British collusion with terrorists.

Secret British diplomatic telegram calls for an Aleppo type publicity campaign to dupe the public.

A restricted access British diplomatic telegram has revealed that the aim of the campaign in Syria is not to resolve the conflict but to try to maintain its current path, a weakened Syria that is unable to unify. One of the more shocking aspects of the document is that despite public and military support for the Kurds, the US has approved the assault on Afrin by Erdogan’s forces. This is exactly the scenario that the Kurd leaders were warned about. The US is not allied to the Kurds, they are simply using them to avoid US soldiers from dying and to block the Syrian government from taking control of their rightful assets. The Americans really are throwing the Kurds under a bus.

Other aspects of the telegram describe what many of us already knew, the UK government is using propaganda to sway public opinion regarding Assad and do so without a second thought for the many more Syrians that will die due to this policy. Every attempt to find peace in Syria will be blocked by a host of US allies and the Russians are being drawn into an Afghanistan type quagmire that will also affect those that have friendly relations with Russia.

Further revelations in the diplomatic telegram stress the need to rebrand the ISIS remnants into Kurd allies, which is exactly what the US are doing in the area East of the Euphrates river. All this information comes from a leaked document signed by Benjamin Norman and can be read here. It has been translated and is quite difficult to decipher in certain areas but the general tone of the document clear for all to see.

Benjamin Norman’s twitter feed speaks volumes. His tweet history has strong associations and praise for the White Helmets and constant criticism of Syrian and Russian efforts to bring about peace to the region. Hopefully, the media coverage that surrounds the exposure of his treachery to the British people will render him toxic and deny him the opportunity to profit from the killing of innocent civilians, whilst claiming he is trying to protect lives.

In the event that this story is a pack of lies, the historic twitter feed of Norman details exactly the same propaganda that are alleged in the diplomatic telegram. As your American friends might say, Mr Norman, this is a slam dunk. I think it’s time you had a career change.





The moderate rebel fairytale.

Here is a video of militant extremists, known as ‘moderate rebels’ to the BBC and other news agencies. The destruction of Aleppo was blamed on Russian and Syrian air attacks but this video proves that the terrorists were able to destroy buildings with their own hell cannon’s. Filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients, they were designed to maim people as well as demolish buildings. For anyone not familiar with these gas bottles they are a considerable size and full of rusty nails, nuts, bolts and who knows what else, they would be difficult to lift.

These criminals are the people who are not allowing civilians to escape from East Ghouta, using snipers and shelling the humanitarian safe routes. This is a carbon copy of their behaviour in Aleppo.

With the amount of videos circulating with these gas bottle rocket devices, the extremists seem quite proud of their ingenuity, however, the media never show or mention them. This is stark contrast to the allegations of ‘barrel bombs’ use by the government troops. Whilst there are videos purportedly showing the infamous barrel bombs, there is no conclusive footage to prove their existence.

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos nails it again.

The political commentator, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos has again been involved in a brilliant interview where he explains the real intent of the White Helmets and the incredible stupidity of journalists and government officials by believing the claims of the militant affiliated group. We don’t have to dig into the dark corners of the web to find out that White Helmet extremists wear the hard hat when the camera is rolling but brandishes the automatic rifle when boasting on Facebook. Please, watch the clip.

The interviewer should take a lot of credit for allowing the doctor to express his views, despite having a totally different perception of events herself. Let’s hope that the warmonger Rupert Murdoch nor his friends get to see it and I hope she manages to keep her job.


Why didn’t we hear UN calls for ceasefires when Israel attacked Gaza?

Terrorists need protection but the civilians in Gaza don’t?

The UN would be an incredible force for good, if it weren’t so corrupt. Only enemies of the US are censured, their friends can do as they please. The day to day crimes of Israel on the Palestinians is almost universally ignored. Compare this to the legitimate defence of his country by President Assad while he attempts to stop the daily rocket and missile attacks on Damascus from Ghouta.

Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

9 civilians killed and 49 injured by rockets fired from Ghouta.

Sat 3rd Feb 2018

3 killed and 8 injured by weapons fire from Ghouta.

3rd October 2017

17 killed and countless injured after suicide bomber originating from Ghouta attacked a Damascus police station.

I could continue doing a list all day with attacks on Damascus from Ghouta. What are they expected to do? Allow it to continue indefinitely? Israel flattened 18,000 homes in Gaza for attacks that didn’t kill one single Israeli.

There is another big difference. Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta have been supplied with extremely modern weapons. They have tanks, long range rockets and TOW missiles, the resistance in Gaza have none of these.

During the most recent attack on Gaza, when did the UN appeal for a cessation? Why does the UN react only when it is a legitimate government trying to rid their country of terrorists and yet Israel are given a free reign to slaughter as many Palestinians as they can?

I would welcome any answers to these questions.

Netanyahu compares ISIS to Hamas.

But then visits an ISIS operative being treated in an Israeli field hospital specifically for militants attacking the Syrian Army.


Syrian air defences down Israeli jet.

BBC reluctant to admit the jet was hit by Syrian defence missiles.

Syrian air defence systems have finally downed an Israeli jet after months of increasing provocation. One of the two Israeli pilots has died from his injuries whilst the other is only slightly injured. This justifiable response could be exactly what Netanyahu was hoping for given the advances made in the domestic investigation into his corruption. Rumours suggest that indictment is imminent. Netanyahu is hoping a war will sidetrack the accusations. Because he is a typical world leader, he won’t care how many people will perish, his only concern is his own survival.

