Maria Zakharova explains basic ‘norms’.

Maria Zakharova tells the CBS reporter to allow an independent investigation in to the allegations of Chemical Weapon use by Syrian forces. The CBS reporter claims its too dangerous for anyone to venture into Idlib. So the people who the US have just broken all international laws for, will not allow experts in to assess the situation? Video’s taken by individuals with an agenda cannot be trusted as evidence, yet that’s what just happened with the ‘shoot first, ask later’ actions of the US.

Trump has exposed himself as a feeble man. He’s been forced by warmongering US politicians and think tanks into breaking international law. Of course, the US doesn’t recognise the ICC and Trump’s actions explain exactly why they don’t.

Theresa May, don’t support the actions of a rogue state in my name. Insist on normal procedure whenever a crime is committed, observe the tried and tested methods of criminal investigation.

A White Helmet video is not sufficient. The claims of Shujal Islam does not give it credibility.



Undue haste.

Trump’s eagerness to bomb Syria has exposed him for who he really is. ‘America first’ was a joke. He really meant ‘Israel first’ and he’s proven it within weeks.

The longer he waited, the more obvious it would become that ISIS had designed this catastrophic chemical weapons incident. Trump knew that a British military contracting  company had set it up using one of their assets, Shajul Islam. Here is an excerpt from the UK Telegraph report with regards to his court trial in November 2013:

‘Shajul Islam, 27, and a second man, Jubayer Chowdhury, 25, were charged with kidnapping photographer John Cantlie and his Dutch colleague Jeroen Oerlemans in the war torn country in July last year.

But the Crown Prosecution Service today formally dropped the case on the first day of the scheduled trial after it emerged neither the two alleged victims are able to give evidence in the trial.’

Shajul has been extensively interviewed in the last few days and not one of the interviewees has mentioned that he was charged with kidnapping John Cantlie and the only reason he didn’t face full proceedings was because Cantlie was preparing to return to Syria and it seems Mr Oerlemans was unable to attend. The case was dropped, not because he had proven his innocence, but because Cantlie and Oerlemans were the only witnesses. Why Cantlie returned to Syria so quickly is open to debate. One would think that trying to get justice served on a man who was part of a group that kidnapped and threatened to kill you would be more than slightly important. Cantlie supplied the ‘get out of jail’ card for Shajul.

Shajul has proven to be an accomplished liar. Security services were supposed to be  keeping an eye on him but he still managed to return to Syria. His lies couldn’t stop him being struck off for misconduct by the British Medical Council, the details have been kept secret.

The case against pro-government using chemical weapons is flimsy, at best. Both Russian and US inspectors agreed that all Syria’s chemical weapons had been seized and subsequently destroyed. Even if they did have them , what would be the point of attacking an inconsequential civilian area. Do the negative points for the Syrian government really need to be spelling out? No one has explained why all those children were playing in a chalk/lime pit at 6-30 in the morning. If they were in bed when the attack happened why take them to a White Helmet headquarters instead of straight to hospital?

Apart from all the evidence pointing to either an ISIS chemical weapons store being hit or it being a false flag, since when have the Americans become the guardian angel of people in the Middle East? Where were they when Gaza was being bombed back to last century? The Israelis have killed thousands of Palestinians without a murmur from the US. Trump’s own forces were accused of an atrocity only last week and the ongoing support of the Saudi’s bombing Yemen, is having disastrous effects on already dirt poor people.

A moral compass cannot be turned on and off.

Israel plan a meeting to decide if Syria needs a humanitarian intervention from them. Translated, it means they have seen an opportunity to slice off a bit more of Syria. Save it Hitlerenyahu, you can start preaching to others when you cease firing WP at UN civilian shelters.


The timing of alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria.

Each of the two major allegations of Syrian Arab Army chemical weapon attacks have occurred directly after mass kidnappings by terrorist factions in Syria. In each instance, it’s been reported that the captives taken are the ones that end up dead due to the chemical weapon attack. The victims were both taken during attacks on pro government areas. White Helmet involvement in the reporting of this latest incident confirms to me that this is another atrocity committed by ISIS, Al Qaida or whatever they want to call themselves. It’s interesting that the WH suddenly appear after being so quiet since their forced removal from Aleppo, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near these people, for varying reasons.

If the terrorists were to give up the remains of those killed, their description of the chain of events may be verifiable. This will not happen, just as it didn’t in the previous murderous attack.

If inspectors were allowed access to the scene (and it’s a big ‘if’), the people instrumental in carrying out this propaganda would have time to ‘prepare’ for them. The chances of an independent investigation are nil. Apart from that, any Westerner with the courage to go anywhere near Idlib deserves a medal.

The next question is how to treat the effects of Sarin and the exposure to it.


This is how the US military would try to deal with it.


…And this is how the White Helmets would treat the victims.

Quote from the Independent:

‘Hussein Kayal, a photographer for the pro-opposition Idlib Media Centre, said he was awoken by the sound of a bomb blast around 6.30am local time (4.30am BST).’

The ‘doctor’ in this video claims that they started to receive patients at 8-30 local time. I used the word doctor loosely. He is called Shajul Islam and was charged with kidnap in 2013 along with another man. The case was dropped because the two main witnesses didn’t arrive in court. In my view Shajul is an asset for the security services and his word cannot be trusted.

The sunset at local time is 6-15. The picture above shows a very bright image, not at all like where I live just minutes after sunrise.

Without doubt, this is another false flag by the terrorists and hopefully evidence will be forthcoming to prove it. Considering what we already know about the White Helmets previous productions, this is well within their capabilities.