Bye, bye BBC……

My TV licence fee is due soon but after listening to Eddie Mair on PM last night when I was commuting to work, I’ve decided enough is enough. I will not pay money to be inundated with propaganda. I wouldn’t say there are specific rules to control how the news is provided to us but my guess is that if a BBC employee doesn’t spin a story the ‘correct way’, they would soon find their workload thinning out, dramatically.

Yesterday, whilst summarising the responses to Trump’s preplanned attack on Syria, there was a chorus of approving voices and a couple of condemnation, one of which was a Syrian army officer who sounded animated and passionate (quite rightly) and then it was finished off with Jeremy Bowen’s thoughts. I have had a lot of respect for Bowen in the past, despite sensing that he had to restrain his tone, particularly with regards Palestine. Amongst other things, Bowen claimed that the Tomahawk cruise missile attack was the first US action against the Syrian government troops. Considering Bowen’s vast knowledge on the region, I find it hard to believe that he ‘forgot’ about the Deir Ezzor attack which killed almost a hundred Syrian Arab Army and their allies in September 2016.

Omitting this fact was unforgivable. Thousands of Syrian people will still feel raw about the way their relatives died at the hands of the US military that day and as I’ve explained in previous posts, there is no way it could have been an accident.

If this is what you have to do, Jeremy – to remain being employed by the BBC, it’s your choice, but I won’t be contributing to your wages, nor your big fat pension, any more. I’ll miss listening to Eddie Mair too, he is an intelligent and very witty presenter. He’s not afraid to talk about the topics that other people would avoid and I have heard him giving a pro Israeli guest a torrid time. Having said that, the claustrophobic propaganda that the BBC has force fed me and millions of other listeners, readers and watchers is about to end, for me.


Fake news – the disconnect.

The media’s apparent ‘war on fake news’ is treated as if it’s exclusively an internet phenomena, as if it’s disconnected from their own ‘real factual news’. In reality, many of the lies emanate from Reuters and other agencies that are regarded as honest organisations.

For instance, the allegations in the recent Amnesty International report on Bashar Al Assad’s government executing thousands of political prisoners, has been widely publicised by all the ‘trusted’ corporations that provide us with what they would describe as honest broadcasting and publication. The Amnesty allegations have been repeated word for word and without barely a word of reservation, despite the fact it hadn’t provided a scrap of evidence to support it. The report relies on the witness evidence of exiled Syrians that have no love for the current government in Damascus. In other words, it is at best, baseless accusations and at worst, the propaganda of Assad enemies.

Owen Jones, a writer for the Guardian, recently claimed there was ‘credible evidence from the UN that 82 civilians had been killed’ in the wake of the Syrian governments removal of terrorists from the Eastern part of Aleppo. The implication is that government supporting militias and soldiers had committed a slaughter. Subsequently, the accusations simply dried up when it became evident that no such crimes at taken place.

The murder of Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor, by the US coalition was described as an unfortunate error. Because ISIS attacked the same area, minutes after the air attack was completed, a reasonable conclusion might be that there had been a certain amount of co-ordination between the two military assaults. If the two events were described in the same articles, they certainly weren’t connected as being a combined effort by the US and ISIS, which is a perfectly reasonable conclusion to draw. ISIS succeeded in their attack, thanks to the coalition significantly weakening Syrian Arab Army defences and because of that success, over 100,000 civilians are still in a very precarious position, months after the strikes occurred.

Perhaps this isn’t exactly ‘fake news’ but it certainly is a deception that was committed by the US coalition and been completely distorted by the mainstream media since. The brass neck of the agencies that claim internet based fake news is becoming a serious problem, is obvious. It is also obvious that the US coalition (which includes UK military personnel) isn’t trying to destroy ISIS but is actually working in conjunction with them to bring about the removal of President Assad and his government.

Furthermore, the media do not make it clear that by helping the terrorists to remove the legitimate government of a sovereign state, the coalition are committing at least two internationally accepted crimes.

Even a cursory look at how events are reported to us provides serious questions as to the basic honesty of our news agencies. Anyone that takes a serious interest in these news reports could conclude that the hype over ‘fake news’ is simply a deflection technique used by government and media, to create distrust in some of the (far more honest) items that appear on the internet. The BBC, Fox and all the other media outlets accusing ‘rogue elements of fake news’ are actually covering up their own dishonesty. The worrying thing is that we don’t know half of it.

