Israel strikes Gaza Hamas sites after rocket attacks.

  Is this the real reason for Trumps Jerusalem statement?

Provocation is one of the tactics commonly used to anger the Palestinians and the Israeli government know exactly which buttons to press. Israel, supported to the hilt by the US regime, encourage escalation due to its massive advantage, even if you disregard American weaponry.

Despite the constant harassing and the extensive house demolishing in the West Bank, the Jerusalem statement has triggered an understandable response. However, I’m sure that the response from Gaza has delighted the Israelis. This was exactly what they wanted but it’s killed four and injured 120. ‘Rocket firing sites’ are so quickly fired on, it seems that the Israelis have got prior notice of the targets.

Of course, the truth is that any area that has Palestinians in it is going to be struck. The evidence is contained in previous attacks, particularly the most recent when 18,000 homes were destroyed. The International community ignored this war crime, as it will in future assaults.

I don’t believe that Trump is being conned by Kushner and his pal Netanyahu. He’s expressed his contempt for Muslims numerous times, even retweeting blatant lies by a right wing British group. Trump isn’t very bright, he’s screwed up with dozens of failed business ventures and probably had more than his share of luck with his successful ones.

Show us the damage?

Israel continues to claim that rockets are being fired from Gaza but the cynic in me is asking for evidence. I’ve seen previous examples of what damage these missiles make and an unruly child could be more destructive.


Dear Israel……

You cannot continue to complain to the world that you were forced from your homes when you systematically demolish the homes of others.  You cannot claim I have no empathy for your historic plight when you shamefully inflict a mirror image of it onto others.

You cannot be outraged about recognition when you don’t recognise the minimum basic needs of others. You cannot demand a demilitarised Palestine when you hold the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. You can’t be the victim when you have one of the largest and best equipped military in the world.

You can’t complain about anti Israel bias when you have friends running every major media company in the world. You can’t claim to be bullied when ‘settlement’ thugs are given a free reign to attack Palestinians, including murder, without reprisals. You cannot criticise Nazis when you behave much worse than they did.

You can’t condemn terrorism when you terrorise others. You can’t condemn them when you openly support them. Why condemn them and give them hospital treatment?

What was that I said about who runs the media?

The media has yet again given Israel an easy ride. The only footage that was shown was stone throwing Palestinians and burning flags. There is no referral to the fact that it is another land grab. There is no mention of Trumps Middle East ‘peacemaker’ being an Orthodox Jew. There is no progress on an agreement.

The time is right to campaign for a one-state solution.

Equal rights for all and an end to the lopsided laws that gives Jews the upper hand in everything from building to avoiding criminal justice. Every refugee who wishes to be repatriated to Palestine should be allowed to and compensation for those that don’t. All political prisoners must be freed but needless to say, the Israelis won’t need to get the bunting out.

This isn’t incitement to violence and I’m not asking for preferential treatment for Palestinians, just equal rights for everyone. I’m confident that neither Muslims nor Christians religions will demand their own holy state. It will however be the end of the prejudiced, brutal Jewish state and considering it’s ethnic cleansing and devastating attacks on particularly Gaza, humanitarians would heave a sigh of relief.

A secular, fairer society where the different religions can practice their faith without fear.

Donald Trump kneels to Netanyahu.

Rumours that the US government are going to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem makes no sense.

Americans need to be asking themselves why they should endure criticism for a policy that won’t enhance their lives one iota. Trump gains nothing by this inflammatory act that will anger many people. His country is in domestic chaos and foreign policy fluctuating wildly on a daily basis, the only consistent aspect to his presidency relates to his support for Israel. No wonder Netanyahu couldn’t keep the grin off his face during their photo ops. If we ever thought there might be an even handed strategy put in place to deal with the decades long Palestine/Israeli conflict, it was ended with the placement of his son in law Jared Kushner heading the drive for peace.

Kushner is an Orthodox Jew and in the past financially supported illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. Trumps daughter has converted to Judaism and subsequently, their children are Orthodox Jews. This information is relevant precisely because Kushner is supposed to be the ‘Middle East peace mediator’. Would the Israelis trust a Muslim taught in the teachings of Wahhabi Islam to be the man in the middle of negotiations? Why should the Palestinians put up with this farce any longer?

