US and UK companies supply terrorists with chemical weapons.

Toxic gases normally used by police forces found in

terrorist warehouses.

Syrian authorities are demanding an inquiry into the circumstances of crowd controlling chemical weapons being found during raids on extremist elements at two locations in Syria. The substances are banned in war zones and their supply should be under strict supervision. It’s incomprehensible that these weapons cannot be traced, considering the very limited groups they supply, presumably police forces around the world.

Despite mainstream media having completely ignored the revelations, serious questions need to be answered about how these licensed products came to be in the hands of dangerous criminals. The British company alleged to be involved are Chemring Defence UK but have been widely quoted as being called ‘Cherming’ Defence UK.

The British government is strongly compelled to investigate these accusations, especially considering UK support for the US strikes on Syria, after they were accused of using chemical weapons against civilians. In reality, these two instances are incomparable. The Syrians have the evidence that a British company have either directly or indirectly supplied known terrorists with banned weapons. The British government had no evidence that the Syrian authorities were involved in the Khan Sheikhoun atrocity, or indeed any of the other chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Yet ‘our’ support for President Trumps attack on a country that had not threatened us in any way, was unequivocal.

Just like the mainstream media, I expect the British government to ignore these charges but I will attempt to bring it to the attention of my regional representative and be asking for clarification regarding what credentials are required for buyers who are allowed to purchase these substances and what safeguards are in place to stop them getting into hands of terrorists.


From Khan Sheikhoun to Waco.

Comparisons are difficult but the hypocrisy is astonishing.

The US is giving away lethal hardware to drug addled, suicidal and psychopathic young males. How would the US react to drug cartels and street gangs being armed …….. Well, I suppose it’s not the same….. Anyhow, Syrians haven’t been supplying weapons to criminal factions in the US.

The US authorities won’t allow armed resistance to their rule of law, quite rightly. It would be like the Syrian Arab Air Force doing a weapons drop to a group of anti government extremists in Texas or something similar.

That brings me to Waco ……………

I wonder how Trump would have reacted to the gassing and burning alive of a similar number of victims to Khan Sheikhoun? Even more shocking would be his response to 59 cruise missiles being fired at the FBI San Antonio field office. Bill Clinton didn’t mess about.

The Waco siege is a very interesting read, although it is a Wiki page and it’s veracity shouldn’t be taken for granted. Just like the cruise missile victims in Syria, the Waco victims were convicted before any real evidence was produced and in a strange twist, it seems the authorities claimed the leader Koresh, was producing methamphetamine (Chemical Weapons?) but it transpires that the drug manufacturing equipment was given to law enforcement to destroy, after Koresh had took over.

If we treat Bill Clinton, president at the time, by the same yardstick as we use for Assad, Clinton wouldn’t have made a second term. Without researching it too much, it appears that David Koresh was lied about, insulted and (initially) wrongly suspected of gun criminality. The group of Branch Davidians were bonafide gun traders and extremely diligent in adhering to firearm laws. Of course, this didn’t stop the usual character assassination that always comes from the official government ‘leaks’.

Syrians are expected to endure thousands of Waco’s but much more aggressive than the Branch Davidians were. Maybe Koresh was a raving lunatic but he didn’t decapitate any of the FBI that attacked his compound, he even let them remove the bodies of their slain officers. The cult in Waco was angels compared to the terrorists in Syria. Thousands of Syrian soldiers and civilians have been mercilessly slaughtered and Trump expects Assad to play to the Queensbury rule book.

HRW report on Syrian chemical weapons: Speculation and conjecture.

Human Rights Watch lose any remaining credibility with unsubstantiated claims of Syrian crimes.

The HRW report begins with:

‘(New York) – New evidence supports the conclusion that Syrian government forces have used nerve agents on at least four occasions in recent months: on April 4, 2017, in a chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun that killed at least 92 people, and on three other occasions in December 2016 and March 2017, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.’

‘These attacks are part of a broader pattern of Syrian government forces’ use of chemical weapons. The attacks are widespread and systematic and in some cases have been directed against the civilian population.’

Shocking stuff and if you would like to read the full report go here.

‘In at least some of the attacks, the intention appears to have been to inflict severe suffering on the civilian population.’

‘Human Rights Watch interviewed 60 people with first-hand knowledge of the chemical attacks and their immediate aftermath, and reviewed dozens of photos and videos of impact sites and victims that were posted online and provided directly by local residents, but was unable to conduct ground investigations of the attack sites.’

Well, I’ve read quite a bit of this report now and I still don’t know what this new evidence is. Sixty people interviewed by HRW with first hand knowledge of the attacks ….but was unable to conduct ground investigations.

HRW have spoken to local residents, the report says. I would like to know the name and occupation of these witnesses to verify their credibility. I would also like a full list of the victims, along with their age and place of residence.

Certain chemical weapons can kill in a minute or two. An attack that was carried out so early in the morning would be expected to affect most people in their homes. Why are the victims being treated in what looks like an old quarry? Women would be expected to be a higher percentage of the victims if the region functions as many other societies, where the man of the house may have left to go to work. However, there was only one female victim in the clips of the aftermath and no one appeared to try and help her.

If the White Helmet ‘first responders’ were adherents to the more strict Islamic teachings, it would be forbidden for them to actually touch a female victim. Although it would seem that in an emergency, it is allowed. If, as many people believe, the White Helmet scenario’s are in fact pure drama then ‘helping a woman’ wouldn’t actually be an emergency, so it would be forbidden. How many women have been pulled from the rubble by White Helmet first responders?

I’ll take a bit of a guess and say ‘zero women’ have been rescued. Plenty of children, plenty of dusty men, but no women. This fact above anything else convinces me that the ‘rescues’ are all recorded drama.

Back to the HWR report. I noticed there were four times the term ‘consistent with’ were used. There are four ‘appears to’ and three ‘appear’. For such a short report, the element of doubt is apparent.

‘An opposition-affiliated activist and local residents provided the names of 64 people who died from chemical exposure in the December attacks.’

Surely, they have registers of newly born, deaths, marriages and such?

To summarise, the Human Rights Watch report is re-hashed accusations, full of claims by anti Assad activists and NO on site investigation. Kenneth Roth needs to get some writers in to provide new ideas and impetus for his increasingly unbelievable fairy tales.

Only the US (or UK) could have a leader so absolutely and utterly incompetent as Donald Trump.

The Trump brand will do very nicely thank you, no matter what disasters he inflicts on the rest of us

Poor Donald. How on earth has he managed to become so successful when he’s clearly stupid? He could claim that he has an enviable record of being successful but I would argue that a mediocre businessman would surround himself with talented people. By relying on his own intelligence, he might have made an average used car salesman. I thought Trump said he was going to get his hair cut if he was elected?

Boris Johnson’s attempt to become the Conservative Party head honcho would have made it a close competition for who had the most ridiculous leader.

Speaking of hair, Johnson too has a problem – What to do with it. Bumbling Boris could have become Prime Minister if it weren’t for the knife thrust into his back by his good friend Michael Gove. His mistake in trusting the Zionist snake Gove should have condemned him to remain on the back benches of British politics for the rest of his career. Of course, Boris puts his foot in it but as long as he keeps criticising Putin and Assad, he’ll be fine.

There are many similarities between Johnson and Trump. The most obvious issue that they both have is the inability to string a coherent sentence together. This is a challenging problem for such high profile politicians. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are insulting our intelligence by repeating totally unfounded allegations, accusing the Syrian government of anything they think will stick.

Trump and Johnson are just two more in a long line of compulsive liars that manage to become politicians – Maybe there’s a connection.

There is no evidence Assad committed the chemical weapons atrocity in Khan Sheikhoun. Independent investigators would have had to gain access to the crime scene immediately after the attack and been able to carry out the examinations to collect the evidence. The terrorists who have taken over Khan Sheikhoun did not allow this to happen. The alleged chemical samples have to be handled in a way that all the involved parties can be confident it hasn’t been tampered with and that the evidence is actually taken from where it’s claimed to be from. It’s called a ‘chain of custody’ and should have been carried out by the OPCW, the organisation that removed all Syrian chemical weapons and the apparatus required to make it three years ago.

Any collected sample from the site, without adhering to these principles, cannot be described as verifiable evidence. Furthermore, with a case such as this, the chances of carrying out a thorough examination a couple of weeks later and being able to guarantee the test results are zero.

Trump and Johnson have nothing to support their claim of Syrian government involvement in the crime except witness statements from these people:

  • The White Helmets
  • Hadi Abdullah
  • Shujal Islam

I have neither the intelligence nor the qualifications to ascertain the credibility of a witness but……….. The list of rogues above wouldn’t exactly have me running towards a prosecuting lawyer.

