John McCain again.

Here is an interview by an American news broadcaster with John McCain. I won't link to the video because the mere sight of him makes me cringe. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday the Obama administration is not carrying out more airstrikes against Islamic militants inside Syria because it is instead “playing footsie” with Iran. … Continue reading John McCain again.

Crying wolf again.

Persistent warnings of 'this' danger or 'that' danger are designed to persuade the general population of a verifiable threat to their existence. For instance, 'Kim Jong-un and his huge nuclear arsenal are an imminent threat to our very survival.' I'm not knowledgeable about Korean issues but from what I have seen he's far more danger … Continue reading Crying wolf again.

What does Hollande want from Israel?

From associated press: 'France's president promised Sunday to take a hard line toward Iran in upcoming nuclear talks this week as he began a three-day visit to Israel.' Isn't it the job of a country's leader do what is in the best interests of that particular country? Shouldn't Hollande be stressing his determination to be tough with Iran … Continue reading What does Hollande want from Israel?