The reinvention of Boris Johnson.

The 'likeable', error prone 'Jack the Lad' image conceals the conniving, deceitful politician. Laura Kuenssberg, the Political Editor at the BBC has managed to interview Boris Johnson regularly over the last few months - always managing to put a favourable spin on an incompetent public speaker. Quite an achievement, considering Johnson's inability to string a … Continue reading The reinvention of Boris Johnson.

UK government funds £38,425,591.23 to the White Helmets.

The rest of us will have to make do with 'austerity'. A freedom of information request, answered here, has revealed the staggering amount the British government have given to the terrorist accomplices, the White Helmets, in Syria. There is zero evidence that they have provided support for any groups, other than the terrorist militia that they almost … Continue reading UK government funds £38,425,591.23 to the White Helmets.