A headline writers dream.

.. The picture isn't very impressive though. This rather pathetic looking device has provided our automatic rifle carrying Police to 'big it up' in many cities and towns this weekend, as the terrorist warning alerts go to critical. It seems that the fireball emitted from this bomb was very environmentally friendly to it's surroundings and … Continue reading A headline writers dream.


One cover-up overshadowing another.

On the same day that six people are charged over Hillsborough, it's announced that the number of Grenfell victims will not be known for at least six months. This is the template for Government cover-ups. This is why 'Inquiries' are set up. Its the 'time is a great healer' theory. We don't fall for it … Continue reading One cover-up overshadowing another.

Boris Johnson needs to answer some questions.

Johnson presided over the closure of 10 fire stations and the removal of 27 fire engines, despite previously promising not to remove them. Did Johnson dangerously reduce the Fire Services ability to respond in the manner it was accustomed to? The number of Firemen attending the Grenfell fire must have been affected by the brutal … Continue reading Boris Johnson needs to answer some questions.