I want my money back from the Labour Party.

Members contributions were frittered away by Starmer, paying damages to former staff, despite legal advice indicating that the party should fight the case.

The ‘damages’ in question were paid to staff at Labour Party head office, who appeared on the Panorama program called ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic?**’ Seven tearful contributors alleged they were overwhelmed by an environment filled with antisemitism. The ‘victims’, Louise Withers-Green, Sam Matthews, Kat Buckingham, Dan Hogan, Ben Westerman, Martha Robinson, and Michael Creighton received a reported twenty thousand pounds each with the reporter of the documentary, John Ware, twice that amount. Including other costs, the final bill amounted to over half a million pounds.

Evidence has surfaced in the recently broadcast Al Jazeera series, ‘the Labour Files‘, which confirm Ben Westerman was dishonest in the Panorama episode in 2019. He should return the ‘damages’ he received.

Ben Westerman.

Westerman’s discounted claims, along with the general anti Corbyn bias of the Panorama documentary casts serious doubts about the programs overall credibility. How many more lies and exaggerations are there which we are unaware of?

John Ware’s victory in a trial preliminary against Paddy French where the Judge indicated there was a defamatory claim to answer, could be affected by the recent disclosures regarding Panorama. Did Ware show due diligence in verifying if the participants claims were factual? Was the timing of the program, just before a general election a deliberate ploy to harm (particularly) Corbyn’s attempt to become PM?

Al Jazeera have done what Ware didn’t do. They scrutinised claims and prove that there were many elements within the party that were seriously undermining the leadership on a daily basis. Internal investigations were carried out very slowly to make it appear that Corbyn didn’t take antisemitism seriously. Blatant racists were treated sympathetically while (specifically) members that advocated Palestinian rights were accused of being antisemitic, ruthlessly suspended and banned. Jews have also been targeted by the Starmer regime, significantly only those who support Palestinian human rights.

Did the biased nature of the program affect the outcome of the election? Possibly but the catastrophic defeat to Johnson, giving the Tories a huge 80 seat majority in parliament, wasn’t purely down to smears against him. Probably a more telling factor in that election was Starmer announcing a possible second Brexit referendum, despite Corbyn ruling it out. Many Labour supporters rejected that option and it could be argued that a large number of marginal seats, particularly in the North were lost because of Starmer’s deliberate contradiction. The widespread mainstream media campaign against Corbyn must have resulted in lost votes. The closely contested election two years earlier had triggered the vitriolic attacks on Corbyn and even the US Secretary of State admitted he would try to stop him being elected.

The smiling assassin, Starmer, who was planning the downfall of the leader of the party all along.

Personally, I only joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn and had never been in a political movement before. Obviously, Corbyn’s judgement in how that money was spent wasn’t an issue. I left when Starmer was handed leadership and all told, I was only in the party a couple of years.

Shortly after, I heard whispers about the Labour Party staff directing resources away from the more left leaning candidates, some that were in very marginal seats, instead funding those that were right wing and in perfectly safe constituencies.

The claims in the Panorama documentary weren’t convincing. I’d seen Ella Rose**** boasting that she could beat up the former Labour activist Jackie Walker*** in the Al Jazeera series called ‘The Lobby‘ . She was very aggressive, which was in stark contrast to pathetic victim she portrayed on Panorama when she was unaware a camera was recording her. So her appearance instantly made me skeptical about the program agenda. Zionists are brutal, even toward Palestinian children, yet pretend to be so fragile when they perceive someone might be criticising their behaviour.

Considering the disclosures on the ‘Labour Files‘ my contributions to the Labour Party have not been used to try to secure a Socialist government but to line the pockets of frauds who did everything they could to avoid that outcome. Why did Starmer ignore legal advice? Because he was intent on rewarding his successful team with money conned from sympathetic Palestinian supporters. He didn’t want to contest the claims for damages.

I want that money back from the cheats who deprived the people of this country an opportunity to have a Socialist government which would have actually looked after them. Westerman and anyone else that lied owes us a lot more than the grubby twenty grand that Starmer filled their pockets with.

** The BBC program might only be available to UK residents with a TV licence. Here is a short clip.

*** Despite many years being an activist in the Labour Party, so far as I’m aware she is no longer a member after a dirty tricks campaign by Zionist members.

**** Ella Rose, proving there is no justice in this world, is now a Whetstone ward Councillor.


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