Syrian ‘experts’.

The recent Channel 4 investigation exposing Shamiwitness as a Bangalore based executive hasn’t surprised me at all. The so called experts in the Syrian conflict are based outside Syria yet claim to have very detailed information about the ongoing war. The Indian who was posing as a an ISIS insider is now backtracking on his tweets by claiming he’s done nothing wrong and not broken any Indian laws. If supporting the murderous thugs of ISIS and praising their every atrocity as well as urging people to join them isn’t a criminal offence in India then it should be. Did Mehdi Masroor Biswas (aka Shamiwitness) praise the attack on Mumbai? Even if he didn’t, the Mumbai attackers and ISIS are effectively the same thing.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Brown Moses, the self proclaimed specialist on Middle Eastern conflicts, expert in Chemical Weapons and now Shamiwitness have numerous similarities …None of these shysters are anywhere near the horrendous events in Syria, they are cheer leading from a very safe distance. Their homes in Coventry, Leicester and Bangalore are not going to be shelled by any free armies or government forces but you wouldn’t know that from their claims and conclusions.
Furthermore, all three have been extensively reported by world wide main stream media as being credible and reliable sources. They are not and never have been anything other than sick people beating Syrian war drums yet being totally unaffected by the events they fraudulently report about.
They all appear to have wonderful imaginations too. Brown Moses (Eliot Higgins) became an expert in weapons by watching YouTube videos whilst the SOHR host is a shopkeeper from Coventry, UK. Now we have an Indian clown who says he would have joined ISIS himself if his family didn’t rely on him for financial support. Isn’t Jihad far more important than earthly concerns such as supporting relatives?
Maybe I’ve missed something ………….


Elliot Higgins/Brown Moses and his selective blindness.

After trying to prove for months how Assad killed his own people with chemical weapons  (using his bogus weapons expertise) Mr Higgins has completely missed the slaughter in Dara Province of  an unknown number of Syrian soldiers . Some crazy group of fruit-cases can be seen gloating over the deaths and kicking the dead victims. I’m sure Mr Higgins will need much more convincing evidence than these soldiers in their fatigues strewn across Dara without any trauma injuries. I would like to question Mr Higgins on his own blog but his ‘security setup’ all but requires my home address, even though my WordPress history proves I’m not a spammer. Maybe Mr Higgins doesn’t like awkward questions.

Brown Moses revisited.

I tried to reply to a post on the Brown Moses blog but for the second or third time, it won’t allow me to. Here’s what the self proclaimed Syrian expert Eliot Higgins wrote about a recent Seymour Hersh piece:


This was my attempted reply.

It’s understandable that you don’t give up on your months of trying to convict the Assad government, after all you’ve clearly spent a lot of time on the subject.

Inconclusive pictures of twisted bits of metal (which no one has the faintest idea where they came from). Furthermore your charge at Hersh about him wanting to make the narrative fit his story is ironic indeed after your concerted efforts to convict Assad relentlessly. The most damning evidence I found on the subject was in this video from the BBC:

At around 2 minutes 30 seconds the introduction of choreographed ‘victims’ begins. Quite apart from the amateurish acting, the sobbing Dr Rosa’s father is a prominent supporter of the terrorist mercenaries plaguing Syria. A fact that wasn’t mentioned by the BBC.