Syrian air defences down Israeli jet.

BBC reluctant to admit the jet was hit by Syrian defence missiles.

Syrian air defence systems have finally downed an Israeli jet after months of increasing provocation. One of the two Israeli pilots has died from his injuries whilst the other is only slightly injured. This justifiable response could be exactly what Netanyahu was hoping for given the advances made in the domestic investigation into his corruption. Rumours suggest that indictment is imminent. Netanyahu is hoping a war will sidetrack the accusations. Because he is a typical world leader, he won’t care how many people will perish, his only concern is his own survival.

The BBC report is vague. ‘Israeli jet down amid Syrian fire’ is the headline. This leaves open the possibility of a mechanical failure. They wouldn’t want to give Israel’s enemies a coup that would instill confidence in their ability to defeat them. The most innocuous reporting is always used to defend Israeli interests.

US attack on Syrian allies.

Critics of Trump are wondering where his promises of less interference in the Middle East have gone to. Considering his lack of mental capacity, they are long forgotten. Let’s not forget he is a man who had his own reality TV show and interviews with any so called TV personality always reveals just how out of touch they are. Recent rumours imply that he doesn’t read any reports put in front of him, so this allows those who are closest to shape his thinking. That would be his daughter and her husband. The attack on Syrian Army allies this week is an important sub plot that is closely related to the latest Israeli assault.

The Syrian Arab Army have been extremely resilient since the Russians entered the conflict and the action by Israel and the US is designed to send a message to Assad that he will be stretched on at least two fronts if he responds. Not forgetting the illegal actions of Turkey,

The implications of an effective Syrian air defence.

The Israeli destruction of Lebanon in 2006 was the work of the Israeli Air Force. Lebanon was defenceless in the face of repeated aerial attacks. The IAF could do as they pleased without fear of being confronted in the air. This successful Syrian response changes all that. It was an F-16 that was destroyed but the last jet to be hit by Syrian anti aircraft defences was an F-35, the so called stealth bomber. I wonder why those have not been involved in recent incursions? Flawed perhaps? If unopposed in any form of warfare, the Israelis will show no mercy. They regard the deaths of their opponents as insignificant. A big problem for them is the return home in body bags of Israeli personnel.

Was the US attack on Syrian forces earlier this week the green light for Israel?

The Israelis are opportunists. Although they would reject needing US approval, they prefer it. Having Jared Kushner protecting their interests in the White House is a gift. The Orthodox  Jew Kushner hasn’t even attempted to look impartial because Trump is effectively in cloud cuckoo land and doesn’t care what happens to the Palestinians. This most recent attack on Syria is based on claims that an Iranian drone was destroyed in Israeli air space.  There is no evidence to support this but even if it were true, Israel flies over all its neighbours air space at will and the countless complaints by Syria and Lebanon are ignored by the UN.

The latest from the BBC is that the Israeli attacks are the most intense since 1982. They failed to mention that Israeli losses are the worst since 1982 as well.


Ahed Tamimi.

The attack on Israeli soldiers – In context

The ferocious protester Ahed Tamimi has been filmed provoking Israeli soldiers but the media didn’t reveal why she was so angry and insinuated it was a publicity stunt that was meant to be filmed. The truth is that she was incensed at the shooting of her cousin with a rubber bullet to his head. It seems now that he will recover fully but at the time he was considered to be in a serious condition. She has been recently arrested along with her mother, which is par for the course considering Israeli collective punishment methods. However that isn’t the most shocking part of this story.

Ben Caspit.

Ben Caspit is an Israeli journalist and until today, I’d never heard of him. However, he exposed a mentality that I believe is endemic in Israeli society. Bearing in mind the context of Ahed Tamimis outburst at an Israeli soldier, which the disgusting Caspit will be well aware of, he has insinuated the most horrific punishment.


