Breaking the silence.

Surprisingly, a BBC interview with a former IDF soldier critical of the Israeli military.

A member of the Israeli anti occupation group ‘Breaking the Silence’, Avner Gvaryahu is interviewed by the selectively critical Stephen Sackur. Gvaryahu is very eloquent in his attack on Israeli policy. Sackur attempts to label him a hypocrite and a traitor but the interviewee remains focused and firm.

To be perfectly honest, I was expecting much worse from Sackur, who in the past has not allowed his guests to express their views without constant interruption and I would urge people to watch this episode of HARDtalk, particularly Israeli citizens.

Gvaryahu correctly states that the current Israeli government have only one aim and that is to maintain their current barbaric control over every aspect in the lives of the Palestinian population.


Is embedded video slowing down your web browsing?

This increasingly irritating nuisance can sometimes bring extremely high specification laptops and computers to their knees.

This fix doesn’t seem to be widely advertised. It’s difficult to tell now that Google (in particular) are selecting which web pages are prioritised using their search engine. Here are easy to follow instructions with images.


Type about:config into your address bar, like this:

Screenshot from 2018-02-17 18-27-28

This screen will come up next, just accept:

Screenshot from 2018-02-17 18-27

Scroll down to find media.autoplay.enabled

Screenshot from 2018-02-1

Double click on it and it switches to this:

Screenshot from 2018


…And that’s it, you can close the window and browse without constant interference from resource hungry video clips.

Just a slight warning. The problem with this fix is that it blocks your Youtube videos from  playing. I personally get around this by using different browsers for different tasks. General browsing with Firefox and Chrome if I want to watch Youtube.

An update on this issue.

Initially, Youtube didn’t work but it seems ok now, so there should be no need to use a different browser for watching video clips. I’ll monitor this and update again if needs be. I’ve so far tested this reconfiguration on a couple of Israeli news sites (and these tend to be the worst offenders) and its an improvement. If anyone has any further suggestions, feel free to comment.


Syrian air defences down Israeli jet.

BBC reluctant to admit the jet was hit by Syrian defence missiles.

Syrian air defence systems have finally downed an Israeli jet after months of increasing provocation. One of the two Israeli pilots has died from his injuries whilst the other is only slightly injured. This justifiable response could be exactly what Netanyahu was hoping for given the advances made in the domestic investigation into his corruption. Rumours suggest that indictment is imminent. Netanyahu is hoping a war will sidetrack the accusations. Because he is a typical world leader, he won’t care how many people will perish, his only concern is his own survival.

The BBC report is vague. ‘Israeli jet down amid Syrian fire’ is the headline. This leaves open the possibility of a mechanical failure. They wouldn’t want to give Israel’s enemies a coup that would instill confidence in their ability to defeat them. The most innocuous reporting is always used to defend Israeli interests.

US attack on Syrian allies.

Critics of Trump are wondering where his promises of less interference in the Middle East have gone to. Considering his lack of mental capacity, they are long forgotten. Let’s not forget he is a man who had his own reality TV show and interviews with any so called TV personality always reveals just how out of touch they are. Recent rumours imply that he doesn’t read any reports put in front of him, so this allows those who are closest to shape his thinking. That would be his daughter and her husband. The attack on Syrian Army allies this week is an important sub plot that is closely related to the latest Israeli assault.

The Syrian Arab Army have been extremely resilient since the Russians entered the conflict and the action by Israel and the US is designed to send a message to Assad that he will be stretched on at least two fronts if he responds. Not forgetting the illegal actions of Turkey,

The implications of an effective Syrian air defence.

The Israeli destruction of Lebanon in 2006 was the work of the Israeli Air Force. Lebanon was defenceless in the face of repeated aerial attacks. The IAF could do as they pleased without fear of being confronted in the air. This successful Syrian response changes all that. It was an F-16 that was destroyed but the last jet to be hit by Syrian anti aircraft defences was an F-35, the so called stealth bomber. I wonder why those have not been involved in recent incursions? Flawed perhaps? If unopposed in any form of warfare, the Israelis will show no mercy. They regard the deaths of their opponents as insignificant. A big problem for them is the return home in body bags of Israeli personnel.

