Provocation continues-Restraint prevails.

Israel have again attacked an installation in Syria, it’s unclear what exactly it was but it’s rumoured two Syrian soldiers perished. The attack was carried out from Lebanese air space, which Israel continually and illegally fly over. There seems to have been agreement made with with Russian authorities that Israel must not enter Syrian airspace. In stark contrast to North Korea simply testing weapons, Israel has not been censured by the UN for flagrantly ignoring international law with regards crimes against both Syria and Lebanon.

Netanyahu is mired in domestic allegations of corruption and appears to be trying to create a crisis that would take the focus from his own problems. Psychopaths don’t concern themselves with death and injury of innocent people when it comes to their own political survival. No one knows for sure but the repeated attacks from war mongering Israel could be an attempt to create a military response.

Syria cannot afford to be fighting the Israelis as well as the terrorists that still need flushing away. Netanyahu knows this. So does Putin.

So what can Syria do to stop these attacks?

The Syrian and their allies need to concentrate on killing as many invaders as possible. Israel have been and still is supporting the elements trying to remove Assad, so every battlefield victory against the terrorists is painful to the Israelis. Syria’s allies will, for the short term have to keep taking these criminal attacks on the chin.

One thing we can be assured of is that these provocations won’t be forgotten. Patience is a virtue and the Syrians will be keeping count of all these attacks. The message to Israel will be: They will be avenged – when Syria decides that the time is right.

Deir Ezzor.

Recent successes by Syrian forces appear to have ignited Kurdish/US interests in the area.



If the map above is accurate, it’s very clear that the US allies are keen to get to something around Deir Ezzor. So far the Americans have been out thought, out maneuvered and embarrassed by their Syrian/Russian/Iranian counterparts. The likelihood is that this move has been anticipated and a plan drawn up to negate it. Interesting times.


Deir Ezzor siege ends.

If you relied on the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know it.

A small group of Syrian forces have met up up with besieged soldiers in Deir Ezzor, a major Syrian city that has been held captive by terrorists for over three years. It is only a small step but a significant one to bring any semblance of normality to those that have been trapped.

To get to this stage has been an incredible feat. Just over two years ago the war was practically lost with terrorist extremists (supported by the US, UK, France, Qatar , Saudi and others) on the verge of victory. The Syrian Arab Army were being handed daily defeats, despite the huge efforts of Hezbollah and other allies.

…. Then the Russians came.

Militarily, the intervention wasn’t huge, only a small number of fighter jets and helicopters, with suitable support. It was the organisation skills, the expertise and the tactics that the Russians brought to Syria that were so vital. Furthermore, Russia have shown their dominance in the diplomatic sphere, constantly exposing Trump’s team to be the amateurs that they are. Maria Zakharova, with her amusing put downs to American journalists, have been a particular highlight.

¬†ISIS and its various co conspirators aren’t finished yet.

Extreme caution still needs to be taken to preserve the lives of SAA and its allies against the suicidal, drug crazed terrorists. There are clearly no limits to the heinous crimes these monsters will commit, proven by their barbaric atrocities against men, women, children and the irreplaceable monuments of Syrian’s rich history. The numerous bases that the US have created in Kurdish areas of Syria also means that the Americans and their allies haven’t conceded defeat. The destruction of some Arab towns East of the Euphrates has been deliberate in an effort to clear areas for the introduction of Kurdish inhabitants. The US attack on Deir Ezzor, which I have previously written about, exacerbated the difficulties for innocent civilians under siege and despite the criminal actions of the ‘alliance’, they merely delayed the current success.

Israeli exceptionalism.

Of course, Israel will continue to provoke, knowing that the US big brother will always try to finish off what Netanyahu starts. There is a disappearing window which becomes smaller at every village or town the Syrian allies liberate. The Israeli Prime Minister has been expressing spurious fears over perceived Iranian influence in Syria , in an attempt to get permission to counter it. These are based on the bogus claim that Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map. The phrase that was used actually translates to ‘remove Israel from the page of time’, which clearly refers to protecting Palestinians from the violence and ethnic cleansing that the Israelis have inflicted on them.

The ‘fear’ of Iran.

Israeli fear of Iran is an absolute fabrication. First of all, Iranian support for Palestine does not transfer to hatred of Israel. Secondly, Israel have a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate not just Iran but probably end life on our planet. Their fear of Hezbollah has much more basis. The Lebanese defence militia have already proven to be tenacious adversaries. Which brings me back to the heroic efforts of not just the military combatants defending Syria but every Syrian.

An unparalleled fight for survival.

Syrian ability to withstand such immense and concerted efforts to destroy it have no modern comparison. Bashar al Assad, despite many false accusations of numerous crimes, has stood strong when his enemies expected him to crumble. The Syrian people, particularly those who had justifiable grievances, have been conned. The traitors who allied with the foreign mercenaries were fooled. The terrorists are Israeli accessories, their betrayal of their Palestinian brothers and sisters is complete.

Having said that, Assad isn’t squeaky clean. By his own admission, he’s made many mistakes. However, none can compare with Tony Blair’s catalogue of lies and deceptions that were used to destroy Iraq. Furthermore, if the coward Blair had been in the desperate situation that Assad has endured, he would have escaped a long time ago.

Israel are pulling all the strings, systematically weakening every friend of Palestine. Driving a wedge to further part the Sunni and Shia. Trying to break off chunks from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq, by using the hapless Kurds. They have assets influencing the direction of many governments, manipulating every decision in the background. They are investing millions into the destruction of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement. One of their primary assets in the UK has managed to crawl back into a position of authority, Liam Fox. Zionists have too many ‘Israeli first’ Senators to name.

The humanitarian situation.

