East Ghouta – No escape.

Jeremy Bowen supports the lies about the ‘siege’.

Reports from the BBC continue to imply Russian and Syrian behaviour is stopping civilians from escaping the East Ghouta region of Syria. The presenters first words, describing the terrorists as rebels, is a blatant falsehood. The militant criminals holed up in East Ghouta have no connection to any civil liberties or freedom, nor are they defending the people that dwell in the area.

In a dull, serious tone, Jeremy Bowen describes a city the size of Manchester, England, comprising of 400,000 people, that is being starved of provisions. The implication is that the government siege is responsible for the hardship on civilians but this very same accusation was levelled at them during the battle for Aleppo. After the terrorists evacuated (under a government sponsored agreement), the terrorists were found to have hidden tons of food and medicine from the civilians and were accused of selling aid to them at extortionate prices.

Bowen voiced over some clips of children being pulled from damaged buildings by the discredited WH’s. Clearly the BBC haven’t seen these very same White Helmets posing with guns on their facebook pages. At the end of the article, Bowen signs off with ‘Jeremy Bowen, BBC news’. He doesn’t admit to being in a nice warm studio using terrorist supplied footage which he merely comments on. This is not uncommon. Virtually all the news journalists are nowhere near the fighting. Beirut, Lebanon is the usual choice but I suspect Bowen was in a UK studio. Without doubt, if they got close enough the lunatics terrorising East Ghouta, they would find out that they aren’t the cuddly rebels they try to portray.

When Aleppo was liberated, the survivors condemned the White Helmets as accomplices to Al Nusra, even situating their headquarters next to each other. Bombings on civilian areas weren’t attended to by the WH’s, only terrorist military incidents. Ghouta has also brought the WH’s onto the televisions screens, using exactly the same dust covered theatrics they used before.

A quarter of a million people were trapped in Aleppo, claimed the Western media but the real amount was in the low tens of thousands. Likewise, there are claims of 400,000 people trapped in East Ghouta, the reality will be a fraction of that number.

The failure of the humanitarian selected safe passageways out of Ghouta is blamed on a poor Russian/Syrian plan. The Western powers want a ceasefire which involves all parties involved. The Russians insist that they will not hold back from attacking internationally recognised terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and ISIS. Why does the West want to include these barbarians? The real reason the escape routes are failing is because the militants are using snipers to stop the civilians from escaping, which proves that they want to keep them there as hostages in a bid to restrict Syrian assaults on the city.

It really doesn’t require a genius to work out the well used technique that is used over and over again. Demonise the target. Continually accuse them of heinous crimes, without producing an ounce of evidence. Wheel out enemies of the target who have a serious grievance with them and hope to convince the masses of their guilt. None of it has any truthfulness but who cares as long as they remove the victim. Thousands of innocent lives lost in the process doesn’t bother the psychopaths who runs these scams. Neither does it worry their willing accomplices…    the journalists that peddle their lies.

The Ghouta description is a carbon copy of the Aleppo claims. It didn’t stop the terrorists from being defeated there and it shouldn’t be allowed to stop the cleansing of Ghouta now. The conclusion is that the extremists are the only ones who can stop the killing in Ghouta. They cannot be allowed to terrorise the close neighbourhood of Damascus anymore. We wouldn’t allow it, why should the Syrians be expected to?


Breaking the silence.

Surprisingly, a BBC interview with a former IDF soldier critical of the Israeli military.

A member of the Israeli anti occupation group ‘Breaking the Silence’, Avner Gvaryahu is interviewed by the selectively critical Stephen Sackur. Gvaryahu is very eloquent in his attack on Israeli policy. Sackur attempts to label him a hypocrite and a traitor but the interviewee remains focused and firm.

To be perfectly honest, I was expecting much worse from Sackur, who in the past has not allowed his guests to express their views without constant interruption and I would urge people to watch this episode of HARDtalk, particularly Israeli citizens.

Gvaryahu correctly states that the current Israeli government have only one aim and that is to maintain their current barbaric control over every aspect in the lives of the Palestinian population.

Just when you thought the Americans had reached the limit of their stupidity………

The shooting down of a Russian jet suggests the US has supplied terrorists with manpads.

If it weren’t the Americans directly, it will have been authorised by them. The worlds passenger jets have just become very real targets with the use of the lethal surface to air portable hand held missile system. The weapon is highly manoeuvrable and subsequently not easy to detect. It’s success rate is extremely high and in the hands of the mentally challenged, easily influenced and backward ISIS freaks, the danger to all aircraft has risen tenfold.

These people aren’t rational nor religious. They have contorted their holy scriptures in such an outlandish way that they no longer resemble the original text. There is no concern for others, no empathy, no respect for human life, particularly the people they conclude are not in line with their drug fuelled ideology.

The US and primarily the Israelis have been itching to give the rabid extremists some of these weapons. Why would they put ALL aircraft at risk? They didn’t. They must still have control of the manpads. They wouldn’t risk their own commercial airlines, not even to remove Assad. It is today rumoured that a neighbouring country has supplied the manpads, suggesting it could be Turkey. If this is the case, it would still be with the Americans approval.

