managing to put a favourable spin on an incompetent public speaker. Quite an achievement, considering Johnson’s inability to string a coherent sentence together. Kuenssberg seems almost smitten in Johnson’s company. Meanwhile, her interview with Jeremy Corbyn, in 2018, has a completely different, combative edge to it.

The BBC are not alone. Almost every news agency, TV channel and newspaper are united in the praise of Johnson, whilst finding reasons to criticise Corbyn, even down to the fact he has a vegetable allotment. The contrast in the treatment of the two leaders is stark. Forgotten are Johnson’s persistent racist remarks, bungled political decisions and cost cutting to Greater London Fire Brigade, which could have created a much better outcome for the tenants of Grenfell Tower. Selective media amnesia.

Comparing political history.

Corbyn has long been more than an irritant to the establishment, even those within the Labour Party, hence Tony Blair’s constant criticism and obvious contempt towards him. Objecting to almost every military action, Corbyn has been an anti-war campaigner throughout his decades as a Member of Parliament. On the other hand, Johnson epitomises the mindset of the elite, confirmed by his voting record.

The National Health Service.

Johnson knows that the continuity of the National Health Service (NHS) in its current form is a bare minimum for UK voters. Despite years of covert privatisation and manipulation by the Blair and Conservative governments, the public are beginning to really worry about its future. Predictably, within hours of being elected Conservative Party leader, he was making headlines.

However, just a few days later, a government official quietly admitted that it wouldn’t be forty new hospitals but six. Furthermore, on the 3rd October 2019, , a UK fact checking charity published this:

So Johnson’s forty new hospitals had become six renovated, with a previously unmentioned time scale of up to six years. There was no media headlines to correct Johnson’s dishonesty.

Johnson’s lies about leaving the EU.

Johnson being exposed as a prolific liar isn’t just a recent aberration. When he was campaigning for Brexit, he travelled or at least appeared to travel in this bus.

The advert on the side of this bus has also been proven to be a lie but more importantly, this has created a catastrophic division amongst people living in the UK. No doubt that his claim of extra funding for the NHS will have convinced a lot of voters to tick the leave box in the European Union referendum.

Johnson in demand.

Despite his obvious inadequacies, it hasn’t affected the demand for his services amongst corporations as an orator. This isn’t a comprehensive list.

One of his most frequent contributors is Lord Anthony Bamford.

In contrast, Corbyn doesn’t have a long list of financially lucrative corporate engagements. And while Johnson’s second appearance at an election campaign in Northern Ireland was claimed to be an incoherent ramble, Corbyn has already attended scores of meetings and speeches.

Max Hastings on Boris Johnson.

Max Hastings was Johnson’s boss at the Telegraph and amongst other things he said this about his former colleague.

I have known Johnson since the 1980’s, when I edited the Daily Telegraph and he was our flamboyant Brussels correspondent. I have argued for a decade that, while he is a brilliant entertainer who made a popular maître d’ for London as its mayor, he is unfit for national office, because it seems he cares for no interest save his own fame and gratification.

The choice is easy.

The relentless smears on Jeremy Corbyn, none of which have been proven, his thirty plus years working as a Member of Parliament, strongly indicates he is only one that is fit to become PM. Corbyn has been a peace activist throughout and always fought for the underprivileged. Alternatively, Johnson’s career in both journalism and politics is full of half truths and blatant lies. His motives are not to improve the lives of the millions of ordinary people but to maintain the status quo – where the masses are at the mercy of the very wealthy.

Before the electorate cast their votes they want to consider these important possibilities.

Do they want a Brexit which could reignite the Northern Ireland conflict and expose the UK to domination by unscrupulous US corporations affecting a wide range of products, including vital pharmaceuticals?

Do they want the NHS further decimated by Conservative policies on top of the PFI scandal initiated by the Tories and Blair governments?

Do they want the total destruction of the welfare safety net?

Do they want government policies to further reduce taxes for the wealthy and corporations, that for the most part do not pay the tax rates they should be doing because of imaginative accountants?

Further reduction of basic workers rights?

If your answers to these possibilities are yes – Feel free to vote for a Boris Johnson government.

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