The vile warmongers of the British establishment.

House of Israel Commons ignore logic and evidence that refutes Assad involvement in the Syrian chemical attack.

British Members of Parliament are living in a parallel universe if they really believe that there is convincing evidence that confirms President Assad’s guilt in using chemical weapons. There has been a video of the alleged event with the usual ‘mouth foam’ applied and that is it. Two medics working at the time have stated there was no CW attack and that victims were suffering from smoke inhalation.

Viewing these raving lunatics debating the attack on Syria disgusts me. These politicians are supposed to be amongst the top-level of intellectuals, our brightest individuals. It would appear we are in a hopeless situation. The only thing I’ve observed is a competition to see how far up Theresa May’s arse they can climb.

The war in Syria is for the benefit of one country – Israel.

This is the stark reality. It was not a popular revolution, it was an invasion of armed thugs. Many came from Libya, along with the weapons stolen from the Libyan army and provided by the US. The fragmentation of Syria is a long-term aim for Israel, to weaken it to the point that it is unable to resist against the Zionist entity and to make sure the Golan Heights cannot be returned to Syrian control. Despite this occupation being condemned by the UN, Israel demolished over one hundred Syrian villages and farms in the region and subsequently, the lands were given to Israeli settlers. If Assad is removed and the country destroyed, Israel will kick out the 17,000 Arabs and Druze that remain there.

We have a problem with our politicians loyalty to the UK.

I am puzzled why so many of our politicians are involved in Friends of Israel organisations. They don’t have Friends of Argentina or any other country, why Israel? A detailed look at parliamentary gifts would make it clearer.

80% of the government are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel organisation.

There are also a significant number of opposition MP’s in the Labour Friends of Israel. These aren’t benign groups akin to a coffee morning club. These are very powerful lobbyists and almost all the ‘Friends of Israel’ have at some time been on an ‘all expenses’ trip to the country. They are carefully shepherded and only access areas that are acceptable but never given access to experience it from the Palestinian side. You won’t see a British MP stuck at a checkpoint for hours on end, unless they are openly pro Palestinian and then the likelihood is that they won’t be allowed in at all.

One thing we can be sure of is that this ‘coalition’ attack wasn’t for Syrian children being killed and the way the missile attack is being approved, many are supporting the war crime of May, more attacks are almost guaranteed. If concern for Muslim kids was the priority, there is a much more pressing catastrophe happening in Yemen. Saudi Arabia are bombing the poorest country in the Middle East back to the stone age, but that’s ok, because they are buying the Jets and missiles from the UK.

With so many of our politicians ‘friends of Israel’, should we be worried about their ability to make decisions that always benefit the UK?

I obviously don’t have the answer to this but I do know that a huge amount of candidate funding can be the difference between winning an election and losing it. Am I claiming that Israel strongly supports representatives sympathetic to their cause? Absolutely and we can look at the US for more compelling evidence, There are a  number of former Senators that only crossed the Israel lobby once. US politicians who show evenhandedness are not tolerated in the US and only long serving, well established and very popular Senators are able to criticise Israel. Unfortunately most of them attend AIPAC conventions, the primary Jewish American organisation. As far as I can tell, the last President that didn’t address an AIPAC convention was G H.W Bush. He also delayed loaning Israel $10 billion in a bid to keep the Middle East peace process alive. Curiously (or not), he wasn’t elected for a second term. This from The Observer:

“Many believe that George H.W. Bush’s defeat in 1992 was the result of Jewish-American opposition fueled by his hard-line against Israeli settlements under the Shamir government.”

It might be fair to say that we dont have an AIPAC in the UK but when I see so many sycophants in the British Parliament and being aware of the importance Israel places on Assad’s defeat, the suspicion is difficult to ignore. A strong Syria is pivotal to any possibility of justice for the Palestinians. If Syria were to fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS, they would then continue to try and destroy Hezbollah. Bearing in mind, only the Lebanese resistance has managed to give Israel a bloody nose, it would be a win-win for Netanyahu. There is only one reason that Israel have not attacked Hezbollah in 11 years and that is fear. Once the Israeli jets had done as much as they could and the battle was on the ground, the superior tactics and ingenuity of the Shia militia, despite the IDF being much better equipped, was a gamechanger. The likelihood is that the Israelis would face battle hardened and a much better equipped Hezbollah today.

