Sergeant Tonroe.

“Sgt Tonroe fought to protect British values, our freedoms and to keep us back at home safe”

Whilst not wishing to offend the memory of a man unable to respond to my comments and with genuine sympathy for the family of Mr Tonroe, I cannot let the official remarks about ‘keeping us back at home safe’ pass me by without contesting them. This isn’t a personal attack on a man I never knew, this is an attack on the spineless cowards that sent him there.

Syria could have been ‘our business’. If the UK had seriously wanted to reduce radical and extremist rodents that attach themselves to Islam when in fact, it couldn’t be further away from it, they failed. Sending our troops (as it has turned out) to Syria and without approval from its President, was a grave mistake. Sneaking in under a blanket of vague UN resolutions was an immoral, if not criminal move and those that authorised it are directly responsible for his death. Quite simply he shouldn’t have been there.

Some may argue that he was their under some sort of UN responsibility to protect resolution. Recent examples of our interference under UN mandates haven’t ended too well, have they? We aren’t helping, we are interfering to try to create outcomes that are favourable to our country. In Syria I would go further and claim that our interference was there from the beginning, to try to oust Assad. We didn’t care what the people of Syria would endure, just like we didn’t in Iraq and Libya, just like we won’t if Iran are attacked, we really don’t give a fuck, so let’s cut the humanitarian bullshit.

Wanting a favourable outcome for the UK? That means creating business opportunities on the back of other people’s misery. To give some company CEO in London an extra few million bonus, hundreds of thousands need to die? Of course, after we create piles of dust and rubble were beautiful houses once stood, we’ll need to offer our engineering services and property building expertise. Let’s not forget about rearming and retraining the snivelling bastards that just did the majority of the dirty work. Call James le Mesurier.

Excellent opportunities to improve the oil industry could be performed by ‘our’ companies with so much experience and fortunately, they are all ready and waiting to ‘help you’. These psychopaths who shamelessly lobby for contracts, knowing that many people will die because of ‘favourable outcomes’, disgust me. My government disgusts me. They are a club of deranged, self righteous bigots with total disregard to anyone else.

Did we think we could influence the criminal extremists that call themselves ISIS and Al Nusra? No we wanted to make sure they succeeded. Did the British military offer humanitarian help to beleaguered Syrians who had been tortured and enslaved because they were the wrong religion? No. Worse than that, we actually attacked the soldiers that were defending them.

We offered air support, intelligence and logistics to the very same kind of people that destroyed lives at Manchester Arena. Salman Abdeli’s family were nurtured and protected to be active in the eventual removal of Gadaffi. The extremists in Syria are of the very same ideology and Sergeant Tonroe was sent to assist them. Reap what you sow and all that, but for all I know Mr Tonroe may have had a very good moral compass and genuinely want to help. The military will convert that good will into something they can use, not you.

RIP Sgt Tonroe.


The moderate rebel fairytale.

Here is a video of militant extremists, known as ‘moderate rebels’ to the BBC and other news agencies. The destruction of Aleppo was blamed on Russian and Syrian air attacks but this video proves that the terrorists were able to destroy buildings with their own hell cannon’s. Filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients, they were designed to maim people as well as demolish buildings. For anyone not familiar with these gas bottles they are a considerable size and full of rusty nails, nuts, bolts and who knows what else, they would be difficult to lift.

These criminals are the people who are not allowing civilians to escape from East Ghouta, using snipers and shelling the humanitarian safe routes. This is a carbon copy of their behaviour in Aleppo.

With the amount of videos circulating with these gas bottle rocket devices, the extremists seem quite proud of their ingenuity, however, the media never show or mention them. This is stark contrast to the allegations of ‘barrel bombs’ use by the government troops. Whilst there are videos purportedly showing the infamous barrel bombs, there is no conclusive footage to prove their existence.

Why didn’t we hear UN calls for ceasefires when Israel attacked Gaza?

Terrorists need protection but the civilians in Gaza don’t?

The UN would be an incredible force for good, if it weren’t so corrupt. Only enemies of the US are censured, their friends can do as they please. The day to day crimes of Israel on the Palestinians is almost universally ignored. Compare this to the legitimate defence of his country by President Assad while he attempts to stop the daily rocket and missile attacks on Damascus from Ghouta.

Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

9 civilians killed and 49 injured by rockets fired from Ghouta.

Sat 3rd Feb 2018

3 killed and 8 injured by weapons fire from Ghouta.

3rd October 2017

17 killed and countless injured after suicide bomber originating from Ghouta attacked a Damascus police station.

I could continue doing a list all day with attacks on Damascus from Ghouta. What are they expected to do? Allow it to continue indefinitely? Israel flattened 18,000 homes in Gaza for attacks that didn’t kill one single Israeli.

There is another big difference. Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta have been supplied with extremely modern weapons. They have tanks, long range rockets and TOW missiles, the resistance in Gaza have none of these.

During the most recent attack on Gaza, when did the UN appeal for a cessation? Why does the UN react only when it is a legitimate government trying to rid their country of terrorists and yet Israel are given a free reign to slaughter as many Palestinians as they can?

I would welcome any answers to these questions.

Netanyahu compares ISIS to Hamas.

But then visits an ISIS operative being treated in an Israeli field hospital specifically for militants attacking the Syrian Army.

Just when you thought the Americans had reached the limit of their stupidity………

The shooting down of a Russian jet suggests the US has supplied terrorists with manpads.

If it weren’t the Americans directly, it will have been authorised by them. The worlds passenger jets have just become very real targets with the use of the lethal surface to air portable hand held missile system. The weapon is highly manoeuvrable and subsequently not easy to detect. It’s success rate is extremely high and in the hands of the mentally challenged, easily influenced and backward ISIS freaks, the danger to all aircraft has risen tenfold.

These people aren’t rational nor religious. They have contorted their holy scriptures in such an outlandish way that they no longer resemble the original text. There is no concern for others, no empathy, no respect for human life, particularly the people they conclude are not in line with their drug fuelled ideology.

The US and primarily the Israelis have been itching to give the rabid extremists some of these weapons. Why would they put ALL aircraft at risk? They didn’t. They must still have control of the manpads. They wouldn’t risk their own commercial airlines, not even to remove Assad. It is today rumoured that a neighbouring country has supplied the manpads, suggesting it could be Turkey. If this is the case, it would still be with the Americans approval.

If indeed Turkey are involved, the repercussions could be very damaging. Russia has already shown how it can damage the Turkish economy. Any further sanctions to punish Erdogan wouldn’t be so publicly acknowledged. Putin is in a different league to most leaders around the world, reprisals from him could be devastating for Turkey. Putin hasn’t been deterred by pressure from US allies and is still carrying on with his policy in Syria. The results of this latest terrorist action will create interesting times. If I were a gambling man, my money would be on Putin.

For the benefit of Israel.

Rogue Zionist regime still hoping to reap rewards of Syrian chaos.

Despite vast areas of the country being in government hands, the Syrian pain will continue. The recent public announcement of an SDF РISIS ceasefire merely confirms what many people have suspected.  Whilst building bases in Eastern parts of Syria, without doubt illegally, the American military have been training and supplying the SDF. When Kurdish forces moved south alongside the Euphrates, ISIS simply disappeared, meanwhile Syrian government forces and their allies were met with furious resistance. Apparently it would seem that the US can influence both Kurdish and ISIS forces and clearly they are intent on maintaining control of the assets East of the Euphrates, the question is why?

The hydrocarbon reserves that Syria possess is insignificant to the US. Obviously, the Kurds survived without the revenue from it prior to the war for many years. ISIS were allowed to transport it to Turkey during the period they had access to the oil that was until the Russians attacked one of its tanker convoys. For numerous years Syria has been without an estimated 40% of its oil revenue east of the Euphrates. This income is vital for domestic power and to finance the rebuilding of a devastated country. Another important point to consider is that, compared to the rest of Syria, Kurd controlled areas were relatively untouched by the fighting. This is in stark contrast to Raqqa, which was the home for an Arab population. A rough guide to the expansionist agenda of the Kurds are these two maps. The first is showing Kurd regions in 1957 (but the area of control hadn’t changed much until after the Syrian war began.)


Compare this with the map below and we can see the vast amount of land that the Kurds have acquired.