There are only two countries in the Syrian region who have not accepted refugees from Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia. Try to go and live in either place if you practice a different religion. You would only receive any help from these two if you can prove your weapon is aimed at Syrian soldiers.



Bye, bye BBC……

My TV licence fee is due soon but after listening to Eddie Mair on PM last night when I was commuting to work, I’ve decided enough is enough. I will not pay money to be inundated with propaganda. I wouldn’t say there are specific rules to control how the news is provided to us but my guess is that if a BBC employee doesn’t spin a story the ‘correct way’, they would soon find their workload thinning out, dramatically.

Yesterday, whilst summarising the responses to Trump’s preplanned attack on Syria, there was a chorus of approving voices and a couple of condemnation, one of which was a Syrian army officer who sounded animated and passionate (quite rightly) and then it was finished off with Jeremy Bowen’s thoughts. I have had a lot of respect for Bowen in the past, despite sensing that he had to restrain his tone, particularly with regards Palestine. Amongst other things, Bowen claimed that the Tomahawk cruise missile attack was the first US action against the Syrian government troops. Considering Bowen’s vast knowledge on the region, I find it hard to believe that he ‘forgot’ about the Deir Ezzor attack which killed almost a hundred Syrian Arab Army and their allies in September 2016.

Omitting this fact was unforgivable. Thousands of Syrian people will still feel raw about the way their relatives died at the hands of the US military that day and as I’ve explained in previous posts, there is no way it could have been an accident.

If this is what you have to do, Jeremy – to remain being employed by the BBC, it’s your choice, but I won’t be contributing to your wages, nor your big fat pension, any more. I’ll miss listening to Eddie Mair too, he is an intelligent and very witty presenter. He’s not afraid to talk about the topics that other people would avoid and I have heard him giving a pro Israeli guest a torrid time. Having said that, the claustrophobic propaganda that the BBC has force fed me and millions of other listeners, readers and watchers is about to end, for me.

Genuine humanitarian aid.

Russian lives have already been lost in Syria, how many, we don’t know. What we do know is that the Syrian people (generally) are extremely grateful for the Russian support. It has been vital to the survival of areas such as Deir Ezzor, both on the military and humanitarian level. There is no safe way to land at Deir Ezzor airport any more, not since the US in conjunction with ISIS attacked Syrian forces in September 2016. Subsequent ISIS control over certain areas now means that the Syrians cannot fly in vital supplies safely. Deir Ezzor has been cut off from the rest of Syrian government held areas for over two years, so the actions of the US coalition were catastrophic. ISIS have repeatedly attempted to defeat Syrian forces in Deir Ezzor but fortunately for the 100,000+ civilians, they’ve failed so far.

Russian air-drops.

Despite serious risks of being shot down (the US/allies have supplied terrorists with manpads) Russian pilots have been dropping tonnes of supplies to Deir Ezzor, without which the town couldn’t have survived this siege.



Deir Ezzor – A US crime.

Over 250,000 civilians in Deir Ezzor are in imminent danger from a terrorist assault, and it is the US that have created the conditions for this potential massacre. It was a US attack that killed almost one hundred Syrian troops has subsequently allowed Daesh to threaten the people of Deir Ezzor. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies lost critical vantage points, not just the martyrs and the injured soldiers that day.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, the worlds media don’t seem to care about either event. The initial attack by US, UK and Australian forces was blamed on an error in targeting and the US does have a history of killing their own side in conflicts. This was different, the air attack was followed instantly by a successful terrorist assault, which must have been co-ordinated to create maximum effect on the Syrian loyalist forces.

Today’s concerted attack to take the city, which has been under siege for several years and has relied on the local airport, is a direct result of that murderous assault last year. How can the countries involved claim they are fighting terrorism when they supported Daesh in such a blatant manner?

British UK media, who reported for months on a massacre that didn’t occur in Aleppo, are deliberately ignoring a real crisis happening now in Deir Ezzor. The BBC, Daily Mail, the Guardian are all complicit in the catastrophe, not forgetting of course the part the USAF, RAF and RAAF played in being the air cover for terrorists.

The terrorists have just split Deir Ezzor in to two parts.


Ban Ki-moon.

Ban Ki-moon is claiming the Syrian government are carrying out atrocities on civilians exiting rebel controlled areas of Aleppo. Has he not seen soldiers carrying old people that are unable to walk out of the rubble? Has he not seen the smiling faces of women and SAA soldiers handing sweets out to children?¬† I don’t suppose he has heard all the testimonies claiming that the terrorists would not allow them to escape the war zone?

Well Mr Ban Ki-moon, here is something else you won’t have noticed. Hundreds, if not thousands of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and their Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah allies have been mercilessly executed by the combatants that are now being caught or giving themselves up to Loyalist factions around Aleppo. There may well be some vengeful actions by some of these men who have seen video footage of their friends executed. You may well appeal to these soldiers to show restraint but I am unable to recall your condemnation of mass murders committed by the criminal extremists, so don’t waste your breath.

Ki-moon’s minions declared that Syria and Russia were responsible for any atrocities committed on civilians but that’s not strictly true. There are many militias that had to be used in order to save the country from the extremists, some of these men might take the law in to their own hands, but hopefully not. If I had a position of authority I would urge them to show mercy, nothing can be gained by behaving as the terrorists did.

I can’t remember Ban Ki-moon expressing outrage at the illegal US, UK and Belgian attack on Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor. Somewhere between 60 and 100 SAA soldiers families lost a loved one in that unprovoked attack, how is he going to give those families any justice? He won’t give it a second thought. If I could meet up with Mr Ban Ki-moon, I would tell him to keep his uncorroborated conspiracy theories to himself and do what he has been doing for the last 5 or so years….. Keep his fucking nose out of Syrian affairs until he has something constructive, truthful or helpful to say.