The Americans, British and French aren’t on a moral crusade, they are on ‘Jewish mission’, having already destroyed Iraq and Libya, who were, after Syria, the Palestinians greatest allies. A large part of Syria and Iraq, along with all of Lebanon are included in the map of Greater Israel. Gaddafi’s crime was financing the Palestinians.

Update on UK government application for an emergency debate.

An emergency debate has been granted and two speakers have already condemned President Assad. The Labour MP, Alison McGovern is in the middle of a tirade, not based on evidence but on pure fantasy and unverified ‘rebel’ claims. Frequent referral to the murdered politician, Joanne Cox, McGovern appears to be oblivious to the fact that Cox’s favoured Syrian cause, the White Helmets are widely condemned, by observers and Syrians alike, as an extension of Al Nusra.

If McGovern had done any research whatsoever, she would have discovered that the White Helmets themselves have betrayed their terrorist agenda on personal FaceBook pages. The organisation have claimed it’s the odd bad apple but close to a hundred of these frauds have been seen, brandishing weapons or involved in extremist parades.

McGovern is also calling for trade restrictions on the Assad Government, which I find absolutely incredible. Surely she can’t be unaware that the very children she pleads for with watery eyes have been deprived of vital drugs for almost seven years because of sanctions?

Her speech then moves on to the emotive subject of refugees, here is another example of how little she knows. Many Syrian refugees in Germany are only waiting for their former towns and villages to be made safe by the Syrian government before they return home. Internal displacement reduces with every area recovered from the terrorists and it is only destroyed buildings and the extremists slowing down repatriation. Why these people think that bombing Syria will improve matters, I don’t know. Syrian refugees are not looking to come here Mrs McGovern, they are very keen to return home, please do some research before you try to lecture other people about things you know little about.

Kenneth Clarke, proving that age doesn’t necessarily improve intelligence, reiterating the same ignorance as many others in our corridors of power. Clarke is absolutely convinced that Assad did the crime and admitted there is a lot of street to street fighting that is a temptation to use CW. Again, if he had done cursory research, he would be aware that the Syrian Arab Army had already conquered the area where the alleged attack occurred, hence the Russians could declare immediate access to the site.

Hilary Benn has just explained how US and British carefully targeted Syria to avoid damaging infrastructure but the Syrians and Russians have been carelessly bombing civilians for years. I wonder how he can explain Russian popularity and gratitude from the Syrians, if that is the case. Claiming success for a no fly zone over Iraq and confident of the Kurdish gratitude, he fails to remember them being slaughtered because the British and US abandoned them when Iraq forces attacked. His selective memory appears to have hit another blank spot with regards the sanctions that are reported to have killed 500,000 Iraqis, mostly children.

I’m sure these fools will continue to expose their ignorance till the end of the debate but I’m hopeful that Jeremy Corbyn will comment on only verified facts, something the current members in this debate have categorically omitted.




Labour Party snakes in the grass.

The campaign amongst Corbyn’s own party Members of Parliament has disappeared – Is it because the Labour Party leader appears to be defying the critics with sound policies and a calm temperament?

The move to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn has receded, for the time being at least. I wouldn’t go as far as to predict he might win the UK General Election but he has put up a magnificent fight despite almost every national tv and newspaper relentlessly criticising him. This could be a turning point, not just for the people of the UK but also for the corrupt, warmongering media that has been instrumental in causing misery for many other countries during at least the last 25 years.

Their blatant lies, omissions and even promotion of attacks against countries that never wished us any harm is a war crime. The likes of Blair, Cameron, Brown and May should be tried at the ICC along with the cheerleading press. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the media in the illegal and immoral assaults on sovereign nations. We need to hold them to account for not (just) doing their job but actively supporting the criminal elite.

It’s not just an appalling lack of real journalism, it’s the uncritical headlines that have given the lying politicians their credibility amongst many who don’t have suspicious minds. Just because the majority of people have believed the coalition of smooth talking psychopathic liars and unrelenting propaganda doesn’t mean they are stupid. They have been duped by a well oiled tag team that has had the most gratuitous lust for violence on an unprecedented scale. There should be no hiding for the disgusting Murdoch family and all the other press hierarchy.