“In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, 

You can make your own mind up what he may have been implying but he certainly wasn’t suggesting Ahed should be treated with any respect. Caspit is now whining about being public enemy number one, as if he doesn’t deserve it.

Caspit won’t be writing about the injustice meted out to Palestinians when a stone thrower is sentenced to more prison time than a cold blooded ‘settler’ murderer. They do have one similarity, neither need face a court hearing, the latter because he’ll never be charged and the former because he can be held for years without a trial. It’s apartheid on steroids and there is no sense of fair play. An Israeli can kill a Palestinian with impunity and a Palestinian doesn’t have to do a single thing to be arrested in the middle of the night. They do these raids at this time to increase the fear of the event. To terrorise. Caspit has now denied ever uttering those words in context but then claims that Ahed should be released IF she hasn’t committed a crime and that provocation isn’t a crime. Caspit is deluded if he thinks there is any semblance of justice for Palestinians

So without a legal system to prosecute fairly and without any protection from the rampaging ‘settlers’ or the nazi-like IDF, how are they supposed to protect themselves. What would we do? Give up? No and neither will they. Having the worlds media against them has not just maintained the status quo, it’s allowed Israel to do whatever they like and it’s worse now than it’s ever been.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction organisation must be unconditional in its condemnation of Israel and should return to their original demands of the right to return for all. The brutal occupation and oppression has to be removed by whatever means possible. There can be no room for prejudices or undercurrents of perceived supremacy. The time for a softly, softly approach has long gone. When the (vast majority of) Israelis start behaving like reasonable human beings, they can be treated as such.

Despite the confidence of Netanyahu, the situation cannot continue. The 94% of Israelis that approved of the most recent Israeli attack, including the demolition of 16,000 Gaza homes have got to change their ways. If they don’t do something soon, the option will be taken from them and the Palestinians should not be expected to show any mercy, just as the Zionists haven’t shown any empathy towards them over the many decades that  they have held the military upper hand.


The cruelty of the Israeli regime.

The BBC and all the other major news agencies manage to keep it quiet.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.12.37

This is an image of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya. He has been killed by Israeli soldiers during a protest. He was shot in the head in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’. He had already lost his legs and suffered numerous other injuries due to an Israeli strike previously. Despite his injuries, he continued to find work and campaigned against the Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

BBC news mentioned that there had been more Palestinians arrested during a funeral yesterday. They failed to mention that it was the funeral of a disabled man and subsequent attempts to use a search engine in order to find more details about this despicable crime have revealed that none of the major media outlets have covered this story.

‘He was amongst protestors with covered faces and catapults’ might be the response of pro Israelis. This could have been a mitigating argument, even though I don’t accept it. This blanket approach to certain newsworthy items is one in a long line of crimes committed by Israel that the media try their best to ignore. The murder is of such a callous nature, that it is indefensible and that is the reason the BBC, Reuters, etc have avoided it. Not even their imaginative writers can put a ‘justifiable’ spin on this.

Executing suspects or protesters is a becoming a world wide occurrence. Law enforcement are being protected by politicians and some extraordinary jury verdicts. There has not been a single conviction of a police officer here in the UK for any offences related to firearms malpractice. There are instances where the victim could not possibly have lived because of the sheer volume of rounds fired at them. The Israelis appear to be the primary experts in this field.

Having a role model like Israel is a frightening prospect.



Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

  Is this the real reason for Trumps Jerusalem statement?

Provocation is one of the tactics commonly used to anger the Palestinians and the Israeli government know exactly which buttons to press. Israel, supported to the hilt by the US regime, encourage escalation due to its massive advantage, even if you disregard American weaponry.

Despite the constant harassing and the extensive house demolishing in the West Bank, the Jerusalem statement has triggered an understandable response. However, I’m sure that the response from Gaza has delighted the Israelis. This was exactly what they wanted but it’s killed four and injured 120. ‘Rocket firing sites’ are so quickly fired on, it seems that the Israelis have got prior notice of the targets.

