Israel: Have they created their own Frankenstein?

Before and during all the recent chaos in Syria, the hidden hand of Israel has been fanning the flames. The vast majority of this interfering has been discrete, only when they have had no other choice did they act publicly. The attacks on the Syrian Arab Army and it’s allies are a good example. Supporting the terrorists openly has been an act of desperation to try and minimise the losses incurred by the anti Assad factions.

Substantial covert support has been given to the extremists, who Israel repeatedly compared to Hamas. This was of course an insult to the Gaza government, an organisation that has enough to deal with trying to provide for it’s citizens due to the crippling siege, along with the murderous and destructive attacks they have faced. The Syrian war has been  perfect for distracting world attention from their ongoing crimes against the Palestinians. The house demolitions haven’t stopped, neither have the creation of ‘settlements’.

The weakening of Syria was useful to Israel for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the collapse of the Syrian government may well have allowed the Israelis to claim the Golan Heights permanently. The occupied region has been strongly rumoured to have copious amounts of hydrocarbon deposits, which would have obviously been an added bonus. The destruction of the Syrian Army and subsequent civil chaos would make the land grab so much easier. The defeat of Assad would also have also weakened Hezbollah, their Iranian partners and ultimately the Palestinians, who have been supported by all three, to varying degrees. The removal of Assad would have had favourable repercussions that were all to Israel’s benefit.

Netanyahu’s extremist government have also been working overtime trying to bully US Senators into an ever more aggressive stance with regards Syria, as always, with great success. Lunatics like John McCain don’t even need inducements to act in Israel’s favour, they have been treacherously advancing the Zionist cause, even when it’s been detrimental to US interests, for years.

Syrian loyalists recent successes have been hard fought. The tenacity and bravery of all Assad’s allies have boosted morale for the vast majority of Syrians that abhor the terrorists and all that they stand for. There is no doubt that the criminal extremists lack popular support and that view is supported by what civilians are saying as they escape East Aleppo.

Many heroic soldiers have died trying to free their country of these murderous thugs that in reality have nothing to do with religion. They were more interested in behaving like gangsters while they were robbing and looting innocent peoples homes. Despite their cowardly behaviour, they have proven to be difficult to remove. The battle weary Syrians and their allies will have gained valuable experience in the battle field if they overcome their barbaric enemy and even though there are never any positives to war, the expertise they have acquired will prepare them well …. Should any neighbour try to push them around in the near future.

After all, their most likely adversary might be well equipped but they only usually encounter unarmed civilians at checkpoints. These stark differences could prove devastating if there are any more plans to interfere in other nations affairs.

Syrian Arab Army and Allies.

Despite 75% of East Aleppo being retaken by government forces and only 28,000 civilians so far having left, Western media are still quoting the 250,000 that they have done all along despite that number being thoroughly dismissed by many creditable sources. The terrorists have also requested a ceasefire for injured civilians to be allowed out, even though it’s been verified by many that have escaped recently that the terrorists were shooting at people during all the other ceasefires, keeping them in the rebel held areas. These criminal psychopaths want a cessation for themselves and not for humanitarian needs. Hopefully, the net is closing in on the thugs who beheaded the young Palestinian lad and it would be justice if the Syrian/Palestinian factions find them first.

White Helmets.

“A former British Army officer who founded a programme to train civilian volunteers in war-torn Syria has described collecting an OBE for his services as bittersweet. James Le Mesurier founded the Syrian White Helmets initiative in 2013 to provide practical community-based support for locals caught up in the conflict.”
An OBE for organising, aiding and abetting terrorism, whatever next. The mainstream media are reciting ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ but more and more people are realising every day that the Emperor really isn’t wearing anything.
The Syrians didn’t need an initiative from a former British Army officer or anyone else, they already had emergency services. Moreover, are we being told that this former officer with his own security company gave up all his time to try and save lives of Syrians? Pull the other one, he’s nothing but a hired killer who employs hired killers. Le Mesurier is a fraud, just like the rest of the ‘security industry’ and if we didn’t know already, his carefully dusted cast of White Helmets prove it.



Israeli-Al Qa’ida Air Force.

