Charles Lister.

Charles Lister is an expert on Middle East related politics. How do we know? Because he told us so and he’s a ‘senior fellow’ at the Middle East Institute (whatever that means). His profile claims: ‘Lister also managed nearly three years of intensive face-to-face engagement with the leaderships of over 100 Syrian armed opposition groups’.

That’s quite an achievement considering that most Westerners who encountered these people at close quarters, didn’t have a long life expectancy. Lister’s most recent tweets (he’s a prolific tweeter) concentrate on the chemical weapon attack at Khan Sheikhoun, of which he has just concluded that Assad did it and there is incontrovertible evidence supporting his claim.

charles lister

Lister criticises Russia for demanding OPCW involvement and then dismissing their results. He knows as well as anyone that there has to be absolute security of the samples for the results to be verified. The integrity of the suspected chemical weapons has to be assured by a chain of custody, whereby the samples are guaranteed to be tamper free. So far as I’m aware, all the samples retained cannot be verified.

Khan Sheikhoun is in a rebel held area. No one could have got close to the ‘scene of the crime’ without the ruling terrorists allowing it. Furthermore, as each hour went by, the alleged site of the attack was open to contamination, manipulation and tampering. Images a day or so apart have already proven that an item was removed from the bomb crater.

Lister supports his accusation that Assad was responsible by quoting the governments of Turkey, Israel, US, France and UK. All the aforementioned governments have not just passively but actively supported any opposition to the Syrian Arab Army, no matter what they did in terms of criminal activities or their extremist ideology. He missed out two other nations who support the claim. Those bastions of democracy, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Turkey has allowed the porous border with Syria to be a crossing point for thousands of terrorists.   Israel have treated terrorists at field hospitals and attacked Syrian assets on numerous occasions . United Kingdom has donated £ millions and and given equipment to the extremist White Helmets. United States have killed many Syrian Arab Army troops and destroyed bridges over the Euphrates.    France have been undermining the Syrian government and been involved in ‘coalition’ attacks.

So, we can conclude that unless a chain of custody can be absolutely guaranteed for the samples, any results or conclusions are null and void. Lister knows this but continues his claims and arguments as if the integrity had been maintained.

Despite his studious appearance, Lister is an avid supporter of military action. His many meetings with terrorists shows he has a strong stomach for violence – inflicted on to others. His friends in ISIS and al Qa’ida have made the lives of ordinary Syrians an absolute misery and he has been on the sidelines cheering them on, claiming that Assad’s removal is his priority. Well Mr Lister, I think you should give the Syrian people some credit and allow them to decide who should be the head of their nation. Your support and cooperation with terrorist groups are well documented.

Lister reminds me of that other self proclaimed UK ‘expert’, Eliot Higgins. I would put money on neither of them having been in a conflict area similar to the one they are insisting the Syrian people should endure. They must be earning a lot of money for supporting ‘regime change’ and inflicting such conditions on people they don’t even know. They ignore the fact that at least 55% of Syrians are living in government areas and that SAA liberated villages and towns are relieved to be rid of the extremist zealots that Lister and Elliot support… Because they were making their lives intolerable.

If they believe in the cause to remove Assad so much, maybe they should join the hundreds of other brain washed British fools fighting for extremist groups in Syria. That they have only a remote relationship with any real Islamic values doesn’t appear to deter the ‘mercenaries’ already travelled to Syria, I’m sure it wouldn’t bother these two armchair warriors.

If these two British snakes had any good intentions towards Syrians, they would advocate the withdrawing of any uninvited parties, which would include the five governments he gives so much credence to above. It would also mean the 70,000 moderates Lister so laughably claimed were fighting against Syrian Arab Army and its allies. There never were remotely near that number.


Syrian crisis deepens.

No running water for almost three weeks, due to contamination by ‘rebels’ is making the lives of over 5 million people in Damascus a nightmare. Mainstream media concern for Syrians has disappeared since the evacuation of terrorists and their supporters from Aleppo but the two events are closely connected. Because the siege of East Aleppo is over, the extremists can stop the water supply to Damascus without fear of retribution from the Syrian government. The fact that so many people were allowed unrestricted movement to Idlib hasn’t softened the ‘rebels’ attitude and unless the water situation is brought back under control soon, the terrorist clearance of East Aleppo will be a hollow victory.

Bellingcat’s ridiculous ‘investigation’ by Nick Waters into the water crisis tries to blame the government but numerous comments to the article, including an extensive rebuttal by PavewayIV, leave the hapless Waters floundering. His profile on the Bellingcat website claims he’s an ‘open source analyst’. His CV is further embellished by the fact that he’s an ex British military officer. So neither Waters nor Eliot Higgins, Bellingcat’s proprietor, have any detailed knowledge of the area or can claim to be experts in water related issues. I assume open source analysts are people that are able to read Twitter and Facebook posts, while having the ability to look at photographs. This image must have escaped Waters’ attention:baradav

The ‘moderate rebel’ looks clearly pleased that damage has been done to the water system at Wadi Barada, yet the clowns at Bellingcat are implying that it was a Syrian government air strike that caused the damage.

This is an excerpt from the article on Bellingcat:

Evidence of Bombing on the 23rd December

From the available media, and rebel claims, it appears that there was regime bombing on the 23rd of December, in and around the location of the spring structure.

Water’s conveniently brushes over government accusations of diesel contamination, despite a rebel boasting of doing just that.

Higgins and Waters, in common with the other fools at Bellingcat have no credentials to support their claim of their investigative skills. Due to his anti-Russian and anti-Assad history, accusations of being involved in British Intelligence surrounds Higgins and with his ex-military friend Waters,  who would argue.

Hayan gas processing plant attack.

I just did a Google search for this: ISIS attack gas processing plant Hayan

Try it yourself, nothing relevant comes up at the top. So I tried to do a search with duckduckgo search engine and three out of the four leading items were about the ISIS attack on Hayan. If the mainstream media aren’t reporting it, I suppose search engines will struggle.

I didn’t think my experiment would produce such telling results. The MSM have ignored the gas terminal attack but it is crucial in providing energy to many Syrians.

These attacks are a familiar tactic and the psychopathic nature of Obama indicates he’s very capable of reminding his terrorist friends that legitimate governments will falter if basic human needs aren’t fulfilled. Hence the realisation that energy and water shortages are a very useful weapon. It’s difficult to ascertain the extent of the damage to the Hayan gas terminal because of it being ignored by major news media, however knowledgeable Twitter users seem to think it’s a disaster of huge proportions. Let’s hope they are wrong.