Maria Zakharova explains basic ‘norms’. Maria Zakharova tells the CBS reporter to allow an independent investigation in to the allegations of Chemical Weapon use by Syrian forces. The CBS reporter claims its too dangerous for anyone to venture into Idlib. So the people who the US have just broken all international laws for, will not allow experts in to … Continue reading Maria Zakharova explains basic ‘norms’.


Undue haste.

Trump's eagerness to bomb Syria has exposed him for who he really is. 'America first' was a joke. He really meant 'Israel first' and he's proven it within weeks. The longer he waited, the more obvious it would become that ISIS had designed this catastrophic chemical weapons incident. Trump knew that a British military contracting¬† … Continue reading Undue haste.

The timing of alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria.

Each of the two major allegations of Syrian Arab Army chemical weapon attacks have occurred directly after mass kidnappings by terrorist factions in Syria. In each instance, it's been reported that the captives taken are the ones that end up dead due to the chemical weapon attack. The victims were both taken during attacks on … Continue reading The timing of alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria.