Leader comparison.

Who would you rather have as your President?

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President Assad, walking freely amongst the Syrian Arab Army.

These are the remarkable scenes from East Ghouta when President Assad went to visit Syrian Arab Army soldiers and refugees recently liberated by his troops. Mr Assad drove himself from Damascus to the areas recently cleansed of terrorists to thank the SAA and allies for establishing security in the war torn area.

Compared to the fakery and showmanship of Donald Trump.

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… Compared to Trump and his ridiculous entourage.

Trump is somewhere in this lot, never coming into contact with real people. The comparison reiterates the clear differences of a clueless, third rate, reality tv clown with false hair and false skin colour and a President not frightened of his own people and having the decency to thank and support those that overwhelmingly elected him.

There looked to be only one security man with him, no armoured car, driving his own Honda to a place that only hours earlier had been the site of fierce battles. No bullet proof vest, just as if he were a normal individual visiting a shopping centre or similar. It would have been so easy for Mr Assad and his family to have escaped to a friendly nation when the war on Syria broke out. Despite having a host of powerful countries arming and paying vicious mercenaries to defeat him, he made the decision to try and save his country. Facing such overwhelming odds, the fake Trump would have disappeared quicker than when he dodged the draft many years ago with a very minor foot condition.

Again and again we see these useless Presidents and Prime Ministers spouting about a glorious cause – one that they never actually stood to fight for themselves and it’s always somebody else’s sons and daughters that die, never their own.

I can’t fathom out why people can’t see for themselves that these big talking politicians only ever send YOUR children into harm’s way, whilst keeping their own safely under wraps. All the phony, heartfelt pleas of why they have been forced to order the carpet bombing of country ‘x’ to rid them of their evil leader, for country ‘x’s own good!

The trembling lower lip never fooled me from as early as I can remember. They weren’t even good at it, including Ronald Reagan. Tony Blair was one of the better performers, but then again psychopaths are renowned to be excellent actors. Blair, just like Wolfowitz, Bush, Cheney and the other illusionists, still deny they did anything wrong, even though they were recorded on film announcing their wild claims. ‘I never said that!’ is the frequent response to being reminded of a quote when they were promoting war.

These lunatics keep getting away with it. A common accusation by Westerners is that Muslims are aggressive and thrive on war while completely ignoring Bush Junior’s claim that ‘God told him to do it’ and Tony Blair’s conversion to some Christian sect as soon as he was ousted as Prime Minister. How can Islam be accused of pro war fanatics and Christianity never mentioned when it’s ‘our’ leaders that are slaughtering innocent people? ‘Double standards’ isn’t a powerful enough description for Western killers.

President Assad visiting the SAA isn’t a claim to victory, it’s a message of support and thanks from the Syrian people, he’s more than aware that he has a long road to travel to even contemplate victory.

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Unlike this idiot Bush He couldn’t stop himself from claiming victory only weeks into the assault on Iraq. Something like 3,000 servicemen and women would be killed and tens of thousands catastrophically injured in the preceding years and even now they still can’t claim victory. Looking at historic aftermaths, the Americans only ever partially withdraw from the county they attempt to conquer.

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Locations of US bases worldwide.

The US is like a particularly odious stench. Once it’s in a place, you can’t get rid of it. Why there is any  need for them to be plastered across Europe over 70 years, after the violence ended is one of life’s mysteries.

If success is based on quality of leaders, the only way is up for the US. I still think Clinton would have been worse due to her mental health issues. Anyone that laughs over the death of another human being in the way she did, has some serious problems but the difference in the two US candidates were always marginal. The increasingly more stupid Presidential roll of honour does beg the question, ‘where will it all end?’

Is there a limit to how stupid they can go? A President that has to use twitter to announce his policies and can barely put a coherent sentence together will take a lot of beating. The real governors of the world will have to excel themselves to bring about the presidency of a more ludicrous commander in chief. Sadly and worryingly, we shouldn’t write them off.

Bashar al Assad.

Having virtually had the Presidency forced on him, President Assad has defied logic to have survived this long. If it weren’t for the death of his brother, who was being groomed to take over the presidency, Mr Assad would probably be treating eye patients, which was his speciality before events turned the way they did. In spite of Western accusations, Assad was beginning to reform the Syrian state, introducing new laws to fight corruption amongst other things. The media takes great pleasure in announcing that the Syrian democracy is flawed without explaining that the thugs they have been cheerleading for don’t actually believe in a democratic system at all. The leading terrorists believe they know what’s best for the people and a working democracy would only interfere in ideology and a fair justice system. Their crude and medieval crime and punishment laws would be the best way for suspected criminals to be judged.

