A headline writers dream.

.. The picture isn’t very impressive though.

parsons green

This rather pathetic looking device has provided our automatic rifle carrying Police to ‘big it up’ in many cities and towns this weekend, as the terrorist warning alerts go to critical. It seems that the fireball emitted from this bomb was very environmentally friendly to it’s surroundings and only managed to singe a few eyebrows. The stampede that followed it seems to have been more of a health and safety issue than the contents of the Lidl cooler bag.

One woman described it as being like Hillsborough with people stacked on top of each other and even a pregnant woman being knocked over. I have no idea if the witness knew how many people died at the football ground tragedy but comparing the two events leaves me speechless.

The Police response is fairly predictable. Give any officer who can shoot straight a weapon but don’t tell the public what the suspect looks like.

The government quickly had a ‘COBRA’ meeting, an event that is becoming more frequent. I wonder what Boris Johnson does at these hastily arranged gatherings? The thought of top level critical meeting with this clown being a vital cog doesn’t fill me with confidence. He can barely put one foot in front of the other without stepping in dog excrement and he can’t make a statement without creating a crowd of people shaking their heads in disbelief. The man is an absolute prick.

Bucket bomber!

The Daily Mail expresses the usual over the top horror at this most recent attack to try to scare the public. They never mention the fact that the British government have been creating opportunities for real terrorists to cause untold bloodshed in many other countries with their foreign policies for decades. Sadly, these examples are rather more deadly and happen on a daily basis in town and cities in primarily, the Middle East.

Huge sigh of relief.

The blundering bomber has been arrested, so London’s commuters can now travel safely, as long as there are no more unattended carrier bags detected. It would be interesting to have a list of exactly what injuries this ‘terrorist incident’ created. Supposedly, 29 people were injured but the worst i’ve seen is more akin to cigarette lighter accident. Twisted ankles and pulled muscles, perhaps?

If you think I’m being far too casual about the Parsons Green ‘bombing’, it’s intentional. The bombing and subsequent reporting are a cynical attempt to convince people that we are in imminent danger of the easily influenced, incompetent and laughable ‘security risk’ extremists. The terrorists that the British Army have been training in and around Syria will be much more of a threat than the bucket bomber and his pals. You won’t be told about the equipping of terrorists likely to attack Syrian soldiers defending their homes and families. They won’t tell you the truth about the millions of pounds the UK government has given the bogus ISIS fire brigade, the White Helmets.

The Grenfell inquiry.

I also doubt that this PR exercise will reveal much, either. We will have to wait and see if Boris Johnson’s butchering of the London Fire Brigade will be regarded as relevant. It wasn’t just the reduction of Fire Stations in the capital that should be investigated, it should also reveal how many very experienced and long serving Firemen took early retirement and if it had any bearing on the rescuing of victims or the way in which they tackled the blaze. I’m not saying that those firefighters that did attend did anything wrong but there are certain times when more experienced heads are required. I don’t expect these questions to be answered or many others in what will be another state coverup.


Boris Johnson needs to answer some questions.

Johnson presided over the closure of 10 fire stations and the removal of 27 fire engines, despite previously promising not to remove them.

Did Johnson dangerously reduce the Fire Services ability to respond in the manner it was accustomed to? The number of Firemen attending the Grenfell fire must have been affected by the brutal cuts that Johnson initiated. How did he reduce the number of firemen? Early retirement for long serving, experienced and knowledgeable fire fighters? Could inexperience have been a factor in the eventual demise of Grenfell? Three Fire Stations close to Grenfell had been closed by Johnson, why has he not been summoned to explain himself and justify his decision?

In no way am I questioning the bravery and ability of the London firemen, I’m just concerned that the service has had the guts ripped out of it by Johnson. If he had, it would in no way reflect on the personnel currently serving.

Why have the Tories been given an easy ride by the media? Why has Johnson not been questioned over his role. It’s time the Labour Party asked the questions, these people need answers not a minutes silence that coincides with the government’s silence.


UK Election choice.

Boris Johnson confirms unquestioning support for US aggression.

Jeremy Corbyn would explore every diplomatic avenue.

At last we have a choice in a General Election. Boris Johnson’s declaration to support the US, who are threatening illegal attacks on a sovereign nation without any significant evidence, was an unusually honest statement from a politician. Theresa May was quick to back pedal on Johnson’s statement, claiming there are no plans to attack Syria.

Trump has gone from being a complete joke amongst UK politicians to being a ‘respected world statesman’. Before he became President, he was the subject of numerous derisory comments from UK media and politicians but opinions have suddenly changed. Basically, a failed attack on a Syrian airbase has done wonders for his reputation. In fact, just about all his manifesto promises have been left in tatters and this is the reason the media have suddenly found him to be ‘Our President’.

