Gary Lineker – Welcome to the Anti-Semites club.

Lineker isn’t one of my favourite sports pundits but he just went up in my estimation. He put a video on twitter showing kids being held in dog cages. He was then attacked for retweeting a video by an alleged anti-Semite, Ben White. Lineker explained that he saw the video as a human rights issue, no one should be kept in a cage.

The pro Israelis have just revealed their tactics. They target anyone that dares to criticise the use of cages for humans by the IDF.

People need to ask themselves what the Israelis do behind closed doors if they think that this is an acceptable practice that doesn’t need to be hidden.

Despite the numerous attacks on Lineker, he wasn’t commenting on the Israel-Palestine conflict, he was clearly disturbed by children being put in cages.

What is abhorrent about that?

Spokesman for the IDF Peter Lerner insisted Lineker had missed the point but his argument is that humans shouldn’t be held in cages. ISIS put people in cages, Mr Lerner. Would he not be allowed to criticise them? If this is picked up properly by the alternative media, this could be a huge turning point in what the world allows the IDF to do by turning the other cheek.

The IDF imprisons kids in cages but it’s ok because they are only Palestinians. I would call it child abuse and if any other government in the world did it, they would be shunned by Trump, May and co. I guarantee, neither will mention it.




Israel under the radar.

The threat of more war is increasing in the Middle East.

Russian war drill’s have been universally condemned as provocative by the worlds media but those within the sphere of ‘the West’ are described as preparation and safeguarding our security.

Recently, Israel have gone even further by using the scenario of a war with Hezbollah. Criticism has been muted. A war would be perfect for Netanyahu now because he is mired in accusations of corruption in Israel and ‘defending themselves’ would be a perfect distraction.

The Israeli regime are also losing the ‘war’ with BDS, as the campaign is gaining traction in the face of continued land grabs, school demolitions and video footage of very small children having their satchels searched by IDF soldiers whilst walking to school. In defence of these claims, it’s been pointed out that some schools in the West have mandatory searches for the pupils but the age range is much higher than the toddlers the IDF have been targeting.

The video can be watched on this twitter feed and the nature of the search is telling. The male soldier throws the books out of the bags and the female soldier seems unconcerned. Meanwhile, the school children carry on like ordinary kids, chattering and playing – As if this is normal!

Speaking of normality, a thought provoking, if rather depressing description of Israel by Gideon Levy.

Israel itching for a fight.

Incredible restraint being shown by Assad in the face of mounting provocation.

The Israeli Air Force have now attacked the Syrian Arab Army and its allies for three days running. The strikes have been in support of Al Qaida/Al Nusra/ISIS or whatever name they call themselves. The illegal assaults have been completely ignored by the UN

Clearly, the Israelis don’t fear the terrorists as they claim to do when they accuse them of attacking them in occupied Palestine. The catalogue of assistance given to the extremists is even discussed in mainstream media. Money, weapons and medical assistance as well as military air support is given to the terrorist vermin who are confirmed Israeli proxies, in their attempts to weaken the Assad government.

If it weren’t for Syria and its allies struggling to fight the criminal invaders, the cowardly Israelis wouldn’t dare attack Syrian assets. The IDF couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag and it will be proven once Syria have finished with the US, UK and Saudi financed terrorists. I’m sure Nasrallah and his military advisors have already cooked up some nice surprises for the next time the Israelis feel brave enough to try to take on Hezbollah.

As it stands currently, only the IAF think they are safe to attack Syria without fear of reprisals. It’s the brain dead extremists that are doing all the dying but they aren’t bright enough to comprehend it.


I spoke too soon…..

Israel provides air cover for terrorist elements in  Quneitra.

The Israeli Air Force today supplied air cover for Al Nusra terrorists, destroying Syrian military vehicles and killing two Syrian soldiers. The lying Israelis claimed the attack was because of errant weapons fire into ‘Israel controlled areas’. If they weren’t illegally occupying the Golan Heights, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place but can they explain why these problems occur only when the terrorists are attacking Syrian forces?

Despite admissions of supporting terrorist elements for years, the Israelis get an easy ride from our media. They are never exposed for their crimes no matter how heinous. Palestine is ignored. Crimes against it’s neighbours are ignored. Israeli interference in the British political system, amongst other countries is ignored. For all the different ways which the mainstream media conveniently ignore Israel, there has to be only one conclusion. Israel controls the mainstream media.