‘Moderate’ opposition acquiescing to extremist factions in Syria.

Meanwhile, the ‘peace sham’ continues in Astana.

Extremist’s in Syria are currently attacking the few remaining semi-moderates, demanding they integrate into Al Qaeda or die. Because of the complexity of the situation, with each organisation vying for absolute control, it’s difficult to know how it will end. It’s good news for Syrian loyalists but the negotiators could be negotiating for none existent militia’s!

It looks like the Deir Ezzor siege has eased just a little, I’ve still not heard any mainstream news mentioning the 120,000 civilians trapped without sufficient supplies of food and medical health care. Loyalist communities don’t seem to be important to the BBC and it’s accomplices. We had to endure weeks of screaming about East Aleppo, when in fact, none of the opposition allegations proved to be true. They fed us a stream of lies about Assad’s soldiers randomly killing people and it turned out that the ‘moderate rebels’ in East Aleppo were actually the ones killing civilians who were trying to escape.

Not surprisingly, now there is the very real threat of a massacre, the media are silent.

Before I left school, I set my heart on being a journalist. Selective reporting, and their treatment of news items in general, have made me very happy that I didn’t join the ranks of these thoroughly discredited bunch of liars. Martin Robinson of the Daily Mail is a prime example of the depths they have sunk to. The newspaper used to be distinguished until Robinson got his grubby feet under the table. They may claim a successful website, but it has become unusable due to the heavy load of advertisements. It’s demise will put Robinson and his ‘laptop reliant’ hacks out of their jobs, hopefully.

Anyhow, I digress. Assad’s Syrian Arab Army and it’s allies have been making steady progress, despite Deir Ezzor. Disarray in the opposition ranks could improve the situation even more.

Will Trump’s Presidency change things much?

I don’t think it will alter with regards to Syria. Israeli demands for Syria to be destroyed won’t stop. Trump’s daughter has converted to Judaism and her husband, who is practically second in command, is an ‘Israel firster’. The combination of Trump’s cabinet is not inspiring. Without going through the list, it seems loaded with pro Israeli’s, warmongers and Goldman Sachs executives. No change there.

Jared Kushner, Trumps son in law, comes from a staunchly Zionist family. Zionism is a movement that believes Jews have a ‘God given’ right to be in Palestine, literally. Of course, to normal people, ancient scriptures do not constitute land ownership documents. I see at least a short term ‘rocky road’ ahead for the Palestinians. Netanyahu could be right thinking Trump is going to drive his agenda through. Many people have suspicions over Israeli treatment of Palestinians, I hope that Trump and Netanyahu are going to make the agenda of ethnic cleansing more obvious. When people become aware, Boycott, Divest & Sanction will be the least of their problems.

The truth about Syria. Please show your friends and family this short video. (Updated)

My criticism for the BBC is usually unrelenting. Interviews are skewed and many interviewees attempting to relay a logical and honest rebuttal to the lies of governments are cut short, aggressively questioned and even deliberately sidelined. This short interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos is a rare exception. He clearly describes the actual truth about Russian assistance to Syria, its perfectly legal basis and the disgraceful action of the UK government, with regards to its attempts to distort reality. Most importantly, the interviewer allows him to answer his questions without interruption.

I urge people that might not be fully aware of the situation in Syria to watch this news clip, which is only just over 4 minutes long. I applaud Mr Papadopoulos for his factual appraisal of Russian involvement in Syria and would add that if we do not hold our warmongering politicians to account, we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict which could result in nuclear weapons being used. We are at a very dangerous point in history that could escalate in to a catastrophe if we do not fully understand the situation.

Please, please encourage friends, family and colleagues to spend just over 4 minutes of their time to watch this invaluable interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos


For those who think that I may have been exaggerating when I said “we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict”, here is a very sobering discussion between General Dunford and Mr Wicker of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In the latter part of the short clip, John McCain puts the General under pressure and he starts to back pedal. I believe he caved in due to the reputation of McCain and his close relationships with militant extremists in Syria. Having said that, General Dunsford wasn’t convincing with his detraction, despite McCain’s dismissive comments.

McCain probably became agitated because he has met with known terrorist’s in Syria, even being photographed with them.


It has been claimed that the man second from the left is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. I’m not sure about that, although there are many similarities. What isn’t in doubt is that McCain broke Syrian law by meeting these thugs, without having the relevant paper work. The sooner this nasty piece of work ‘retires’, the better.