Was the US attack on Syrian forces earlier this week the green light for Israel?

The Israelis are opportunists. Although they would reject needing US approval, they prefer it. Having Jared Kushner protecting their interests in the White House is a gift. The Orthodox  Jew Kushner hasn’t even attempted to look impartial because Trump is effectively in cloud cuckoo land and doesn’t care what happens to the Palestinians. This most recent attack on Syria is based on claims that an Iranian drone was destroyed in Israeli air space.  There is no evidence to support this but even if it were true, Israel flies over all its neighbours air space at will and the countless complaints by Syria and Lebanon are ignored by the UN.

The latest from the BBC is that the Israeli attacks are the most intense since 1982. They failed to mention that Israeli losses are the worst since 1982 as well.

Just when you thought the Americans had reached the limit of their stupidity………

The shooting down of a Russian jet suggests the US has supplied terrorists with manpads.

If it weren’t the Americans directly, it will have been authorised by them. The worlds passenger jets have just become very real targets with the use of the lethal surface to air portable hand held missile system. The weapon is highly manoeuvrable and subsequently not easy to detect. It’s success rate is extremely high and in the hands of the mentally challenged, easily influenced and backward ISIS freaks, the danger to all aircraft has risen tenfold.

These people aren’t rational nor religious. They have contorted their holy scriptures in such an outlandish way that they no longer resemble the original text. There is no concern for others, no empathy, no respect for human life, particularly the people they conclude are not in line with their drug fuelled ideology.

The US and primarily the Israelis have been itching to give the rabid extremists some of these weapons. Why would they put ALL aircraft at risk? They didn’t. They must still have control of the manpads. They wouldn’t risk their own commercial airlines, not even to remove Assad. It is today rumoured that a neighbouring country has supplied the manpads, suggesting it could be Turkey. If this is the case, it would still be with the Americans approval.

If indeed Turkey are involved, the repercussions could be very damaging. Russia has already shown how it can damage the Turkish economy. Any further sanctions to punish Erdogan wouldn’t be so publicly acknowledged. Putin is in a different league to most leaders around the world, reprisals from him could be devastating for Turkey. Putin hasn’t been deterred by pressure from US allies and is still carrying on with his policy in Syria. The results of this latest terrorist action will create interesting times. If I were a gambling man, my money would be on Putin.

Personal Contract Purchase deals… Rent-A-Car.

The shocking PCP deception that has fooled hundreds of thousands.

PCP stands for Personal Contract Purchase. Basically it’s for high fliers who change their car every two or three years or for those that don’t have a large amount of cash to buy it outright. I did have, including the car I had at the time as a trade in and a little help from my father. However, despite telling the salesman I had enough money, I was railroaded into getting it on PCP. Before I knew it, I’d got the car I wanted but it was on their terms and discarded the fact I could totally finance it without PCP. Never at any time was the word ‘rental’ used. It is probably in the small print though.

PCP is effectively loaning a car to you at a hefty price and then you have the opportunity to buy it for a lump sum at the end of the contract. In this case it was an Audi dealership but they all work in a similar way. If I had wanted to hire a car, I would have gone to a car hire/rental company. If they had such confidence in the arrangement, they wouldn’t have to conceal it by calling them a Personal Contract Purchase.

The motor industry, just like almost every other trade are trying to find increasingly imaginative tricks to part people from their money and this is one of them. If I hadn’t bought the car 12 months before the agreement was complete, I would have actually given my previous car away, paid a five thousand pound deposit and paid £4,800 for three years and be left with an empty car parking space. It’s a scam. Here is a run-down of my own costs:

£4,750.00 Part exchange on my previous car. £5,000.00 deposit and then £4,800.00 a year for 3 years. That’s £24,150.00 for a car that was going to be taken from me at the end of three years, unless I gave them a lump sum called a ‘balloon’ payment of almost £14,000. That’s not forgetting that if they deem the car to be in a poorer condition than they expected, they could charge you for the cost to repair any damage, if you decide to hand it back.

