Syrian air defences down Israeli jet.

BBC reluctant to admit the jet was hit by Syrian defence missiles. Syrian air defence systems have finally downed an Israeli jet after months of increasing provocation. One of the two Israeli pilots has died from his injuries whilst the other is only slightly injured. This justifiable response could be exactly what Netanyahu was hoping … Continue reading Syrian air defences down Israeli jet.

Ahed Tamimi.

The attack on Israeli soldiers - In context The ferocious protester Ahed Tamimi has been filmed provoking Israeli soldiers but the media didn't reveal why she was so angry and insinuated it was a publicity stunt that was meant to be filmed. The truth is that she was incensed at the shooting of her cousin … Continue reading Ahed Tamimi.

Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

  Is this the real reason for Trumps Jerusalem statement? Provocation is one of the tactics commonly used to anger the Palestinians and the Israeli government know exactly which buttons to press. Israel, supported to the hilt by the US regime, encourage escalation due to its massive advantage, even if you disregard American weaponry. Despite … Continue reading Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

Provocation continues-Restraint prevails.

Israel have again attacked an installation in Syria, it's unclear what exactly it was but it's rumoured two Syrian soldiers perished. The attack was carried out from Lebanese air space, which Israel continually and illegally fly over. There seems to have been agreement made with with Russian authorities that Israel must not enter Syrian airspace. … Continue reading Provocation continues-Restraint prevails.