The BBC report is vague. ‘Israeli jet down amid Syrian fire’ is the headline. This leaves open the possibility of a mechanical failure. They wouldn’t want to give Israel’s enemies a coup that would instill confidence in their ability to defeat them. The most innocuous reporting is always used to defend Israeli interests.

US attack on Syrian allies.

Critics of Trump are wondering where his promises of less interference in the Middle East have gone to. Considering his lack of mental capacity, they are long forgotten. Let’s not forget he is a man who had his own reality TV show and interviews with any so called TV personality always reveals just how out of touch they are. Recent rumours imply that he doesn’t read any reports put in front of him, so this allows those who are closest to shape his thinking. That would be his daughter and her husband. The attack on Syrian Army allies this week is an important sub plot that is closely related to the latest Israeli assault.

The Syrian Arab Army have been extremely resilient since the Russians entered the conflict and the action by Israel and the US is designed to send a message to Assad that he will be stretched on at least two fronts if he responds. Not forgetting the illegal actions of Turkey,

The implications of an effective Syrian air defence.

The Israeli destruction of Lebanon in 2006 was the work of the Israeli Air Force. Lebanon was defenceless in the face of repeated aerial attacks. The IAF could do as they pleased without fear of being confronted in the air. This successful Syrian response changes all that. It was an F-16 that was destroyed but the last jet to be hit by Syrian anti aircraft defences was an F-35, the so called stealth bomber. I wonder why those have not been involved in recent incursions? Flawed perhaps? If unopposed in any form of warfare, the Israelis will show no mercy. They regard the deaths of their opponents as insignificant. A big problem for them is the return home in body bags of Israeli personnel.

Was the US attack on Syrian forces earlier this week the green light for Israel?

The Israelis are opportunists. Although they would reject needing US approval, they prefer it. Having Jared Kushner protecting their interests in the White House is a gift. The Orthodox  Jew Kushner hasn’t even attempted to look impartial because Trump is effectively in cloud cuckoo land and doesn’t care what happens to the Palestinians. This most recent attack on Syria is based on claims that an Iranian drone was destroyed in Israeli air space.  There is no evidence to support this but even if it were true, Israel flies over all its neighbours air space at will and the countless complaints by Syria and Lebanon are ignored by the UN.

The latest from the BBC is that the Israeli attacks are the most intense since 1982. They failed to mention that Israeli losses are the worst since 1982 as well.


Just when you thought the Americans had reached the limit of their stupidity………

The shooting down of a Russian jet suggests the US has supplied terrorists with manpads.

If it weren’t the Americans directly, it will have been authorised by them. The worlds passenger jets have just become very real targets with the use of the lethal surface to air portable hand held missile system. The weapon is highly manoeuvrable and subsequently not easy to detect. It’s success rate is extremely high and in the hands of the mentally challenged, easily influenced and backward ISIS freaks, the danger to all aircraft has risen tenfold.

These people aren’t rational nor religious. They have contorted their holy scriptures in such an outlandish way that they no longer resemble the original text. There is no concern for others, no empathy, no respect for human life, particularly the people they conclude are not in line with their drug fuelled ideology.

The US and primarily the Israelis have been itching to give the rabid extremists some of these weapons. Why would they put ALL aircraft at risk? They didn’t. They must still have control of the manpads. They wouldn’t risk their own commercial airlines, not even to remove Assad. It is today rumoured that a neighbouring country has supplied the manpads, suggesting it could be Turkey. If this is the case, it would still be with the Americans approval.

If indeed Turkey are involved, the repercussions could be very damaging. Russia has already shown how it can damage the Turkish economy. Any further sanctions to punish Erdogan wouldn’t be so publicly acknowledged. Putin is in a different league to most leaders around the world, reprisals from him could be devastating for Turkey. Putin hasn’t been deterred by pressure from US allies and is still carrying on with his policy in Syria. The results of this latest terrorist action will create interesting times. If I were a gambling man, my money would be on Putin.


The brass neck of charity organisations.

Charity pleads to keep Syrian children warm.

A charity TV appeal for Syrian children has just been aired, probably for the thousandth time but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It beggars belief that the people organising this particular appeal are unaware of the UK government’s attempt to destabilise Syria over a ten year period. It’s difficult to imagine they don’t know about the millions of pounds given to the White Helmets, a thoroughly corrupt organisation that was probably manufactured by a British government agent.  Based in Turkey, a strong critic of Assad, the White Helmets was the idea of a former mercenary and British officer who decided in a change of direction from war maker to aid worker. As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s no more of a miracle than the ability of Al Nusra henchmen changing into White Helmets at will.

The truth is stranger than fiction and the White Helmet story stretches the theory to its limits. Murderous terrorists pretending to be emergency services saving the innocent victims from the bombs of Assad and Russian aircraft. The civilians living in the vicinity of the White Helmets insist that it was the Al Nusra terrorists who were the priority whenever an attack occurred. Even basic medical first aid was refused for the civilian inhabitants.

Aside from the hypocrisy of these charity organisations, an even more worrying trend has emerged over the years. The executives running these charities have become political appointments and are as financially rewarded as their counterparts in corporations. Tactics to raise money are more aggressive and and encourage charitable people to give repeat automatic monthly payments. They also pass on your details to other charities and before you know it, you are being hounded to donate to multiple causes.

The charity industry has become as mendacious as big business. The appeals for the Syrian victims of West inspired violence are a prime example of the cynical government licensed charities.

I refuse to give anything to these charlatans.