The White Helmets have been thoroughly discredited by Vanessa Beeley here.

Hadi Abdullah, the West’s star journalist, awarded journalist of the year by the Reporters Without Borders, a French organisation that needs to do some research before applauding men like Hadi. Search engines reveal that Hadi Abdullah isn’t a journalist at all, he’s a mouthpiece for terrorists. Here he is, taunting trapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers:

  • Warning! (graphic)

The video on this page is very disturbing but his behaviour is in stark contrast to the ‘humanity’ he exudes when reporting on victims of the ‘Assad regime’, as he would put it.

  • Warning! (graphic)

(again a disturbing video but his commentary is so blatantly anti Assad that he cannot be regarded as an impartial witness). I could pick so many holes in this terrorists claims but it only needs one sentence. Does it look like a residential area? With the £60 million that the UK government have given the White Helmets, couldn’t they have purchased two video recorders? The quality of the edited production varies drastically.

This is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen and if Trump and Johnson believe these two and their amateur dramatics then they believe in fairy tales.

No other towns folk at this funeral? I thought they carried martyrs through the street?

Now to Shujal Islam. Described as a National Health Service doctor by the drum beating war media but he is nothing of the sort. He was struck off the UK Medical Register for unknown misdemeanour’s. Needless to say, they don’t ban doctors from practising because they failed to correctly apply a bandage. Shujal had terrorism charges against him dropped by the crown prosecution service because the two main witnesses couldn’t attend the trial. Despite British Intelligence assurances they would keep an eye on him, he managed to sneak back into Syria. Make of this what you will but it would appear that Shujal must be very friendly with British Security services.

If Trump and Johnson are relying on video evidence like this, they might want to think again. The terrorists are adept at using video clips to create sympathy, but I fail to see how anyone can be hoodwinked by these very poor productions.

Foua and Kefraya evacuation bloodbath – Not even condemned by Donald Trump.

Different reaction from the US when it’s their allies who are doing the the killing.

No media mention of 200 missing women and children kidnapped by ISIS/Al Nusra in the Foua attack.

There were more deaths from the the Foua attack in Syria than the alleged Khan Sheikoun chemical weapons strike a week earlier. Even now, a day or so later, the true number of victims isn’t known. We had four days of wall to wall coverage that included statements from a disgraced former doctor accused of terrorism offences in the UK (Shajul Islam) and the completely unsubstantiated lies from the White Helmets.

Donald Trump bombed Syria, even though he didn’t (and he still doesn’t) have any evidence at all that Syria (or Russia were involved). Just before he bombed Syria he was empathising over ‘beautiful babies’, even though in that very attack he killed four children. Isn’t this baby beautiful enough for you Mr Trump?

Shahed is one of the luckier ones that escaped death AND the kidnappings that took place during the aftermath.

The mainstream media are keeping quiet about the circumstances of this attack on the people from two pro government villages in Syria (they had no choice because ISIS and it’s cohorts regard them as un Islamic). They have been under siege from the terrorists for over two years and been struggling to survive. Many of the children won’t have eaten properly for a very long time, which is why the sick bastard that committed this crime used sweets and crisps as a magnet.

Suicide bomber attracted dozens of kids towards him and his bomb laden truck, before igniting it.

These are the actions of a despicable organisation and yet Trump and previously Obama have both bombed Syrian soldiers in coordination with them. Don’t bother looking at mainstream news for coverage of this event, they are keeping it as low key as possible. Everything points to our governments and the slave like news agencies concealing the fact that WE are supporting the likes of ISIS and Al Nusra. WE (our governments) are complicit in killing innocent victims that are actually being protected by the Syrian government and that includes Bashar al Assad and his British born wife, who the media have decided should have her citizenship revoked.

If we want to find reasons to take UK passports from people, we should start with our own politicians, news paper owners and TV companies. They all sing to the same tune and in doing so are not enhancing our reputation abroad and actually create terror attacks with their treasonous behaviour. Have you noticed that they all support UK aggression on other nations? Have you noticed how they all use the Union Jack flag to get people to take pride in our military action overseas, even though there is no threat to us? Neither Saddam or Gadaffi were threats to us. In fact the exact opposite is the case. We are more likely to be victims of terrorism now than when they were both in power. The removal of al Assad and his government will exacerbate the problem even more. All three ‘supposed’ tyrants offered their people free healthcare, free education and subsidised housing. All three countries are now destroyed beyond the imagination.