I have a strong suspicion that this is one of the reasons the Syrian population appear to have ceased supporting the militants. They glimpsed into the future and didn’t particularly like what they saw. There is a lot to be said for a secular state, allowing everyone to follow their own faith while under the umbrella of a government with no religious obligation. If the West was trying to create a perfect society in which everyone would be equal, which they aren’t, the last people they would install would be the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement or their miscreant friends. They haven’t even been able to agree amongst themselves, and have constantly been reduced to armed conflict, little chance a state with 25 million citizens.



Vote Conservative if you want to …

Get rid of the National Health Service for good.

The recent ransomware crisis revealed that 90% of the NHS trust computers are still on Windows XP.

This in itself is evidence of criminal underfunding or incompetent management, neither of which will be corrected. The usual rhetoric is ‘lessons will be learned’.

If you want to continue dropping bombs on people that don’t threaten us.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and currently Syria have succeeded in gaining only more enemies. Unsurprisingly, the warmongering stretches across the political divisions.

Wouldn’t the money spent on (possibly) illegal (but certainly) immoral conflicts above, been better spent on the NHS updating Microsoft products to protect against ransom ware that isn’t even a new concept?

If you want to bring back the horrific ‘sport’ of hunting.

A barbaric entertainment for the tiny minority cannot be justified on any grounds.

If you want to continue with the policy that harms only the poorest – austerity.

Services are being cut year on year, not by local councillors so much as a reduction of funds from Westminster. Yes, it’s the local officials that get all the criticism but they are only deciding which services are priorities.

If you want to ignore the wealthy corporations and individuals pilfering your hard earned pensions, like British Home Stores (Philip Green) did.

How many times do we hear ‘pension funds deficit’? To Philip Green and his family, it wasn’t a serious problem. They just sold BHS and all it’s liabilities (including the pension deficit) for one pound, to a sleazy, shady conman with a previous record of unscrupulous business behaviour. Problem sorted…… Unless you have worked for the BHS company for many years,  then you just had to take a serious hit on what your pension payment would have been. All perfectly legal ……..

If you want to continue funding the terrorist group known as the White Helmets (who have already received £32 million from British taxpayers).

This is the minimum amount. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund set up by the British government in 2015 is less than helpful with information regarding the £1 billion it has at it’s disposal, hence my claim of ‘minimum’.

If you want to continue the same old tired policies that batter the working and middle class of this country.

By using loop-holes and imaginative accountants, the wealthiest people in the UK avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

There are many more policies that will never enhance the lives of you or I. The government is full of idiots like Boris Johnson but it’s not just about Conservative Members of Parliament. Many of the Labour MP’s are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. All the rebels trying to remove Corbyn are ‘Blairites’. And we know where his policies got us – or rather got him and his family. Aside from the vast wealth he has accumulated with his reward from various Gulf countries and others, his offspring have managed to acquire nice little earners, not from their own talent, if they have any, but from their fathers cosy deals. The Blair Government actually behaved exactly like a ‘right’ leaning Conservative Government would have done.

I’m not condemning all Conservative politicians. Some are extremely good. Likewise with Liberal Democrats. Research your prospective MP and find out his or her voting habits. We don’t want warmongers that create violence abroad and then wonder why people might want to come here and avenge our unprovoked military actions on them. Our politicians need to be in touch with reality. With particular regards to Syria, they do not want our ‘help’ via intervention. They just want us to stop funding and arming the terrorists that are ripping their country apart. The Syrian Arab Army and their allies will do the rest.

Our reputation abroad is poor, to say the least. We need politicians that will stop interfering in other peoples affairs for personal or corporate profit. The likes of James Le Measurier, who created the bogus White Helmets should be arrested, not funded.

We have creative, innovative and ground breaking ideas that can improve the lives of those in difficult circumstances living in other countries and the UK too. We need to put more effort into these instead of thinking we are still a global military power clinging to the shirt tails of (currently) Donald Trump. How embarrassing.

So, despite my ‘headline’, we should think carefully where we put the ‘X’ on voting day. A huge majority for the Conservatives could mean death for innocent civilians that support Bashar al Assad, because like it or not, he is the choice of the majority of Syrians.

My own regional Conservative candidate, Matt Warman, will not be getting my vote. Ignorance is no defence or excuse for being complicit in British tax payers money going to the terrorist amateur dramatics society known as the White Helmets.

To Mr Warman, I would say ‘learn how to use Google, or even better duckduckgo’. It’s amazing what peculiar inconsistencies can be found out about the antics, associations and crimes of the White Helmets.

