Israeli housing minister demands the murder of Bashar al Assad.

Yoav Galant appeals for the head of a sovereign state to be assassinated.

Recent totally baseless accusations of Syrian government mass murder has inspired a lowly Israeli minister to call for Bashar al Assad’s assassination. This is a very unusual step for an Israeli official to unashamedly and openly call for an execution an enemy so brazenly. This kind of demand is usually spoken secretively, in the company of a leading Mossad agent.

The outrageous incitement to murder follows another claim of crimes against humanity, accusing President Assad of (again) slaughtering his own people. A few grainy satellite pictures of a prison in Syria will be followed by open source investigation by the intrepid Higgins and Kaszeta (bell¿ngcat), blue and red boxes added for effect. While these two planks are using microsoft paint software, messrs Bartlett, Beeley and Phelan are literally dodging bullets.

The big problem for the ‘Assad out’ campaigners is that they have ‘convicted’ him so many times already. Each time, a steady drip of contradicting facts are uncovered by the few courageous independent journalists still brave enough to ply their trade. Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Lizzie Phelan……… I Can’t think of any male journalists. Apparently, the closest that the mainstream media reporters get to the conflict zone is a very nice hotel in Beirut.

It should also be noted that considering the MSM adulation of those nice rebels, none of these female journalists would be safe wandering around terrorist held areas, such as Idlib. None of them have come to any harm reporting from government areas, nor do they appear to cover their hair. Looking at videos of terrorist controlled regional protests, women aren’t even allowed out of their homes.

Back to Mr Galant…..

…. Such an inappropriate name. As is the case with most Israelis, he is a former IDF soldier. He was promoted to head of Southern Command after starting his career in the Israeli Navy. From the Jerusalem Post:

“A recent highlight of his career was Operation Cast Lead in the winter of 2008/9, which he planned and directed.”

The slaughter of captive civilians is regarded as a ‘highlight’, according to the JPost. After reading this, I’m shocked that he only demands the assassination of Assad and not the culling of a few hundred thousand Syrians.

If ever evidence was needed that the Israelis live in some kind of alternative universe which allows them to do whatever they deem necessary, this is it. Their confidence in knowing how, what or if a person should be punished is extremely revealing. Most people would call it arrogant and I wouldn’t argue.


‘Moderate’ opposition acquiescing to extremist factions in Syria.

Meanwhile, the ‘peace sham’ continues in Astana.

Extremist’s in Syria are currently attacking the few remaining semi-moderates, demanding they integrate into Al Qaeda or die. Because of the complexity of the situation, with each organisation vying for absolute control, it’s difficult to know how it will end. It’s good news for Syrian loyalists but the negotiators could be negotiating for none existent militia’s!

It looks like the Deir Ezzor siege has eased just a little, I’ve still not heard any mainstream news mentioning the 120,000 civilians trapped without sufficient supplies of food and medical health care. Loyalist communities don’t seem to be important to the BBC and it’s accomplices. We had to endure weeks of screaming about East Aleppo, when in fact, none of the opposition allegations proved to be true. They fed us a stream of lies about Assad’s soldiers randomly killing people and it turned out that the ‘moderate rebels’ in East Aleppo were actually the ones killing civilians who were trying to escape.

Not surprisingly, now there is the very real threat of a massacre, the media are silent.

Before I left school, I set my heart on being a journalist. Selective reporting, and their treatment of news items in general, have made me very happy that I didn’t join the ranks of these thoroughly discredited bunch of liars. Martin Robinson of the Daily Mail is a prime example of the depths they have sunk to. The newspaper used to be distinguished until Robinson got his grubby feet under the table. They may claim a successful website, but it has become unusable due to the heavy load of advertisements. It’s demise will put Robinson and his ‘laptop reliant’ hacks out of their jobs, hopefully.

Anyhow, I digress. Assad’s Syrian Arab Army and it’s allies have been making steady progress, despite Deir Ezzor. Disarray in the opposition ranks could improve the situation even more.

Will Trump’s Presidency change things much?

I don’t think it will alter with regards to Syria. Israeli demands for Syria to be destroyed won’t stop. Trump’s daughter has converted to Judaism and her husband, who is practically second in command, is an ‘Israel firster’. The combination of Trump’s cabinet is not inspiring. Without going through the list, it seems loaded with pro Israeli’s, warmongers and Goldman Sachs executives. No change there.

Jared Kushner, Trumps son in law, comes from a staunchly Zionist family. Zionism is a movement that believes Jews have a ‘God given’ right to be in Palestine, literally. Of course, to normal people, ancient scriptures do not constitute land ownership documents. I see at least a short term ‘rocky road’ ahead for the Palestinians. Netanyahu could be right thinking Trump is going to drive his agenda through. Many people have suspicions over Israeli treatment of Palestinians, I hope that Trump and Netanyahu are going to make the agenda of ethnic cleansing more obvious. When people become aware, Boycott, Divest & Sanction will be the least of their problems.