Bana… Even JK Rowling would struggle to create such an unbelievable character.

The pretence that Bana’s family are anything other than extremist criminals is a fantasy belonging to a JK Rowling storyline.

Of course, this isn’t the fault of the child called Bana, it is her family and critics of Bashar al Assad that are effectively abusing her. The media have not admitted that her family practically lived next door to an extremist base, hence the constant danger she was in. Neither have they shown the numerous images of her father posing with guns and his terrorist friends.

Instead of being exposed by the media as the deception the ‘Bana’ story clearly is, they have actually helped to spread the lie that her family are innocent victims of a brutal regime when in fact they are a part of a violent insurrection, financed by the enemies of Syria and supported by thousands of mercenaries posing as humble religious foot soldiers. The depths to which the Western media will stoop to create the devil known as Assad, knows no limits.

There are countless examples of the mainstream media merely repeating the government line both here in the UK and the US. The persistent attacks on Assad and his allies are ridiculed by anyone with an inquisitive mind. The evidence of outside interference and particularly the Israeli efforts to partition Syria into small and militarily weak enclaves, is overwhelming.

This is where the aims of Bana’s family and JK Rowling coincide. The so called ‘rebels’ are supported wherever possible by Israel and Rowling is a staunch supporter of Israel. These people don’t mind how many innocent people die, nor how many lives are inextricably damaged by their selfish attempts to support immoral and indefensible causes.

Bana’s close family are now living very comfortably in Turkey but they are still campaigning for more death and destruction in Syria. Rowling has never had the misfortune of enduring a warzone and having said that, neither have I. But then again, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, never mind people that I don’t know.

Rowling should stick to what she knows, writing fantasies for grateful Hollywood producers. Openly supporting the occupation and the slow ethnic cleansing of Palestinians isn’t her style, it’s one thing that she doesn’t crave publicity for.


Omran Daqneesh.

The truth about the iconic orange ambulance photo that the West tried to use to attack Syria.

I may have suspected that the scene was set up when it initially happened but it seems that it was real, however Omran’s misery was used as a photo op by the rebels in a crude attempt to draw in the West, to attack Assad. The extremists will clearly use any situation to further their cause. Perhaps we should also cast doubts over the Bana story, knowing how they tried to take advantage of Omran.


Fortunately Omran and his sister looked much worse than they actually were and both have recovered from their ordeal. Here is Omran’s father talking about the cynical use of his misfortune:

Of course the lying mainstream media won’t cover this story given that Omran’s family could have gone anywhere but decided to return to their home after the insurgents had been cleansed. The truth is that they were only interested in Omran when he was a stick to beat Assad with and were never bothered about his well being. Thankfully, he’s fine now he’s returned home to Aleppo and seems none the worse for the mainstream media’s abuse in covering his plight.

What this also confirms is the shameful and universal media drumbeat for war, which resulted from a small childs near miss. If you weren’t aware of it before, the MSM will stoop as low as they like for the profits of the military industrial complex. They are basically an evil combination and a prime example of all that is wrong in the West. Just like the Aleppo terrorists, they need to be cleansed.

Connecting the dots.

Bana and her family meeting Erdogan:


Bana’s dad tidied himself up for this photo shoot above.

However, he was photographed in a slightly less complimentary state here:


So while Bana was pleading with the world about being terrorised by Syrian forces, her father was firing rockets and killing innocent civilians in the government held part of Aleppo.

And if this is Bana, as the twitter id suggests:


Then is this Bana too? :


The photo above is taken from Bana’s fathers instagram. Her father has now made it private.

(Thanks to @maytham, @Navst√©va, @EHSANI2 and others for the images) These twitter users have totally nailed Bana’s terrorist father. Eliot Higgins on the other hand, did not.

While Erdogan is looking so pleased with himself welcoming a terrorist and his family he should remember that this man was a supporter of Bana’s father:


Despite apologies from Turkish officials over the Ambassador assassination, it would seem to me that the Bana photo shoot of Erdogan’s is a ‘f*** you’ to Russia. President Putin will not need the likes of me to tell him this. Erdogan must think he’s stupid.