Foua and Kefraya evacuation bloodbath – Not even condemned by Donald Trump.

Different reaction from the US when it’s their allies who are doing the the killing.

No media mention of 200 missing women and children kidnapped by ISIS/Al Nusra in the Foua attack.

There were more deaths from the the Foua attack in Syria than the alleged Khan Sheikoun chemical weapons strike a week earlier. Even now, a day or so later, the true number of victims isn’t known. We had four days of wall to wall coverage that included statements from a disgraced former doctor accused of terrorism offences in the UK (Shajul Islam) and the completely unsubstantiated lies from the White Helmets.

Donald Trump bombed Syria, even though he didn’t (and he still doesn’t) have any evidence at all that Syria (or Russia were involved). Just before he bombed Syria he was empathising over ‘beautiful babies’, even though in that very attack he killed four children. Isn’t this baby beautiful enough for you Mr Trump?

Shahed is one of the luckier ones that escaped death AND the kidnappings that took place during the aftermath.

The mainstream media are keeping quiet about the circumstances of this attack on the people from two pro government villages in Syria (they had no choice because ISIS and it’s cohorts regard them as un Islamic). They have been under siege from the terrorists for over two years and been struggling to survive. Many of the children won’t have eaten properly for a very long time, which is why the sick bastard that committed this crime used sweets and crisps as a magnet.

Suicide bomber attracted dozens of kids towards him and his bomb laden truck, before igniting it.

These are the actions of a despicable organisation and yet Trump and previously Obama have both bombed Syrian soldiers in coordination with them. Don’t bother looking at mainstream news for coverage of this event, they are keeping it as low key as possible. Everything points to our governments and the slave like news agencies concealing the fact that WE are supporting the likes of ISIS and Al Nusra. WE (our governments) are complicit in killing innocent victims that are actually being protected by the Syrian government and that includes Bashar al Assad and his British born wife, who the media have decided should have her citizenship revoked.

If we want to find reasons to take UK passports from people, we should start with our own politicians, news paper owners and TV companies. They all sing to the same tune and in doing so are not enhancing our reputation abroad and actually create terror attacks with their treasonous behaviour. Have you noticed that they all support UK aggression on other nations? Have you noticed how they all use the Union Jack flag to get people to take pride in our military action overseas, even though there is no threat to us? Neither Saddam or Gadaffi were threats to us. In fact the exact opposite is the case. We are more likely to be victims of terrorism now than when they were both in power. The removal of al Assad and his government will exacerbate the problem even more. All three ‘supposed’ tyrants offered their people free healthcare, free education and subsidised housing. All three countries are now destroyed beyond the imagination.

The UK has been involved in all three crimes, along with the cheer leading media. That means we have been helping Al Qaida, Al Nusra, ISIS or whatever they are called to murder hundreds of thousands of people who had done us no harm. It’s time the decent people put a stop to it.

Corbyn allows a free vote.

The political system in the UK is complex. A free vote in politics indicates that their party leader does not enforce them to vote in a particular way. If the vote is not free, all sorts of methods are used to make the members comply to the leaders wishes.

Jeremy Corbyn, the UK opposition leader has been under intense pressure to allow a free vote in Wednesdays parliamentary debate to allow the Royal Air Force to drop bombs on Syrian territory. There are still ‘Blairites’ in the Labour party who, as you might suspect will vote with the Conservative government in approving the illegal bombing of a sovereign state that is not a threat to the UK or its assets. Cameron is sure that he will win this vote (after failing to get approval 12 months ago).

The Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk will be voting for the military action. A man with a colourful personal life who at times doesn’t seem to cope with his issues very well.

Rochdale is multi cultural place in Northern England. I hope that the electorate watch Mr Danzuk very closely. Whether deliberate or not, the victims of all these bombing campaigns in recent years have been Muslims, in fact a large family from Rochdale allegedly went to Syria to join ISIS. However,  I believe the vast majority of Muslims do not empathise with Al Nusra, Al Qaida or Daesh. Twisted interpretation of  a book, religious belief or political ideology can’t be sustained and close inspection of ISIS and the like quickly expose a logic that is far removed from Islam and reveal behaviour that isn’t acceptable in any civilised society. ISIS are frauds and many people know this.

Having said that, you would imagine that I approve the bombing. Not at all, the target isn’t Daesh, it’s Bashar Al Assad. The UK MP’s have a huge amount of resources at their disposal and should be well aware of the facts surrounding Syria.

Corbyn allowed the free vote but these warmongers need to remember that the people always have a free vote and spending money on bombs to drop on people who are no threat to us, instead of maintaining the national health service won’t go unpunished.