This cynical conquest has happened during the time many parts of Syria have been reduced to smouldering, wrecked buildings and when the remnants of terrorists have been finally removed from other parts of the country, the focus will shift to the treacherous behaviour of their so called fellow countrymen, the Kurds.

Israel has a good relationship with the Kurds and have been buying cheap oil from them, presumably using Turkish associates to transport it. However, this isn’t the only reason Israel supports the Kurds. The aim of Israel is to weaken Syria so much that they are unable to defend themselves. The political problems in Lebanon have been created by the Saudis, in collusion with their new found friends, the Israelis. The Iraq war, if not inspired by Israel, they were certainly a leading advocate. Gaddafi, before his horrendous murder was also sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Resistance to the Greater Israel project is very dangerous, even if other nations are used to carry out the dirty work for them.

Frequently we are told the complex web of the Middle East is unfathomable but a glance at history and the connivance of the state of Israel provides ample evidence of their need for weak and divided neighbours. The foot soldiers of the IDF, educated to despise Palestinians from an early age, are only trained in how to control unarmed civilians. The war that the US, UK and others imposed on Syria does have a silver lining, albeit at a terrible price for the civilians. The Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah and Iranian forces have had to contend with a brutal, callous and devious enemy in ISIS. If the next war is with Israel, they will be well prepared to deal with the check-point charlies that currently make Palestinian lives a misery with their bogus ‘security measures’.

Deir Ezzor siege ends.

If you relied on the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know it.

A small group of Syrian forces have met up up with besieged soldiers in Deir Ezzor, a major Syrian city that has been held captive by terrorists for over three years. It is only a small step but a significant one to bring any semblance of normality to those that have been trapped.

To get to this stage has been an incredible feat. Just over two years ago the war was practically lost with terrorist extremists (supported by the US, UK, France, Qatar , Saudi and others) on the verge of victory. The Syrian Arab Army were being handed daily defeats, despite the huge efforts of Hezbollah and other allies.

…. Then the Russians came.

Militarily, the intervention wasn’t huge, only a small number of fighter jets and helicopters, with suitable support. It was the organisation skills, the expertise and the tactics that the Russians brought to Syria that were so vital. Furthermore, Russia have shown their dominance in the diplomatic sphere, constantly exposing Trump’s team to be the amateurs that they are. Maria Zakharova, with her amusing put downs to American journalists, have been a particular highlight.

¬†ISIS and its various co conspirators aren’t finished yet.

Extreme caution still needs to be taken to preserve the lives of SAA and its allies against the suicidal, drug crazed terrorists. There are clearly no limits to the heinous crimes these monsters will commit, proven by their barbaric atrocities against men, women, children and the irreplaceable monuments of Syrian’s rich history. The numerous bases that the US have created in Kurdish areas of Syria also means that the Americans and their allies haven’t conceded defeat. The destruction of some Arab towns East of the Euphrates has been deliberate in an effort to clear areas for the introduction of Kurdish inhabitants. The US attack on Deir Ezzor, which I have previously written about, exacerbated the difficulties for innocent civilians under siege and despite the criminal actions of the ‘alliance’, they merely delayed the current success.

Israeli exceptionalism.

Of course, Israel will continue to provoke, knowing that the US big brother will always try to finish off what Netanyahu starts. There is a disappearing window which becomes smaller at every village or town the Syrian allies liberate. The Israeli Prime Minister has been expressing spurious fears over perceived Iranian influence in Syria , in an attempt to get permission to counter it. These are based on the bogus claim that Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map. The phrase that was used actually translates to ‘remove Israel from the page of time’, which clearly refers to protecting Palestinians from the violence and ethnic cleansing that the Israelis have inflicted on them.

The ‘fear’ of Iran.

Israeli fear of Iran is an absolute fabrication. First of all, Iranian support for Palestine does not transfer to hatred of Israel. Secondly, Israel have a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate not just Iran but probably end life on our planet. Their fear of Hezbollah has much more basis. The Lebanese defence militia have already proven to be tenacious adversaries. Which brings me back to the heroic efforts of not just the military combatants defending Syria but every Syrian.

An unparalleled fight for survival.

