Goldstein threatens Corbyn.

  The letter effectively instructs Corbyn to get in line or suffer the consequences. Jonathan Goldstein's letter to Jeremy Corbyn praises him for finally getting on one knee but notifies him that he has to do much more before he can consider himself redeemed. Allowing the JLC to oversee and monitor anti semitism accusations is … Continue reading Goldstein threatens Corbyn.

Silence of the media lambs.

Cowardice in the media means that cowards in the IDF are conveniently ignored. Some of the sickening testimony and video footage on twitter reveal the depravity of the self proclaimed 'most moral army in the world'. Delusions and denial spring to mind when we consider the boasting of the higher echelons of the Israel Defence … Continue reading Silence of the media lambs.

Israeli’s having fun at the Gaza containment fence.

Nikki Haley gets in to the spirit by vetoing a UN resolution condemning Israeli violence. The sickening executions (because that's what they are) by Israel Defence Force on the Gaza border is yet more evidence of a psychopathic culture that knows no bounds. And if you didn't already regard Nikki Haley as a bunny boiler … Continue reading Israeli’s having fun at the Gaza containment fence.

Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

¬† Is this the real reason for Trumps Jerusalem statement? Provocation is one of the tactics commonly used to anger the Palestinians and the Israeli government know exactly which buttons to press. Israel, supported to the hilt by the US regime, encourage escalation due to its massive advantage, even if you disregard American weaponry. Despite … Continue reading Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

Israeli military declares itself not guilty.

Stunning 'not guilty' verdict........ Again!! ¬†Whenever Israeli troops are accused of criminality or misconduct during their repeated assaults on Gaza (or their permanent presence in the West Bank), they can always depend on the investigators (themselves) to produce the favoured conclusion. 16,000 homes reduced to rubble by the Israeli military and not one of them … Continue reading Israeli military declares itself not guilty.