Rebel held Aleppo and Gaza.

The media barrage concerning the rebel held areas of Aleppo is in stark contrast to the silence regarding the government held areas. Similarly, the slaughter of children in Gaza was met with an equally indifferent media. The destruction of Gaza (the most recent attack known as Operation Protective Edge) resulted in the deaths of hundreds of children, but I can’t recall the media requesting a no fly zone over the trapped occupants. Unlike the recent ceasefire and safe corridors being created in Aleppo, the people of Gaza had no escape.

                    The image on the left is Aleppo and the one on the right is Khuza’a, Gaza.

The destruction that has taken over 5 years to create in Syria was done in a matter of weeks to the tiny area bordering Egypt and Israel. Not once did the US demand the Israelis should stop the onslaught, media coverage was largely pro Israeli, blaming the democratically elected Hamas of instigating the escalation. Curiously, the blame for a vicious cruel, and barbaric armed uprising is not directed at those who attacked the Syrian people but the government for trying to stop it. If Mr Kerry wants to observe a parallel universe, he need only look back at the crimes he didn’t try to stop.

So why do the media react so differently when allegations of war crimes are made?

First of all, Israel in not an impartial observer. They have been supporting terrorist elements from the start of the bloody war in Syria. They have admitted to preferring ISIS on the doorstep to Assad. They have treated hundreds of injured Al Nusra terrorists in their own field hospitals. They have attacked Syrian assets to improve the chances of extremist success and even given the Jihadists air support. Weapons have been supplied to ISIS and radio jamming of the Syrian forces communications equipment has been widespread.

In a brief BBC report this morning, the US have condemned an Israeli announcement of new settlements. Routine condemnations don’t change Israeli policy and it’s only lip service anyhow. The BBC only reported it because it’s the minimum they can do to avoid accusations of totally ignoring the never ending crimes against the Palestinians.

Do the Israelis and pro Zionists control media output? No, although many of the major outlets have influential individuals of Jewish descent at the helm, they would have to conspire to create such a level of agreement. So it must be journalists creating the indisputable bias? Consider this, if an employer is unhappy about the work an employee produces, the latter will try to improve and if required change the way he does the job. The media is a cut-throat industry and journalists rely more on social media than they do on actually getting out and about to discover more details about a particular event. In effect, it means that the modern, relatively unknown journalist is very easy to replace and so if they don’t get the ‘right’ angle on a story, they could be out of a job.

The outspoken Zionist, Alan Dershowitz has admitted that many industries and government departments have a lot of Jews in prominent positions (in America) but he insists they just happen to be Jewish and don’t allow it to influence their decisions. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt but the reality tells us that Israeli criticism in the mainstream is only widespread when they commit a particularly heinous crime on the Palestinians. All the daily misery including house demolitions, unnecessary check point adherence, the grossly unfair military hearings and a host of other discriminatory policies are routinely ignored. Most people are unaware that some West Bank residents might spend the greatest part of a day waiting in line at a check point that has no security value for the Israelis whatsoever. It’s not about security, it’s about making Palestinian lives intolerable.

So, bearing all this in mind and taking into consideration that Netanyahu has admitted on numerous occasions that Assad should go, is there a pattern in the reporting of deaths in rebel held areas to that of deaths in government held areas and to that of Gazan deaths at the hands of the Israelis? Are they given equal prominence? Why are the Palestinians to blame in Gaza (even though they are effectively in a huge prison) yet ISIS/Al Qaeda are the victims in Syria (even though they have had numerous chances to leave Aleppo)?

The main stream media (collectively) have concluded that the average person is either too lazy, too busy or just not interested in discovering the truth. Up till now, they are generally correct in that assumption but as peoples lives are adversely affected by events on the other side of the world, hopefully this will change. The US is going through an extremely difficult time domestically, yet they have just promised Israel $38 billion over the next few years, predominantly for weapons. Meanwhile, we in the UK are enduring a reduction in social service funding that includes having to turn street lights off at night. Strangely enough, we still have enough money to participate in the murder of Syrian soldiers for the benefit of ISIS.

Hang on a minute, I thought we were in Syria to fight ISIS?

Panorama: BBC attempts at whitewashing terrorism.