Conspiracy theory? Try to find a journalist critical of Israel. Learn how many Palestinian homes have been bulldozed. Try to find out how many young Arabs have been killed by the IDF, claiming they attacked soldiers with a knife. Try to find the name of the 15 year old Palestinian girl that died because she was left for an hour and a half with her fatal injuries, bleeding to death on the floor. Try to find out the conditions in which Palestinian prisoners are kept in, many of them without ever being formally charged or tried in court. Learn what if feels like to be stood in blistering heat waiting to be processed to go through a check point that serves no security purpose.

Try to find this information out from our mainstream media and you will be wasting your time. No conspiracy theory here.



The Palestinian problem.

A shocking and revealing video shows the sadistic and cruel mentality towards a little 8-year-old Palestinian girl, Anwar Burqan, who is simply playing, just like any other child would, anywhere in the world. This soldier has been suspended but he will be quietly reinstated, maybe even promoted. His superiors will warn him to be more careful not to be filmed in future.

It’s not easy to film someone without their knowledge, particularly using a mobile phone or camera. Hopefully, a Palestinian electronics genius will design a tiny power supply that will power an old mobile phone camera. It will be almost impossible to detect and subsequently events like  this (which happen every day) can be recorded for the world to see what a sick society Israel has become. Due to conscription, the morals or lack of, are simply a reflection of the general population and the way it thinks. The only way to distance oneself from this ideology would to be to refuse to join the military.


The soldiers have claimed that they were simply stopping her from getting hurt by not allowing her to ride her bike into dangerous Jewish areas where Palestinian Arabs are not allowed. They also claim their lack of Arabic language skills stopped them from telling her. This excuse is poor to the extreme, all they had to do was point her in the right direction, why was seizing her cycle necessary?


Israel and ISIS , partners in crime.

Syria has again been bombed by Israeli jets and the Israelis don’t seem to care that it’s becoming common knowledge. There have been very strong rumours that Israel have accepted injured terrorists into their hospitals for a couple of years and they have bombed Syria on at least three previous occasions. Israel assistance that benefits alleged Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Al Nusra and ISIS should set alarm bells ringing for all the cranks hell bent on joining the mercenaries causing chaos in Syria. It’s hard to imagine intelligent people being conned so easily but that’s clearly the case … Joining the dots isn’t difficult.
From the start, Israeli fingerprints have been obvious in the attempted overthrowing of Assad. Netanyahu has systematically tried to weaken any neighbours that could represent resistance to his land grab for ‘a greater Israel’ (as he see’s it). The oil spill currently destroying Israel proves that they can’t even take care of what land they’ve already stolen.
Every time there is an attack on Hezbollah, Syria or the Palestinians it is to try to weaken them in advance of his future plans. However he has a major stumbling block. It’s called the IDF. The pathetic military that can only assault old ladies and kids aren’t fit for purpose and they will never be any good for a ground invasion. Even the poorly equipped resistance in Gaza managed to kill 64 of them and when you consider the technological advantage the Israelis had, it’s nothing short of scandalous that Hamas should have had so much success. Without their state of the art jets supplied by American taxpayers and their wholesale slaughter of innocents in the most recent Gaza invasion, their attack was another abject failure. Surely Netanayhau must know that the IDF are clowns and incapable of beating an egg? Yes, they can use artillery to destroy 360 factories to strangle the Gaza economy even further. Sure they can destroy 20,000 homes in a tiny enclave as small as Gaza. Give any kid half an hour training on a weapons simulator and they could do the very same. But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, the IDF are still one of the weakest professional armies in the world and as soon as someone is able to fight back, they lose their enthusiasm.


I never imagined it could be as bad as this…….

I imagined the destruction inflicted on Gaza by Israel would be very bad. I understand that photographs and descriptions can never convey the reality. Here are some images I found this morning:

Screenshot from 2014-09-15 07:01:51.1 Screenshot from 2014-09-15 07:02:58.1 Screenshot from 2014-09-15 07:02:42.1 Screenshot from 2014-09-15 07:02:28.1 Screenshot from 2014-09-15 07:01:55.1Screenshot from 2014-09-15 07:02:10.1

These images remind me of what it might have looked like if they had nuked Gaza. How can this be justified by anyone? How can all these lives being ripped apart help Israeli security? I know if someone flattened my neighbourhood like this, I would swear to avenge it. Israel must be brought to justice . Whether it’s by decent people around the world boycotting them and bringing them commercially to their knees or whether it’s by our disgusting politicians discovering a backbone. This sort of destruction makes me feel physically sick. I’m unable to imagine what the people who used to live there are feeling

Every single Israeli soldier who took part in this crime should be held accountable. They shouldn’t be allowed to travel anywhere without risk of arrest. Not just the Generals, every last one of them. Anyone with any intelligence knows that this is a despicable crime … Now they should face the consequences.