Syrian ability to withstand such immense and concerted efforts to destroy it have no modern comparison. Bashar al Assad, despite many false accusations of numerous crimes, has stood strong when his enemies expected him to crumble. The Syrian people, particularly those who had justifiable grievances, have been conned. The traitors who allied with the foreign mercenaries were fooled. The terrorists are Israeli accessories, their betrayal of their Palestinian brothers and sisters is complete.

Having said that, Assad isn’t squeaky clean. By his own admission, he’s made many mistakes. However, none can compare with Tony Blair’s catalogue of lies and deceptions that were used to destroy Iraq. Furthermore, if the coward Blair had been in the desperate situation that Assad has endured, he would have escaped a long time ago.

Israel are pulling all the strings, systematically weakening every friend of Palestine. Driving a wedge to further part the Sunni and Shia. Trying to break off chunks from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq, by using the hapless Kurds. They have assets influencing the direction of many governments, manipulating every decision in the background. They are investing millions into the destruction of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement. One of their primary assets in the UK has managed to crawl back into a position of authority, Liam Fox. Zionists have too many ‘Israeli first’ Senators to name.

The humanitarian situation.

There are only two countries in the Syrian region who have not accepted refugees from Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia. Try to go and live in either place if you practice a different religion. You would only receive any help from these two if you can prove your weapon is aimed at Syrian soldiers.



Foua and Kefraya evacuation bloodbath – Not even condemned by Donald Trump.

Different reaction from the US when it’s their allies who are doing the the killing.

No media mention of 200 missing women and children kidnapped by ISIS/Al Nusra in the Foua attack.

There were more deaths from the the Foua attack in Syria than the alleged Khan Sheikoun chemical weapons strike a week earlier. Even now, a day or so later, the true number of victims isn’t known. We had four days of wall to wall coverage that included statements from a disgraced former doctor accused of terrorism offences in the UK (Shajul Islam) and the completely unsubstantiated lies from the White Helmets.

Donald Trump bombed Syria, even though he didn’t (and he still doesn’t) have any evidence at all that Syria (or Russia were involved). Just before he bombed Syria he was empathising over ‘beautiful babies’, even though in that very attack he killed four children. Isn’t this baby beautiful enough for you Mr Trump?

Shahed is one of the luckier ones that escaped death AND the kidnappings that took place during the aftermath.

The mainstream media are keeping quiet about the circumstances of this attack on the people from two pro government villages in Syria (they had no choice because ISIS and it’s cohorts regard them as un Islamic). They have been under siege from the terrorists for over two years and been struggling to survive. Many of the children won’t have eaten properly for a very long time, which is why the sick bastard that committed this crime used sweets and crisps as a magnet.

Suicide bomber attracted dozens of kids towards him and his bomb laden truck, before igniting it.

These are the actions of a despicable organisation and yet Trump and previously Obama have both bombed Syrian soldiers in coordination with them. Don’t bother looking at mainstream news for coverage of this event, they are keeping it as low key as possible. Everything points to our governments and the slave like news agencies concealing the fact that WE are supporting the likes of ISIS and Al Nusra. WE (our governments) are complicit in killing innocent victims that are actually being protected by the Syrian government and that includes Bashar al Assad and his British born wife, who the media have decided should have her citizenship revoked.

If we want to find reasons to take UK passports from people, we should start with our own politicians, news paper owners and TV companies. They all sing to the same tune and in doing so are not enhancing our reputation abroad and actually create terror attacks with their treasonous behaviour. Have you noticed that they all support UK aggression on other nations? Have you noticed how they all use the Union Jack flag to get people to take pride in our military action overseas, even though there is no threat to us? Neither Saddam or Gadaffi were threats to us. In fact the exact opposite is the case. We are more likely to be victims of terrorism now than when they were both in power. The removal of al Assad and his government will exacerbate the problem even more. All three ‘supposed’ tyrants offered their people free healthcare, free education and subsidised housing. All three countries are now destroyed beyond the imagination.

The UK has been involved in all three crimes, along with the cheer leading media. That means we have been helping Al Qaida, Al Nusra, ISIS or whatever they are called to murder hundreds of thousands of people who had done us no harm. It’s time the decent people put a stop to it.