Of course, the truth is that any area that has Palestinians in it is going to be struck. The evidence is contained in previous attacks, particularly the most recent when 18,000 homes were destroyed. The International community ignored this war crime, as it will in future assaults.

I don’t believe that Trump is being conned by Kushner and his pal Netanyahu. He’s expressed his contempt for Muslims numerous times, even retweeting blatant lies by a right wing British group. Trump isn’t very bright, he’s screwed up with dozens of failed business ventures and probably had more than his share of luck with his successful ones.

Show us the damage?

Israel continues to claim that rockets are being fired from Gaza but the cynic in me is asking for evidence. I’ve seen previous examples of what damage these missiles make and an unruly child could be more destructive.


Dear Israel……

You cannot continue to complain to the world that you were forced from your homes when you systematically demolish the homes of others.  You cannot claim I have no empathy for your historic plight when you shamefully inflict a mirror image of it onto others.

You cannot be outraged about recognition when you don’t recognise the minimum basic needs of others. You cannot demand a demilitarised Palestine when you hold the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. You can’t be the victim when you have one of the largest and best equipped military in the world.

You can’t complain about anti Israel bias when you have friends running every major media company in the world. You can’t claim to be bullied when ‘settlement’ thugs are given a free reign to attack Palestinians, including murder, without reprisals. You cannot criticise Nazis when you behave much worse than they did.

You can’t condemn terrorism when you terrorise others. You can’t condemn them when you openly support them. Why condemn them and give them hospital treatment?

What was that I said about who runs the media?

The media has yet again given Israel an easy ride. The only footage that was shown was stone throwing Palestinians and burning flags. There is no referral to the fact that it is another land grab. There is no mention of Trumps Middle East ‘peacemaker’ being an Orthodox Jew. There is no progress on an agreement.

The time is right to campaign for a one-state solution.

Equal rights for all and an end to the lopsided laws that gives Jews the upper hand in everything from building to avoiding criminal justice. Every refugee who wishes to be repatriated to Palestine should be allowed to and compensation for those that don’t. All political prisoners must be freed but needless to say, the Israelis won’t need to get the bunting out.

This isn’t incitement to violence and I’m not asking for preferential treatment for Palestinians, just equal rights for everyone. I’m confident that neither Muslims nor Christians religions will demand their own holy state. It will however be the end of the prejudiced, brutal Jewish state and considering it’s ethnic cleansing and devastating attacks on particularly Gaza, humanitarians would heave a sigh of relief.

A secular, fairer society where the different religions can practice their faith without fear.


The Balfour abomination.

His Majesty’s government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

This is the declaration, written by Lord Balfour which commits the British government to the formation of a Jewish state. I’ve highlighted in blue the part of this statement which has been completely ignored in the intervening century since it was originally penned.

The impending centenary is seen as a cause for celebration according to the Prime Minister Theresa May, along with a good many of ‘our’ approving elected representatives. A source of pride, she claimed. I suggest if she really wants to know the truth, she should do some research. Whilst throwing taxpayers money at a commemoration to ‘the Holocaust’ in London, she should reflect on the forgotten victims of Jewish ethnic cleansing, hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians. There will be no museum or fancy designer monument for the victims of the Balfour Declaration.

Just as we are bombarded with stories of surviving Holocaust survivors, empathy for Palestinians terrorised enough to flee with whatever personal items they could carry is none existent. Not only did the British give away something ‘we’ didn’t own, our ‘glorious’ British Army stood by while the well armed Jewish militias were driving away the indigenous people who had already learned of the consequences of not escaping. We will never know how many were slaughtered by the marauding killers.

Surviving Palestinians still yearn to return to the homes they were so callously and forcibly evicted from. Many of their descendants are living as refugees in neighbouring countries. They are classed as stateless and subsequently have few rights.