Even if Labour do not win the election, Corbyn’s performance has proven his effectiveness in fighting for the poorest in society. The Blairites won’t give up easily and if Corbyn’s popularity increases their chances of being re-elected, he shouldn’t expect any thanks. Many of them are Conservatives in Labour clothing and should not be trusted, regardless of the overall result. The likes of the despicable Ian Austin, Simon Danczuk, Hilary Benn amongst many others should be cast to the fringes, just as they have done to Corbyn for many years.

They are indeed snakes in the grass.

UK general election set for June 8th……

There really is a choice this time….At least in principle.

The polls show Theresa May well ahead of Jeremy Corbyn and she has seized on the chance of (what she will see as) an easy victory. If it’s down to mainstream media, it will be easy. They will all support the Conservative Party and ridicule Corbyn, hoping to destroy any remote chance of him winning. Also fighting against Corbyn will be a good number of Labour Members of Parliament, supposedly his own side. Having previously tried to get rid of him, they will be hoping a disastrous election result will be his death knoll.

I don’t know the procedure for selecting candidates to represent the Labour Party but if they are going to be defeated, they might as well go down without the help of their own team. I would urge any selection process to take into consideration the treacherous MP’s that have attempted to get rid of Corbyn, repeatedly.

The differences between May and Corbyn.

Corbyn does not support British intervention in overseas conflicts that do not involve us. He doesn’t believe austerity is working. Corbyn is tentatively pro Europe, so would be an alternative to May’s Brexit obligations. If Theresa May’s tenure as Home Secretary is anything to go by, civil liberties and freedom of speech will not be at the top of her priorities. Conservative Party promises to reduce immigration have been a complete and utter failure. Of course, it has to be controlled, this isn’t a huge island but government policy abroad has vastly increased the numbers of refugees in the Middle East and particularly Libya in North Africa. Turkey are controlling the amount of Syrians likely to opt for the Europe but Erdogan is impulsive and unpredictable and so the best way we could reduce that possibility would be to support Bashar Al Assad’s government and stop supporting terrorism. Stability for other countries would improve everyone’s lives but May will continue down the same path that we are going down now.

The wealthy are unaffected by increased immigration.

Think about it: How does uncontrolled immigration affect the wealthy? It doesn’t, apart from it maintains low wages because more people are after fewer jobs. So far as society struggling to come to terms with immigration, all of our infrastructure is put under extreme pressure. The leafy country mansions with increased private security are unaffected by pressure on inner cities. Worst case scenario for the rich is that they have to move to another part of the world.

The best immigration policy.

… Would be to dramatically alter foreign policy. Despite what the politicians tell us, we do support tyrants and dictators, as long as they comply with our wishes. Whilst they keep a tight lid on opposition aspirations, ‘our’ corporations destroy their potential economies by effectively stealing their resources. Continuing to inhibit economical success for the inhabitants, it increases their desire to quit their country for the apparently ‘successful’ West. Emigration is driven by poverty and hardship and ‘we’ are allowing that to continue because of our own corrupt practices. Military force is never used for ‘UK security’, it is used to protect UK companies while they ransack other countries valuables. Corbyn is acutely aware that the UK (and the US) foreign policy is a major reason for refugees but the mainstream media won’t tell you that.

Even if Corbyn did get elected……

… It wouldn’t mean a new horizon for British foreign policy where we would suddenly become world leaders. We only have to look at Donald Trumps words in his election campaign to realise that he’s either a prolific liar or he’s been told, in no uncertain terms, to tow the line. Corbyn is not a liar. He’s a decent human being with a strong perception of what is wrong and right. Unfortunately (or not), he doesn’t have a strong, likeable personality. He seems uncomfortable being the Labour Party leader and is not a particularly strong public speaker. Having said that, he’s not trying to entertain us, he’s trying to do the right thing, in a way that’s fair to everyone.

Research issues on the internet, don’t rely on newspapers and TV.

The Conservative Party have long been a deception. The Labour government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown was too. Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leader because he couldn’t bear to see the party being ruled by another ‘Tony Blair’. Corbyn quickly discovered that Hilary Benn was a snake when he made a speech encouraging attacks on Syria. He got rid of him. Corbyn is a principled man. He won’t attack and kill people from other countries and that’s why I will vote for him.