Corbyn has declared that any accusation of war crimes should go to the UN, which is the correct and legal way to solve any major dispute. The Conservatives are insisting we should believe a fraudulent journalist who is really a terrorist, a disgraced former doctor who was recently on terrorist charges or a group of ISIS affiliates masquerading as ‘first responders’.

Thanks to big mouth Boris at least we know what a vote for the Conservatives means – The same old illegal attacks on weaker countries that resists our efforts to inflict our kind of ‘democracy’ on them. In the case of Syria, it means removing a secular government that looks after the people of all religions for a bunch of murderous criminals that don’t even believe in democracy.


We are about to find out just how many people in the UK really are anti-war.

Only the US (or UK) could have a leader so absolutely and utterly incompetent as Donald Trump.

The Trump brand will do very nicely thank you, no matter what disasters he inflicts on the rest of us

Poor Donald. How on earth has he managed to become so successful when he’s clearly stupid? He could claim that he has an enviable record of being successful but I would argue that a mediocre businessman would surround himself with talented people. By relying on his own intelligence, he might have made an average used car salesman. I thought Trump said he was going to get his hair cut if he was elected?

Boris Johnson’s attempt to become the Conservative Party head honcho would have made it a close competition for who had the most ridiculous leader.

Speaking of hair, Johnson too has a problem – What to do with it. Bumbling Boris could have become Prime Minister if it weren’t for the knife thrust into his back by his good friend Michael Gove. His mistake in trusting the Zionist snake Gove should have condemned him to remain on the back benches of British politics for the rest of his career. Of course, Boris puts his foot in it but as long as he keeps criticising Putin and Assad, he’ll be fine.

There are many similarities between Johnson and Trump. The most obvious issue that they both have is the inability to string a coherent sentence together. This is a challenging problem for such high profile politicians. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are insulting our intelligence by repeating totally unfounded allegations, accusing the Syrian government of anything they think will stick.

Trump and Johnson are just two more in a long line of compulsive liars that manage to become politicians – Maybe there’s a connection.

There is no evidence Assad committed the chemical weapons atrocity in Khan Sheikhoun. Independent investigators would have had to gain access to the crime scene immediately after the attack and been able to carry out the examinations to collect the evidence. The terrorists who have taken over Khan Sheikhoun did not allow this to happen. The alleged chemical samples have to be handled in a way that all the involved parties can be confident it hasn’t been tampered with and that the evidence is actually taken from where it’s claimed to be from. It’s called a ‘chain of custody’ and should have been carried out by the OPCW, the organisation that removed all Syrian chemical weapons and the apparatus required to make it three years ago.

Any collected sample from the site, without adhering to these principles, cannot be described as verifiable evidence. Furthermore, with a case such as this, the chances of carrying out a thorough examination a couple of weeks later and being able to guarantee the test results are zero.

Trump and Johnson have nothing to support their claim of Syrian government involvement in the crime except witness statements from these people:

  • The White Helmets
  • Hadi Abdullah
  • Shujal Islam

I have neither the intelligence nor the qualifications to ascertain the credibility of a witness but……….. The list of rogues above wouldn’t exactly have me running towards a prosecuting lawyer.

The White Helmets have been thoroughly discredited by Vanessa Beeley here.

Hadi Abdullah, the West’s star journalist, awarded journalist of the year by the Reporters Without Borders, a French organisation that needs to do some research before applauding men like Hadi. Search engines reveal that Hadi Abdullah isn’t a journalist at all, he’s a mouthpiece for terrorists. Here he is, taunting trapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers:


  • Warning! (graphic)

The video on this page is very disturbing but his behaviour is in stark contrast to the ‘humanity’ he exudes when reporting on victims of the ‘Assad regime’, as he would put it.

  • Warning! (graphic)

(again a disturbing video but his commentary is so blatantly anti Assad that he cannot be regarded as an impartial witness). I could pick so many holes in this terrorists claims but it only needs one sentence. Does it look like a residential area? With the £60 million that the UK government have given the White Helmets, couldn’t they have purchased two video recorders? The quality of the edited production varies drastically.

This is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen and if Trump and Johnson believe these two and their amateur dramatics then they believe in fairy tales.

No other towns folk at this funeral? I thought they carried martyrs through the street?