More to the point, why are Americans allowing the crack-pot Trump to waste precious time on the provocative Embassy move? Hasn’t he got anything better to do? What about his promises to ‘create peace’ in the Middle East and also avoid interfering in other peoples business?

Trump was elected because Clinton was so bad but his pre election promises have been dismissed quicker than the ‘real’ politicians would have done. Apparently, this was an election promise but it was probably the least noticed.

Hopefully, the American public are soon going to realise that Trump is wasting time on this pointless announcement whilst the lives of the vast majority are going down the pan.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu continues to break normally recognised International Laws with his continued attacks on Syrian assets. The temptation must be to respond to the smarmy Netanyahu but trigger happy Trump would just increase his covert attacks on Syria if they strike back.

America first.

Israel first. If it were America first, the billions given to Israel would stop, which would save the US having to give ‘aid’ to countless other countries to keep them from politically challenging Israel. Then Trump might be able to repair US infrastructure.

Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem won’t fix the roads that are falling to pieces nor the rotting bridges. Cutting off the Israeli gravy train might allow all Americans to get the specialised cancer treatment similar to what McCain has been enjoying. That’s if he dies before he is allowed to stop it.

Who needs patriots like Trump, Kushner and McCain?



It’s hard to imagine…….

…. How intolerable living under occupation must be…

In actual fact, it’s impossible to imagine how debilitating it is to be under occupation, especially to a regime as vicious and vindictive as the Israelis. It’s no coincidence that the occupiers are world leaders in the surveillance and security industry, even though the catastrophic failures of 7/7 and 9/11 were both orchestrated when Israeli companies were supposedly keeping them safe. It was also rather unfortunate that multiple video cameras weren’t in good order too.

The Palestinians won’t be watched over by faulty cameras, that we can be sure of. Under the microscope of the most technically advanced hardware, their every move will be observed. The resolution of these photo/video cameras are mind boggling, and they might be much more advanced than what we, the consumers are aware of.

Check points are there to deliberately inconvenience and make ordinary Palestinians lives unbearable. The door being smashed down in the middle of the night is terrorism. Especially when one of your children is taken away. The torture of not knowing what is happening must be hell. That’s exactly what it’s designed to do. Rampaging ‘settlers’ must be quite intimidating too. Of course, their behaviour is also a terrorist threat to all the villages surrounding these architectural monstrosities. The old adage that you can’t buy ‘class’ is epitomised by the lack of aesthetic style that is visible in every single development.

It’s criminal in more ways than one that they flattened beautiful villages to build these horrific eyesores. Each one is situated whereby they can overlook the Palestinians below. They are connected by roads that can only be used by Israelis. Their water is supplied at the expense of the towns that have been there for hundreds of years.

Solar panels supplied by EU grants have been destroyed by the IDF. Buildings paid for by the EU have been razed. Not forgetting the daily routine of home demolitions under dubious restrictions imposed by the occupiers (already 151 this year), this all adds up to a life of complete, soul-destroying misery and the West should be utterly ashamed that it has allowed this situation to deteriorate year on year. I’ve probably mentioned most of this before but I wont tire of it until the Palestinians are given the right to decide their own destiny and are allowed to demonstrate their immense creativity without being constrained in an open air prison.

The truck attack assailants’ family have praised his actions even though numerous relatives have been arrested today. Netanyahu revealed the attackers ISIS connections, how he knows so quickly is suspicious. I doubt ISIS would turn on the Israelis now. All the time they have been attacking Assad in Syria, they haven’t lifted a finger for the Palestinian fight for freedom and haven’t once attacked Israeli assets.

So far as this latest incident goes, soldiers are a legitimate target for Palestinians and because of the oppression they face, they can hardly be condemned for resisting. The reaction  of relatives of Fadi al-Qanbar are not surprising, he did his bit to resist the occupation and better to die fighting than giving in to this brutal tyranny.