The UK has been involved in all three crimes, along with the cheer leading media. That means we have been helping Al Qaida, Al Nusra, ISIS or whatever they are called to murder hundreds of thousands of people who had done us no harm. It’s time the decent people put a stop to it.

Virtual news blackout on Foua slaughter.

Pro-government captives being rescued from under terrorist siege aren’t as news-worthy.

This exchange of several thousand people under siege was always going to be difficult. The deal was brokered by Qatar and Iran, on behalf of each side. Qatar has been a major sponsor and supplier of terrorist groups that have been tormenting the Syrian people for over six years. Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad had previously rejected a Qatar request for a pipeline across Syria, in order to supply the European market with gas. This would have affected current Russian monopoly of the energy supply but I don’t believe this is the reason Russia accepted the request for help from the Syrian government. They have been long term allies anyhow.

The reason that the media have no interest in these victims is because it won’t be in President Trump’s interest to bomb Al Qaida/ISIS, after all he is on their side. The MSM (mainstream media) filled the pages and screens with images of dead children when the chemical attack was claimed to have killed them. Now it is a terrorist suicide bomb, they aren’t bothered. Even if Assad had attacked Khan Sheikhoun, it was at least a military target. The attack on the evacuees from Foua was certain to kill many women and children. There are stories coming out already that this was a sophisticated plan and also of White Helmet involvement. Equally disturbing is the fact that the process appears to have stalled.

The terrorists have the upper hand in every respect. They aren’t under any legal obligation regarding war crimes. Westerners aren’t allowed into rebel areas without risking a cruel death. Incidents accusing Assad of war crimes cannot be verified but the media clearly support terrorist explanations and repeat them incessantly.

Anyone who buys a newspaper (I haven’t for a long time) can refer back to the recent headlines with the chemical attacks and compare it to the evacuees bombing. Without looking, I can guarantee a vast difference in reporting levels, even though the nearest most of these reporters get to the crime scene is in the safety of Beirut.

I would urge people to disregard the Western mainstream media and search out the many impartial, independent news websites. I am finding it’s not just what the MSM do say, it’s just as important as what they don’t say.

What happened to the anti-Trump protests?

Surely Trump is not so stupid………..That he believes the White Helmet fairytale of Khan Sheikhoun?

If he does, it really is an updated version of the ’emperors new clothes’. Almost anyone with any knowledge about Syria in general and specifically the White Helmets, knows they are a complete fraud and that most of them have been identified as members of Al Nusra or a similar terrorist groups. If that isn’t enough, the doctor at the forefront of the media’s attention during the alleged chemical weapons attack is actually a former doctor who was struck off the British Medical Register. The hearing was held in private and no reason was given for him being struck off.

Not surprisingly, the BBC and its co-conspirators didn’t inform the viewers that Shajul had been accused of kidnapping and threatening to kill the captured victims. A most basic search will reveal his murky past and would also inform the reader that he wasn’t a man who could be trusted and that he was a suspected terrorist. If this was the ‘acceptable face’ of the rebels, they are in deep trouble. Is it too much trouble for BBC journalists to perform a search in Google? It would seem so.

Trump has silenced many of his critics.

Gone are the numerous campaigns to have him impeached and the constant bad publicity from, not just US media but the worlds media.. What has created this massive swing in his fortunes? The negative publicity has (just like his hair) receded since April 6th. Coincidentally, (or not) that was the day he fired 59 cruise missiles at Syria. This tells us that it is the US military complex that determines whether he has an easy ride of his presidency or not. There can be no other reason. All the anti Trump criticism has suddenly disappeared from the front pages and from the headlines of the major TV news outlets.

It looks like Trump was being vilified not because he has such a low regard for women but that he was being too friendly with nations instead of aggressive. As soon as the aggression started, the negative headlines stopped. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Trump has no charisma or charm. He has a very limited vocabulary, repeating the same phrase, seemingly because he isn’t bright enough to think of anything better to say and it beggars belief how he ever became so wealthy. His hair provides an insight into his vanity. I think he is bald but the ridiculous, elaborately woven rug sat on his head doesn’t do him any favours. He just looks a prick, even though no one will tell him. It’s hardly surprising they won’t, given his recent killing spree’s. He’s a psychopath.