Now to Shujal Islam. Described as a National Health Service doctor by the drum beating war media but he is nothing of the sort. He was struck off the UK Medical Register for unknown misdemeanour’s. Needless to say, they don’t ban doctors from practising because they failed to correctly apply a bandage. Shujal had terrorism charges against him dropped by the crown prosecution service because the two main witnesses couldn’t attend the trial. Despite British Intelligence assurances they would keep an eye on him, he managed to sneak back into Syria. Make of this what you will but it would appear that Shujal must be very friendly with British Security services.

If Trump and Johnson are relying on video evidence like this, they might want to think again. The terrorists are adept at using video clips to create sympathy, but I fail to see how anyone can be hoodwinked by these very poor productions.

The truth about Syria. Please show your friends and family this short video. (Updated)

My criticism for the BBC is usually unrelenting. Interviews are skewed and many interviewees attempting to relay a logical and honest rebuttal to the lies of governments are cut short, aggressively questioned and even deliberately sidelined. This short interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos is a rare exception. He clearly describes the actual truth about Russian assistance to Syria, its perfectly legal basis and the disgraceful action of the UK government, with regards to its attempts to distort reality. Most importantly, the interviewer allows him to answer his questions without interruption.

I urge people that might not be fully aware of the situation in Syria to watch this news clip, which is only just over 4 minutes long. I applaud Mr Papadopoulos for his factual appraisal of Russian involvement in Syria and would add that if we do not hold our warmongering politicians to account, we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict which could result in nuclear weapons being used. We are at a very dangerous point in history that could escalate in to a catastrophe if we do not fully understand the situation.

Please, please encourage friends, family and colleagues to spend just over 4 minutes of their time to watch this invaluable interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos


For those who think that I may have been exaggerating when I said “we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict”, here is a very sobering discussion between General Dunford and Mr Wicker of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In the latter part of the short clip, John McCain puts the General under pressure and he starts to back pedal. I believe he caved in due to the reputation of McCain and his close relationships with militant extremists in Syria. Having said that, General Dunsford wasn’t convincing with his detraction, despite McCain’s dismissive comments.

McCain probably became agitated because he has met with known terrorist’s in Syria, even being photographed with them.


It has been claimed that the man second from the left is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. I’m not sure about that, although there are many similarities. What isn’t in doubt is that McCain broke Syrian law by meeting these thugs, without having the relevant paper work. The sooner this nasty piece of work ‘retires’, the better.

Syria:Total fabrication.

The British ITV station have just transmitted a news program concerning Syria but more precisely, it’s about Russian involvement there. Accusations of attacking civilian Syrian targets weren’t supported with any evidence, except video of collapsed buildings, which could have been anywhere and committed by anyone.

The ‘hell cannon’ used by terrorists in Syria.

Are we supposed to believe that the ‘hell  cannons’ that propel a 47kg gas bottle filled with explosives aren’t doing much damage and Russian and Syrian fighter jets are doing? For all the mobile phones and their recording capability we have at hand, why isn’t there a mountain of evidence implicating the Russians? Here is a video of the rebel held protests in East Aleppo, against UN aid being delivered to them.

This video has numerous issues which I will examine. First of all, there is only one woman in the video and she is wearing a niqab. It’s almost as if women were told not to protest. Compare this with government held Aleppo, which is an area where different religions and the various sects live side by side and protests are attended by an array of different people.

Secondly, the vast majority in the video are males of a fighting age and only one is armed, implying the rest are civilians. The protest itself was because they didn’t want to accept aid directly through government opened ‘corridors’, they demanded it be distributed through the official ‘rebel’ leaders. This is a very strange situation because there have been countless claims that the terrorists have been profiteering from the aid. The demonstrators look like they are relatively healthy and well fed and not very desperate, particularly if they can refuse food. The White Helmets might have a different take on things.

My third point is that I can’t help thinking that the footage has been ‘directed’, somehow. For the most part, there aren’t many children and it looks like the ones that are there are being used as props.



The most damning problem in this video is something the producers should clearly have thought about. The buildings. During this clip, I saw no damaged buildings of the type we see on our nightly news, yet the Russians are allegedly carpet bombing them. We in the UK are subjected to images of destroyed buildings and dust covered people in every bulletin about Syria. Just like John Kerry, these protesters appear to be in a parallel universe.

Here’s what it should look like.


Flip flopping Boris.

It seems Boris Johnson has been encouraging people to go and protest outside the Russian Embassy about Russian involvement in Syria. Is this the same Boris Johnson that was praising Russia for it’s support of Assad because he was fighting the terrorists, not so long ago? Since he became part of the higher ranking establishment he appears to have totally changed his opinion. All I’ve got to say to you Boris is that you are a lying fat fucker who should go and waste his own time protesting outside the Russian Embassy.


Thumbs up or down, Boris?