Judgement day is coming your way!

Netanyahu’s promises will bring him and Israel crashing down.

Netanyahu explaining the details of his latest theft from Palestinians.

Netanyahu will do anything to avoid the same fate as so many other corrupt Israeli politicians – going to jail. The annexation of Palestinian land was (he thought) the best way to get re-elected and avoid the threat of Israeli justice catching up with him and to some extent it will.

Ordinarily, crimes against the Palestinians are unnoticed by the worlds media and in turn can also be ignored by governments. The rubber stamp he intends stamping on historic and future theft of Palestine should be routine but he’s become complacent. He failed to understand that bogus democratic regimes have got to try and reflect their peoples views at some point, albeit reluctantly. The annexation is unlikely to proceed as Netanyahu promised during his election campaign and he has been surprised by the reaction of ‘friendly allies’ towards the plans. Even the US is back peddling somewhat, with both Europe and the UK expressing dismay.

Killing machine.

As I write this, news of another young Palestinian, accused of trying to ram IDF soldiers, has been left to die by the side of his vehicle. It’s been reported he was going to pick up his sister from having her hair done for her wedding this evening. For such an electronically sophisticated and hi-tec society, Israel will provide no evidence of any wrongdoing by this latest victim, Ahmad Ereqat. He was simply left to die of his wounds by callous, heartless killers.

Two Syrian soldiers are reported killed and four injured after another Israeli attack on Suwayda. These crimes against innocent people cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely and when the resistance do finally say enough is enough, there will be many scores settled.

The lives destroyed by this slow and deliberate dispossession of Palestinian land, heritage and culture will never be known. It’s incalculable. There can be no estimate of six million, just a map which turned from the green of Palestine to the blue and white of the occupiers.

Do Israelis never hear from their own media that another innocent Palestinian has been murdered or that their fighter jets have struck another target in Syria, killing someones son, daughter, mother or father? Do they care? If they don’t, they should do. Everything must change and it will.


Bullies only attack who they perceive to be weaker. This is the reason Israel have not militarily attacked Lebanon for fourteen years. They have done so economically, through the mad dog Americans but Netanyahu is careful that Israel shouldn’t be blamed for serious altercations with either Hezbollah or Iran. It’s not that Israel wouldn’t be pleased if the US initiated conflict and they would be ecstatic if they themselves could conquer Lebanon, at least up to the the Litani River. There is one major problem and many smaller ones.

Sayyed Nasrallah.

Hassan Nasrallah laughs at the spiders web of Israel.

It is claimed that Israelis trust the word of Hassan Nasrallah more than they do of their own politicians (not a high benchmark in any standard) and so they should. He doesn’t lie, he stays silent if he doesn’t want to reveal something. Fourteen years of only aerial transgressions by Israel is testament to the bloody nose the Hezbollah leader gave them in 2006. Israeli ground troops who managed to survive the incursion into Lebanon went back home with very clear picture of what Hezbollah could do to them. The well trained and disciplined Lebanese group are the reason Lebanon has remained peaceful but all that could change because of Israeli annexation of Palestine and the economic restraints put on Lebanon, Syria and slightly smaller degree Iraq.

We will kill you …

To put things into perspective, Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi economy combined has no effect on the US. None at all. Every sanction, embargo or whatever placed on these three countries is for one reason only – Israel. They have zero benefit to America nor to any of its allies except one. But last week, despite Hezbollah being primarily a defensive entity, Sayyed Nasrallah sent out a clear signal to Israel, via America that the Lebanese will not give up their weapons and they will not crawl for scraps of bread from their tormentors. If the US inflict harsh conditions on the resistance, they will respond militarily.

The pressure is building in the region, the US and its locally docked aircraft carrier, SS Israel should be wary of the C-802.

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