But that isn’t all. There are mileage restrictions and in my case it was 20,000 miles a year. I have only just gone over half way of the 60,000 miles limitation on my car so that was never an issue for me. There is a charge per mile for going over the agreed figure.

My day to day running costs have been around £6,500 – £7,000 during the time I’ve had the car but I’ve been particularly unlucky with damaged tyres.

To add insult to injury, the con artists at Audi Finance UK have taken another £400 from my account – blaming an administrative error. I emailed my complaint about their poor service and overcharging and was basically told to wait until they decide to repay me.

Raquel Eason, the Retail Customer Services Advisor informed me:

“Please rest assured that I have now requested for a manual closure of your agreement to honour the settlement quote which expired on 10th January.”

” It takes approximately 10-14 days for the agreement to fully close on our systems, once the process is complete, a letter will be sent by post confirming the clearance of finance interest in your vehicle.”

“For the January rental, the quickest way to get the funds back to your account is to claim indemnity for the payment directly with your bank – they should then return the funds to you within 24 hours. Alternatively we would have to wait 7 days for the funds to clear on our side before a refund can be raised.”

So, I should have paid the full settlement figure even though they had took the December payment and then they would have refunded me. Either way, I end up being £400 out of pocket until Audi Finance UK decide to reimburse me.

As you can see, she describes the agreement as ‘January rental’ yet at no time prior to ‘purchase’ was the word rental used. If it had been, I would have walked out there and then. She tells me I can get the money back from my bank if I contact them. Has she tried to get a real person on the phone from a bank recently? Alternatively, I can wait until they decide to repay me.

She also claims that it’s a 10 to 14 day wait for an agreement to fully close. Which planet is she from? Horse drawn carriage mail could have resulted in a quicker conclusion.

I will be contacting Audi Finance UK about Raquel Eason’s claims in due course.





The operation to destroy Iran begins.

Plan B appears to be a colour revolution.

Israeli driven US policy appears to have given up on hurting Iran via the Syrian conflict and is moving to a secondary phase of encouraging violent disorder to bring the Iranian leadership to its knees. The media have taken up the opportunity to support the condemnation of unverified Iranian brutality against the protesters. This is the very same media that routinely condemns all anti government campaigners as being violent thugs. But this is Iran, the concerted effort will be to blame the Revolutionary Guards. Does Iran not have a police force?

The contrasting reactions would be funny if it weren’t so serious. BBC radio enjoyed the story of a violent uprising so much they repeated it once again after it had just been broadcast on the news. Yes, the very same BBC that continually claimed that there was a quarter of a million civilians being bombarded by Syrian and Russian fighter jets in Aleppo. The lies were exposed when just a few thousand civilians filtered out after it was liberated.

Protecting Israeli intent.

Pro Israeli editors and staff at news agencies know that their continued success is reliant on a minimum of putting the correct spin on a feature. The only other alternative is to ignore them completely and this is the reason so many people around the world are unaware of Israeli brutality and land theft.

If protests were widespread in Iran, why would the average Westerner be interested?  The ground is being laid to try to turn the screw on the Iranian government in anticipation of further sanctions. The US and UK constantly use the collective punishment against countries to make them comply to their wishes. These are an act of war.

The Iranian system of governance isn’t perfect but being lectured by messrs Trump, Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton takes the biscuit. These intellectual dwarves don’t merit being listened to. Their only concern about Iran is how much they can weaken them to prohibit support for the Palestinians and Hezbollah. They don’t care about Arabs , Persians or Africans, demonstrably proven by their willingness to kill hundreds of thousands, without the slightest regret.