A recent attack by extremists on the Syrian Arab Army and its allies positions, close to the Golan Heights was repelled, leaving dozens of dead terrorists and some destroyed hardware. It would seem that Syrian forces, even when facing superiority of numbers and equipment, are getting better at defending against these kind of attacks. This attempt appears to have been dealt with efficiently. Defending against a never ending line of suicide truck drivers requires extreme diligence and of course an error can result in countless comrades being killed. Difficult conditions to survive in.

A short time after this attack had been neutralised, Israeli fighter planes bombed several Syrian government sites in the southern province of Quneitra. Casualties and damage are unknown. The Israelis claimed they were responding to artillery fire from Syrian forces that fell in to ‘their territory’. First of all this is a demonstrable lie. The Golan Heights are an occupied Syrian location. However, we’ll ignore this fact and look at what evidence the Israelis provided to back up their claim of stray rockets. As in previous accusations of Syrian stray missiles, they have failed to provide a single piece of evidence. In effect, the Israelis are saying ‘You will believe us and anyhow, we’ll do as we please’. Forgive me for being cynical but Netanyahu and the truth don’t mix.

Israeli estimations of rockets fired from Gaza, have been exaggerated beyond the realms of fantasy over the last few years. For Hamas to fire such amounts of rockets would need a permanent salvo. Why should these claims without evidence be accepted as fact?

The Mavi Marmara, another example of Israeli claiming their lives were in danger, despite THEIR decision to board the vessel from helicopters above the ship….In the middle of the night.

In every act of resistance by Palestinians, the Israelis produce a very strong magnifying glass and then they show the world what is being done to them through it. Of course they never mention what they did to provoke the response, expecting anything close to the truth from these pathological liars would be impossible.

The racist, prejudiced and criminal nation called Israel will be made accountable for it’s catalogue of crimes inflicted on those perceived weaker. Of course, battle hardened and well trained soldiers create a formidable challenge after they have been beating unarmed youths and stealing cycles of little girls. The cowards known as the IDF are only confident with overwhelming odds in their favour and even then they make hard work of it.

It’s not just the air support Israel supplies for Al Qaida, hundreds of terrorist fighters have been treated at Israeli hospitals. Considering the terrorists supposedly principled and strict religious ideology, how can that fit in with collaborating with the ongoing torturers of their Sunni brothers and sisters in Palestine? These terrorists change the rules whenever they want. The traitors should be attacking Israel, not hiding under its protective umbrella. They flog and decapitate people for the most trivial crimes and yet betray the Palestinians on a daily basis by having friendly relations with their tormentors. The extremists aren’t religious, I doubt they are even Muslims.

A message for the terrorists working closely with Israel:

You are working with the enemy, a despotic regime that destroys the lives of every Palestinian. A corrupt, barbaric entity that imprisons the children of Palestine. A country that has been at the centre of every recent attack on innocent Muslims and you know when your worth has diminished? You will suddenly be just as reviled as every other Muslim by this Zionist entity that has no friends in this world. Your status will remain as long as you are useful. Once that period is over, you will be destroyed without mercy, one way or another.

Deir Ezzor & Golan: The US and Israel expand their ISIS and Al Qaida support.

The US Air Force have just attacked the Syrian Arab Army on a crucial hill top near Deir Ezzor. The raid has allowed ISIS to take control of it and there are now 300,000 civilians at risk in the city. Tens of SAA soldiers have been killed. At the same time this was happening, Israel were killing SAA personnel close to the Golan Heights. Stray rockets fired in the area were serious enough to warrant Israeli response and that is the reason they openly supported Al Nusra. Confirmation, if it were needed that the Zionist cess pit is clearly coordinating with ISIS. Just a question for the terrorist pigs… What do you think will happen to you once you have served your purpose to the parasitic entity full of psychopaths? I’ll give you a clue, take a look at Palestine, add a false flag committed on your behalf and then it’s time to mow the lawn.

Here is a more realistic Israeli flag:image1

These war-mongering cowards need to know what it’s like when the odds aren’t stacked in their favour, although despite being the underdog, Hezbollah give them more than a bloody nose and a large number of Merkavas for the scrap yard in 2006.

Syria will survive despite the illegal attention of the rogue states, USA and Israel. The Syrians have defied criminal attempts to turn their country into a failed state and they will prevail.

Al mawt la Israel, Al mawt la Amerika!