Fergal Keane.. Just another BBC fraud.

The program was well designed and slotted into the first ten minutes of the UK BBC News At Ten. Sad looking children with heart rendering stories. A Syrian disaster created by Bashar Al Assad, they claimed, what can we do, they asked. Let me state a few facts. It is the UK, US and others … Continue reading Fergal Keane.. Just another BBC fraud.

Panorama: BBC attempts at whitewashing terrorism.

BBC Panorama Aleppo - Life Under Siege This documentary, from start to finish was anti Assad propaganda. Scenes of distraught civilians amongst the ruins of a relatively small part of Aleppo, formerly the industrial and financial hub of the country. The program primarily showed White Helmets going about their business. Essentially, they are the fire … Continue reading Panorama: BBC attempts at whitewashing terrorism.

Starving extremists refuse UN aid.

These starving Aleppo residents don't appear to look so bad. Those flags look very much like ISIS ones to me, I thought these were moderates? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN70jXkc_LM Not many women amongst these protesters and I suspect that many of the males have left their fashion accessories at home (AK 47's and similar). I've nothing more to … Continue reading Starving extremists refuse UN aid.