Both Trump and Netanyahu have voiced support for rioters in Iran to continue their efforts to cause chaos and this should be the end of the disharmony. After all, an elected leader that has proven to be a prolific liar and Israeli firster, combined with the corrupt Netanyahu should be enough to quell even the most stupid ‘reformers’.

If that isn’t enough, Iranians should cast their minds back to the many and varied threats that have been issued by the two bald headed, vanity obsessed charlatans. If Trump succeeds in destroying the nuclear agreement, it could have catastrophic repercussions for all Iranians and bring about the implementation of even more sanctions. Netanyahu’s position needs no explaining, he believes that Israel is entitled to attack any nation that they perceive to be a threat. The all encompassing nature of their ‘right to self defence’ would be fine in the hands of a sane government but Israel have already used their ‘entitlement’ to attack Syria, without producing an ounce of evidence to justify their unprovoked assaults

This attack on Iran is looking very similar to the run up to the Syrian catastrophe. The techniques used are very sophisticated and there will have been a lot of planning by US and Israeli intelligence agencies in the preceding months and even years.

The Iranian people would do well to avoid the rioting on the streets. It will soon be joined by snipers killing anyone that is involved on either side. The template is Syria, the result could be much worse than Libya.

Another false alarm ‘terrorist’ attack spooks the twitchy Brits.

A smashed window in Oxford Street, London creates a stampede.

The British pride themselves on the ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality but despite the government telling the terrorists they won’t change our behaviour with their terror tactics, the reality is very different. It appears that anything akin to a bursting balloon has the Brits in a stampede in no time. The fear factor is palpable in British cities but as long as ‘we’ ignore the interference our government is pursuing in the Middle East (in particular), the threat will maintain its grip. The government are allowed to continue policies that antagonise others abroad and there is always someone willing to try to get revenge. That discounts the plots that are encouraged and funded by our security services. If they can’t catch a cold, they are forced to set up some fools to be their patsies. It doesn’t happen? Yes it does. The stories of intelligence criminality is already seeping out from the murders and bombings that were committed in Ireland by British security services.

ISIS can’t blame the UK foreign policy as the reason they are likely to attack us because British foreign policy is the same as theirs. Protect Israel. The only reason the government voted against the US recently at the UN was because the loudmouth duo of  Trump and Haley gave them no choice after issuing such outrageous threats. Why haven’t any of the think tanks, funded by all sorts if shady characters, revealed that ISIS have not and do not attack Israel? Have we no journalists that can see that these apparent deadly enemies are cosying up to each other in an attempt to fragment Syria, weaken Hezbollah and ultimately do the same for Iranian influence?

Yes , we do  but if they want to maintain their lifestyle, they have to ignore the elephant in the room. If by any chance they did try to reveal some unfortunate truths, it wouldn’t get past the editor.

‘We’ keep these newspapers in business through buying their shitty rags. We rarely protest our government’s policies, either home or abroad. By our silence, we are actually giving our tacit approval. The media supports the terrorists abroad but scream blue murder when terrorism visits us here. Whether it is real or not.

Remember the media claiming Russian and Syrian jets had destroyed Aleppo?

The British government have been openly financing the White Helmets. In the video below, they have what looks like a brand new JCB. Did British taxpayers supply it?

Another even more astonishing fact is that the very people we support and fund are the most likely to come and blow up our train stations or concert halls. It isn’t supporters of Assad that are likely to create a stampede in Central London, it’s the associates of the White Helmets.

Fortunately, internet shopping can remove the need for putting ourselves in harm’s way. From the safety of our homes, we can buy anything we want. Even when we are sat smugly in our armchairs, safely away from the danger of loud banging noises, we can still insist that these bloody terrorists will never change us. But they have.

We are fearful of our own shadow and a packet of balloons could cause chaos in our high streets. We aren’t scared but we’ll shop online – Just in case.