So much emphasis is put on living in a democracy but what does it mean to us? Cameron or Blair, May or Brown? Kinnock or Thatcher? Rarely has the British public, in recent years, had much of a choice. The US, even less so. The glaringly obvious misconception about a democratic vote is that it can create a change in policy. It can’t. Any slight benefit to the average person is negligible. Corporations plunder on relentlessly and the taxpayers receive less for their input.

The wealthy get the benefits of success, the poor are lumbered with the austerity measures that year on year slashes away at the social safety net. The real needs of the people are ignored and privatisation foisted on us by increasingly surreptitious methods. And yet we cling to this illusion that we have a meaningful choice. It’s all a very deliberate duplicitousdemocracy.

I began using WordPress to try to counter mainstream media lies. Even if it’s not read by huge numbers, it might be useful as proof that we didn’t all believe what we were spoonfed.

I’m acutely aware that I have many flaws in my writing ability and my punctuation isn’t great but at least it’s better than my handwriting. I try to make my observations interesting and to highlight information not so widely available.

If I fail miserably, I’m sorry for wasting your time.

I also started the blog to vent my anger at the Israeli government, who I learnt over a period of time, have the Western mainstream media in their back pocket. The criminal enterprise known as Israel is and always will be, Palestine. The Palestinians didn’t persecute the Jews, a significant number lived peacefully amongst them. The victims had no right to victimise people who lived there already. But they did, they drove 800,000 from their homes. A centuries old religious scripture wasn’t evidence of ownership, just as my anglo saxon heritage doesn’t give me a chunk of mainland Europe.  It isn’t up to me to tell Palestinians what they can do or appeal for them to be peaceful. I don’t have to suffer the indignity of a snotty nosed Israeli soldier poking a gun in my chest.

I don’t know all the answers but I enjoy debating the possibilities. I’m not religious but would defend the right of others to worship whoever they want.

I believe that having too much empathy is a curse but the alternative is much worse.

I live and work in the East Midlands.







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