If indeed Turkey are involved, the repercussions could be very damaging. Russia has already shown how it can damage the Turkish economy. Any further sanctions to punish Erdogan wouldn’t be so publicly acknowledged. Putin is in a different league to most leaders around the world, reprisals from him could be devastating for Turkey. Putin hasn’t been deterred by pressure from US allies and is still carrying on with his policy in Syria. The results of this latest terrorist action will create interesting times. If I were a gambling man, my money would be on Putin.

The operation to destroy Iran begins.

Plan B appears to be a colour revolution.

Israeli driven US policy appears to have given up on hurting Iran via the Syrian conflict and is moving to a secondary phase of encouraging violent disorder to bring the Iranian leadership to its knees. The media have taken up the opportunity to support the condemnation of unverified Iranian brutality against the protesters. This is the very same media that routinely condemns all anti government campaigners as being violent thugs. But this is Iran, the concerted effort will be to blame the Revolutionary Guards. Does Iran not have a police force?

The contrasting reactions would be funny if it weren’t so serious. BBC radio enjoyed the story of a violent uprising so much they repeated it once again after it had just been broadcast on the news. Yes, the very same BBC that continually claimed that there was a quarter of a million civilians being bombarded by Syrian and Russian fighter jets in Aleppo. The lies were exposed when just a few thousand civilians filtered out after it was liberated.

Protecting Israeli intent.

Pro Israeli editors and staff at news agencies know that their continued success is reliant on a minimum of putting the correct spin on a feature. The only other alternative is to ignore them completely and this is the reason so many people around the world are unaware of Israeli brutality and land theft.

If protests were widespread in Iran, why would the average Westerner be interested?  The ground is being laid to try to turn the screw on the Iranian government in anticipation of further sanctions. The US and UK constantly use the collective punishment against countries to make them comply to their wishes. These are an act of war.

The Iranian system of governance isn’t perfect but being lectured by messrs Trump, Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton takes the biscuit. These intellectual dwarves don’t merit being listened to. Their only concern about Iran is how much they can weaken them to prohibit support for the Palestinians and Hezbollah. They don’t care about Arabs , Persians or Africans, demonstrably proven by their willingness to kill hundreds of thousands, without the slightest regret.

Both Trump and Netanyahu have voiced support for rioters in Iran to continue their efforts to cause chaos and this should be the end of the disharmony. After all, an elected leader that has proven to be a prolific liar and Israeli firster, combined with the corrupt Netanyahu should be enough to quell even the most stupid ‘reformers’.

If that isn’t enough, Iranians should cast their minds back to the many and varied threats that have been issued by the two bald headed, vanity obsessed charlatans. If Trump succeeds in destroying the nuclear agreement, it could have catastrophic repercussions for all Iranians and bring about the implementation of even more sanctions. Netanyahu’s position needs no explaining, he believes that Israel is entitled to attack any nation that they perceive to be a threat. The all encompassing nature of their ‘right to self defence’ would be fine in the hands of a sane government but Israel have already used their ‘entitlement’ to attack Syria, without producing an ounce of evidence to justify their unprovoked assaults

This attack on Iran is looking very similar to the run up to the Syrian catastrophe. The techniques used are very sophisticated and there will have been a lot of planning by US and Israeli intelligence agencies in the preceding months and even years.

The Iranian people would do well to avoid the rioting on the streets. It will soon be joined by snipers killing anyone that is involved on either side. The template is Syria, the result could be much worse than Libya.

When did it become illegal to fight back?

Nikki Haley demands Iran stops helping Yemen from defending themselves.

This video is full of lies, omissions and speculation. Haley supplies no dates, no corroborative evidence. We are told to trust the Saudi government for that. The question and answer session at the end is full of friendly queries and gives Haley the opportunity to keep repeating her responses.

Yemen has been carpet bombed by Saudi Arabia, using weapons supplied by the US. It was a dirt poor country in the first place but now it’s being ravaged by disease as well as bombs, American bombs.

Effectively, Nikki Haley is telling the world they cannot resist the US or its allies. It is illegal, according to Haley. Combining the Iran nuclear deal with ballistic missiles control is a misnomer and even if it were technically true, there is no evidence that Iran supplied the missiles in the last few weeks or 20 years ago. The US is trying to stifle resistance to its political and military domination by using the UN. Haley’s deceptive language is a crude attempt to put Iran under the microscope to agitate other nations into supporting them.

No thought is given to the victims – ever. She fails to mention that the Saudi/US coalition have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians when she complains that the Houthis fired missiles towards a Saudi airport. She complains of Houthi missiles landing close to a Saudi airport but fails to mention the civilian infrastructure attacks nor the strikes on Yemen’s own airport.

Our detachment from the suffering that our governments inflict on people in far away lands doesn’t necessarily suggest lack of empathy. It comes from lack of knowledge and ignorance in a world where the media does everything it can to keep it that way. We need to be more curious, more cynical and question every decision made by politicians, especially when it concerns war. Eisenhower spoke of the danger of the Military Industrial Complex and he was absolutely right. The bomb makers and weapons manufacturers in general have a vested interest in continuing conflict.

Currently, the US has almost 50% of the weapons market and that is one of the reasons that they want to stymie Iranian progress in their ballistic missiles program. It’s also an attempt to make Iran defenceless for when the US and Israel do eventually attack them. All they are waiting for is a plausible excuse. If this is the best they can do, Haley needs to return to the drawing board.