BBC Panorama Aleppo – Life Under Siege

This documentary, from start to finish was anti Assad propaganda. Scenes of distraught civilians amongst the ruins of a relatively small part of Aleppo, formerly the industrial and financial hub of the country. The program primarily showed White Helmets going about their business. Essentially, they are the fire brigade of Al Nusra and the program purported to show what life is like inside the rebel areas. To anyone that doesn’t know much about the situation, they wouldn’t know that this was inside an area that was controlled by armed militants, against the legitimate government of Syria.

There was no footage of terrorists wielding M16’s or Kalashnikovs shouting AllahHuAkbar but it didn’t take long for the mention of ‘barrel bombs’. These incendiaries are used to prove how demonic the Assad government is. They are not regular missiles fired from aircraft but there is no reason to believe that they are any more or less despicable than conventional weapons. There was no mention of government controlled areas being terrorised by Al Nusra terrorists from inside this zone.

To give a better understanding of the situation (which Panorama didn’t do) here is a map of Aleppo identifying who controls what areas.



The two areas of green are anti government forces, pink pro Assad and yellow is a Kurd controlled region. This map changes daily but any Syrians living outside the green parts are constantly under attack from mortars and shell fire. The BBC wanted to portray an unarmed, besieged population living under constant threat of air strikes, it was as if there was no reason for the conflict. Here is a picture of the poor dears firing one of their infamous ‘hell fire cannons’.


This one sided program appears to be part of the media surge calling for another cease-fire. The World Health Organisation have appealed for escape corridors to be opened for the injured. There was an opportunity to do that very recently but hardly anyone left the area. Whether it was because they didn’t want to or the rebels wouldn’t let them, I don’t know. The plea from the WHO is likely a politically motivated gesture. Very few of the ‘respected’ International agencies are free from the pressures of powerful governments and as they say, ‘The piper calls the tune’.

Netflix – The White Helmets

I haven’t watched this but by the description, it’s just another propaganda piece claiming that the White Helmets are heroes. As well as the preposterous nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, they are winning the publicity war, thanks to the BBC and Netflix amongst others.

Why the sudden interest in victims of war?

The BBC despair over another dust covered child being rescued from a collapsed building due to a missile attack. It’s long overdue but where were the cries for alleviating the effects of war on Lebanese and Gaza children when the Israelis were making Aleppo look like a garden party? They didn’t seem so perplexed when Israel dropped millions of lethal cluster bombs AFTER they had agreed a ceasefire with Hezbollah. These armaments have been killing Lebanese civilians ever since, mostly children playing.  Areas of Gaza were completely flattened (and still are) but the BBC simply stressed that Israel were only defending themselves.

Isn’t Bashar Al Assad allowed to protect his people from terrorists that are killing and maiming them on a daily basis? Don’t they have the right to self defence? BBC reporters are complaining that terrorist controlled areas haven’t got clean drinking water. Kid’s in Gaza have been wading around in raw sewage for years and the first thing the terrorists do if they get chance is to sever clean water supplies to Government regions in Syria.

There are no BBC complaints when Israel inflict every type of cruel torture on to Palestinians, why the double standards for murderous terrorists? Why do only Israel have the exclusive right to protection and why are they allowed to judge who is a terrorist and who isn’t?

Why were over 100 Syrian soldiers being slaughtered in an attack that has created severe consequences for the innocent civilians of Deir Ezzor almost completely ignored by the MSM, yet the death of one Western soldier or civilian is regarded as a catastrophic event, for example the killing of a US Ambassador and some special forces in Libya? It was as if the world was about to end when the victims were American. Hillary Clinton was laughing at Gadaffi’s demise in the most hideous way.

Why are the Russians and Syrians immediately blamed for every heinous crime in Syria yet a deliberate act of aggression by US fighter jets that could result in ISIS conquering a city of 300,000 is by passed as merely an accident. If Deir Ezzor falls to these madmen, the US will be directly responsible and Obama exposed as the President of War crimes on a level with Blair and Bush.

Finally, how can the White Helmets who have been caught on camera abusing Syrian soldiers dead bodies and walking around with machine guns over their shoulder be awarded an alternative Nobel prize? They have been proven to be waiting off camera while a prisoner has been executed and then they remove his body. They are clearly sectarian and only support people in Sunni areas. Why are these charlatans who claim to be independent, the recipients of our income tax contributions to the tune of £millions? The White Helmets are not a group of charitable good Samaritans, they are completely infiltrated in to the terrorist networks and the Syrian government rightly treat them as such.