… And this is where, after being complicit in the original crime, our politicians turn the other cheek and pretend that this crime is not ongoing. Unsurprisingly, the crime has become much more subtle now. The perpetual land grabs, by building walls and the daily demolition of peoples homes, progressively chips away at the shrinking area they could possibly call a state.

israel-palestine_map_19225_2469 (1)

The graphic above shows the extent to which Israeli Jews have systematically increased the theft of Palestinian land. What it doesn’t show is the water deprivation, the dozens of pointless checkpoints or the lack of electricity the Palestinians endure. The Israelis even smash solar panels used in the more remote areas, donated by the EU amongst others. These examples are the tip of the iceberg. Life is made a misery for the Palestinians, without doubt a deliberate Israeli government policy. The research for Theresa May I wrote about earlier need only go as far as finding a map like the one above. I suspect she knows all about the ongoing crimes of Netanyahu and his extremist colleagues but flagrantly disregards the inhuman treatment the belligerent IDF soldiers inflict on Palestinians.  Moreover, the vast majority of our politicians are in ‘friends of Israel’. Perhaps they should be a lot more careful about the company they keep.



Countless holocausts.

The mass slaughter of any group of people is despicable.

Mankinds propensity to methodically slaughter each other in huge numbers is nothing new. The English policies pertaining to the Irish potato famine were a primary cause of the catastrophe and then, to add insult to injury, the ‘gentry’ took advantage of the situation. There was more recently Rwanda. I could go on and on. There seems no limits to what we can do to each other using tribal, religious, ethnic grievances or simply just for conquest. Equating victim numbers to measure the severity of a murderous crime is impossible. Whether it is from persecution, starvation, brutality or ethnically cleansing a region, we don’t have a league table of senseless mass murder.

The ongoing and daily killings of Palestinians, the deprivation of basic human rights and the slow but significant ethnic cleansing is no less a crime than we’ve seen over thousands of years of human history. The difference in the crimes committed on the Palestinians is that they are being done in supposed enlightened times and even more importantly, in full view of the world. Netanyahu calls them terrorists, just as the resistance to the Nazi regime during the second world war were described.

Mr Netanyahu needs to consult International law. Resistance is permitted to an ongoing occupation (West Bank) and any reasonable person would agree, that to completely cut off a region from the rest of the world creates a situation whereby those imprisoned in this contained area should be allowed to free themselves by any means possible (Gaza). Does Netanyahu condone the Warsaw ghetto? Does he not see the similarities between Gaza and Nazi concentration camps?

This multi pronged attack on the Palestinians hasn’t been going on for five or ten years. It’s been happening for decades. Over that time, millions of refugees have been produced. Countless lives destroyed. Ethnic cleansing on a scale never before witnessed, not even by barbaric humans.

Victim numbers are irrelevant. The family of every victim suffers unbearable misery. The refugee suffers indescribable pain. Upheaval beyond our imagination.

Dozens of memorials, research centres and museums in at least 34 different countries doesn’t make a particular slaughter or a chain of events any more significant or more important than any other heinous crime.

Just because they believe they suffered more than any other doesn’t mean they are entitled to imprison over 500 children, many without any sort of judicial oversight. Because they were treated like shit doesn’t mean they can treat others like shit.

To consider a person from a different background, religion or ethnicity to be inferior is the kind of ideology that a very few high ranking Nazis may have had. For it to be prevalent amongst (certainly) the so called settlements and even amongst ordinary, every day Israeli Jews is a sobering thought. If we are to believe Abby Martins most recent report from Israel, it confirms a serious problem that is endemic in their society.

Chloe from the Israel Advocacy Movement tries to counter the report by Martin but fails miserably.  Chloe is not impartial. Abby Martin has been genuinely shocked at what she saw in the West Bank.

I’m tired of exceptionalism. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I don’t believe ‘my people’ have suffered more than any other people and the only primary holocaust is the one the one that can be stopped right now.