Gilad Atzmon.


The Campaign Against Antisemitism could financially ruin Gilad Atzmon, if he loses.

Gilad Atzmon has decided to fight a libel case brought by Gideon Falter, who is the chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter has apparently took offence about something Gilad wrote on his blog. It would seem that litigation is the new weapon for those defending the atrocities of the Israeli state.

Here is a letter written to the Guardian in 2015.

Some 77% of British Jews say that they have witnessed antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel. As if to prove the point, Friday’s letters page was a neatly arranged showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front and our polling on antisemitism was “flawed” or even concocted specially to “dovetail” with the policies of the Israeli government. Ours was not the only polling to lay bare the rising tide of antisemitism. Polling aside, 2014 was the worst year on record for antisemitic incidents. Why can some of your readers not accept the facts for what they are and address the very real problem of antisemitism, rather than supposing in spite of the evidence that it is a fiction, or that it does exist but would cease to if Jews supported Israel less? Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.
Gideon Falter
Chairman, Campaign Against Antisemitism

‘antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel’, said Mr Falter.

So this means that any criticism of Israel can be perceived as antisemitism?

showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front’

Attempts by the CAA to censor critics of Israel and supporters of BDS would suggest that there is a justifiable suspicion that the CAA are indeed closely connected to the campaign (that Israel have admitted to) attempting to contain the BDS effects.

Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.

Ah, the old ‘conspiracy theorists’ smear.

The claim of instances of antisemitism becoming more prevalent is what gets the CAA increased funds but then again, that might be regarded as a conspiracy theory. What isn’t a conspiracy theory is this. Kaydar/Kadar, unlike Ahed Tamimi, has been released on bail for his alleged antisemitic crimes that terrorised thousands of innocent victims around the world, many of them Jewish. I hope Mr Falter will be campaigning for tough sentence for this common criminal that is being treated so well by the Israeli justice system.

Quite frankly, the claims by Falter and his group include antisemitic crimes such as childish name calling, graffiti and threatening behaviour. Sadly the type of anti social behaviour many of us have to endure on a visit to the corner shop, for instance.

The CAA are also alleged to have exerted pressure on live venue owners who have hosted Gilad Atzmon, amongst others. This doesn’t appear to be a fight against antisemitism, more like an attempt to stop free speech.

Just as concerning is the fact that this clearly political group have Charitable status. What on earth is charitable about trying to silence the critics of an Israeli government that ignores international calls for justice for the Palestinians and has made Gaza in to an open air prison? How can an organisation be granted charity status under such circumstances? To conflate trying to protect Palestinian lives with antisemitism, it is Falter who is the wild conspiracy theorist.



Roger Waters.

A superb interview with the incredible Palestinian activist Roger Waters.

A video with Roger Waters and other Palestinian activists shows  Waters at his defiant best and feels more like an armchair discussion with the fearless musician than a public interview. This audience with Mr Waters appears to be less inhibited with his criticism of the Israel lobby and clearly believes that there is something wrong with the vast majority of Israelis, with regards their opinion of Palestinians. We are all human and no group, religion or ethnicity is any better than another.


Israel under the radar.

The threat of more war is increasing in the Middle East.

Russian war drill’s have been universally condemned as provocative by the worlds media but those within the sphere of ‘the West’ are described as preparation and safeguarding our security.

Recently, Israel have gone even further by using the scenario of a war with Hezbollah. Criticism has been muted. A war would be perfect for Netanyahu now because he is mired in accusations of corruption in Israel and ‘defending themselves’ would be a perfect distraction.

The Israeli regime are also losing the ‘war’ with BDS, as the campaign is gaining traction in the face of continued land grabs, school demolitions and video footage of very small children having their satchels searched by IDF soldiers whilst walking to school. In defence of these claims, it’s been pointed out that some schools in the West have mandatory searches for the pupils but the age range is much higher than the toddlers the IDF have been targeting.

The video can be watched on this twitter feed and the nature of the search is telling. The male soldier throws the books out of the bags and the female soldier seems unconcerned. Meanwhile, the school children carry on like ordinary kids, chattering and playing – As if this is normal!

Speaking of normality, a thought provoking, if rather depressing description of Israel by Gideon Levy.


‘Moderate’ opposition acquiescing to extremist factions in Syria.

Meanwhile, the ‘peace sham’ continues in Astana.

Extremist’s in Syria are currently attacking the few remaining semi-moderates, demanding they integrate into Al Qaeda or die. Because of the complexity of the situation, with each organisation vying for absolute control, it’s difficult to know how it will end. It’s good news for Syrian loyalists but the negotiators could be negotiating for none existent militia’s!

It looks like the Deir Ezzor siege has eased just a little, I’ve still not heard any mainstream news mentioning the 120,000 civilians trapped without sufficient supplies of food and medical health care. Loyalist communities don’t seem to be important to the BBC and it’s accomplices. We had to endure weeks of screaming about East Aleppo, when in fact, none of the opposition allegations proved to be true. They fed us a stream of lies about Assad’s soldiers randomly killing people and it turned out that the ‘moderate rebels’ in East Aleppo were actually the ones killing civilians who were trying to escape.

Not surprisingly, now there is the very real threat of a massacre, the media are silent.

Before I left school, I set my heart on being a journalist. Selective reporting, and their treatment of news items in general, have made me very happy that I didn’t join the ranks of these thoroughly discredited bunch of liars. Martin Robinson of the Daily Mail is a prime example of the depths they have sunk to. The newspaper used to be distinguished until Robinson got his grubby feet under the table. They may claim a successful website, but it has become unusable due to the heavy load of advertisements. It’s demise will put Robinson and his ‘laptop reliant’ hacks out of their jobs, hopefully.

Anyhow, I digress. Assad’s Syrian Arab Army and it’s allies have been making steady progress, despite Deir Ezzor. Disarray in the opposition ranks could improve the situation even more.

Will Trump’s Presidency change things much?

I don’t think it will alter with regards to Syria. Israeli demands for Syria to be destroyed won’t stop. Trump’s daughter has converted to Judaism and her husband, who is practically second in command, is an ‘Israel firster’. The combination of Trump’s cabinet is not inspiring. Without going through the list, it seems loaded with pro Israeli’s, warmongers and Goldman Sachs executives. No change there.

Jared Kushner, Trumps son in law, comes from a staunchly Zionist family. Zionism is a movement that believes Jews have a ‘God given’ right to be in Palestine, literally. Of course, to normal people, ancient scriptures do not constitute land ownership documents. I see at least a short term ‘rocky road’ ahead for the Palestinians. Netanyahu could be right thinking Trump is going to drive his agenda through. Many people have suspicions over Israeli treatment of Palestinians, I hope that Trump and Netanyahu are going to make the agenda of ethnic cleansing more obvious. When people become aware, Boycott, Divest & Sanction will be the least of their problems.


Before you buy it …..Research who you are buying off.

I’m going to get a new phone. Companies that support Israel and it’s apartheid, racist, illegal policies can kiss my arse. If push comes to shove, I’ll purchase two tin cans and a piece of string. They won’t be getting a penny of my money. The same goes for everything I buy, I check before I buy anything, to make sure I’m not supporting the criminal, immoral state that calls itself ‘Israel’. Anyone with an ounce of conscience should do the same, avoid Israeli investing companies, even if it costs twice as much. I will do.