Goldstein threatens Corbyn.


The letter effectively instructs Corbyn to get in line or suffer the consequences.

Jonathan Goldstein’s letter to Jeremy Corbyn praises him for finally getting on one knee but notifies him that he has to do much more before he can consider himself redeemed. Allowing the JLC to oversee and monitor anti semitism accusations is tantamount to giving away any control over the process of discipline in the Labour Party. Goldstein’s outrageous demands would take away the democratically decided regulations agreed by the party. A foreign agent cannot be allowed to control the inner workings of a major political movement in the UK. Corbyn is being informed that the final decision on guilt or innocence of a suspected transgression be left solely in the hands of Goldstein and his cronies. He is addressing Corbyn like a school teacher would a pupil who was running an after school club.

Quite apart from this fabricated, exaggeration of anti semitism in the UK and specifically the Labour Party, the anti Corbyn drive has fortunately partially concealed the extreme crimes going on in Gaza.

Because of the current anti semitism row being covered extensively in our media, it would appear that there isn’t much room left to report on events at the containment fences in Gaza. Perhaps this is why I haven’t been able to find your unequivocal condemnation of IDF snipers picking off protesters, killing eighteen and injuring hundreds more. I would assume such an eminent person as yourself, a man who takes offence at the spoken or written word has made a statement with regards to the slaughter in Gaza? Snipers bullets are much more deadly than insults.

Comparing Gaza to a situation where events spiral out of control in a riot like scenario are null and void. The snipers were set up before the well publicised event started. Which brings me to the timing of recent attacks on Corbyn and the Labour Party. My intuition tells me that Corbyn has been conveniently gagged for the most part, offering only a meek condemnation rather than an impassioned plea on behalf of the Palestinians, which we would normally expect. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what happens when large numbers of Palestinians congregate in one area.

The moral compass is subjective and can have varying degrees of empathy. The absence of a Gaza crisis report on the JLC website despite an up to the minute running commentary on Corbyn’s every word, exposes the JLC agenda. The meticulous investigation of each tweet or social media comment, not just of Corbyn but anyone associated with him, is headline news. So obsessed with bringing down Corbyn, the JLC never bothers to look a bit nearer the claimed ‘ancestral home’.

From the Antisemitic Incident report in 2015 there were hundreds of very minor, almost childlike examples of petty name calling. This isn’t to say it isn’t hurtful but people in all walks of life suffer exactly the same anti social behaviour every day but for different reason. From that year there was one anti semitic attack described as  extreme violence in the UK, here is the description.

London, February: A white male with an East European accent attacked a man on
a London Underground train. He asked for money and then shouted “you f**king Jews”, “f**king Jewish b*****d”, “get off my train you f**king Jewish b*****d” while punching the man repeatedly in the face. The Police told CST that the assault would be treated as GBH. However when the offender was arrested he was instead dealt with under the mental health act. The victim of this incident was not Jewish.

Acts of extreme violence on the Jewish community in the UK are thankfully very rare but I condemn them just as I condemn acts of violence for every victim, at home or abroad, from state sponsored terrorism , domestic violence or for whatever reason.

Mr Goldstein’s forensic examination of Jeremy Corbyn’s past and present statements are meticulous. His criticism of Israel will be easy to find, just like the outrage at any acts of violence. Promotion of any racism, prejudice or hatred toward any community or people will not be found. He has fought tirelessly throughout his career against discrimination. If Mr Goldstein wants a better world for all of us, he could do no better than look closely at the real hardship being faced every day by (effective) prisoners in the blockaded and locked ‘tight shut’ establishment called Gaza.


Blair attempting to influence from the political wilderness.

But he still doesn’t get it, the British public generally despise him.

If Blair publicly announced that he supports any given policy, it would immediately result in considerably more than half the population wanting the opposite. He still doesn’t seem to understand the feeling of contempt most of us have for him. He has been caught lying so many times that anyone believing him might as well wear the village idiot hat. His responsibility for the current Middle East carnage is even more profound than George Bush, because without his support, the dopey american President wouldn’t have had the courage to go it alone. His subsequent and inexplicable employment as the Middle East Peace Envoy was a shocking insult to all those who died as a direct result of his chaos creating policies. Inevitably and predictably, he did set up the conditions in which he would line his own pockets and still allow Israel to increase its suffocating policies towards Palestine.

Blair actually used the eight years masquerading as a peace envoy to create contacts that would accrue vast wealth for him and his parasitic family. His incessant criticism of Jeremy Corbyn only serves to increase the present Labour leaders popularity. He is unable to comprehend that Corbyn is what Labour voters thought they were getting when they elected him all those years ago. Instead they got a marginally watered down Thatcherite manifesto with a couple of morsels for those struggling to survive in society. Even his ‘minimum legal wage’ was a scam. It didn’t ensure a decent standard of living, it was actually detrimental to wage growth and continues to present day, long after the smooth talking illusionist was unceremoniously evicted from the British political scene .

Jeremy Corbyn is everything Tony Blair isn’t. He’s not conning anyone, what you see is what you get. Corbyn has remained on the back benches of the Labour Party because of fraudsters like Blair. He wants a just settlement for the Palestinians, widespread social justice, a health care system that can continue to fill the needs of the people, a foreign policy that actually does good instead of wreaking havoc on weaker nations and many other things that Tony Blair expressly doesn’t want.

Phony Tony still hasn’t realised that every press release he propagates only reminds most people what an absolute prick he is.

Jewish pro Israel groups coordinate Corbyn attacks.

The accusations that Corbyn is somehow the ringleader of a party that allows anti semitism to flourish is a risible. The individuals that are trying to bring him down have an ulterior motive and it has nothing to do with anti semitic behaviour and everything to do with silencing criticism of Israel. As I’ve said before, Corbyn doesn’t have a racist or prejudiced bone in his body. Conflating support for Palestinians as anti semitic is deliberately obscuring the distinct line between campaigning against Israeli policy and disliking Jews, simply because they are Jews.

Primary critics of Corbyn include the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. These aren’t fluffy organisations that address UK Jewish needs, they are aggressive pro Israeli groups that are on a par with the discredited American Israel lobby.

The media will support any attacks on Corbyn, no matter where it emanates from. These are well financed and organised lobby groups and a world away from local Methodist Church coffee mornings. They are political heavyweights that promote Israeli propaganda. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel is a brutal, oppressive occupier which constantly finds ways to evict Palestinians from their homes, the JLC, BoD and other similar organisations rarely criticise them.

With so many adversaries using incredibly vicious methods to end Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader, it’s difficult to see how he can survive. But just like he has remained true with his support for the Palestinians, he will show the same determination to create a Labour Party that has few similarities to the Tony Blair era.

One thing is certain, the people and organisations trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn, do not care about the UK. They only want to maintain the status quo, which is the unwavering  support for a government that denies the Palestinians a peaceful existence. Even if that means accusing us all of being anti semites.


What is Jeremy Corbyn actually apologising for?

Why is the Labour Party being targeted?

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labour Party, they have been accused of anti semitism. Why did these accusations about the party suddenly appear AFTER he became leader and not before? Was there an influx of bigots elected to the party with him? No, just Corbyn was elected, it wasn’t a General Election. So we can safely say that the structure wasn’t significantly changed by the leadership contest and no personnel were brought in that would convert the left leaning party into fascists.

Did Corbyn allow a fundamental change in Labour policy?

No. Basically, his leadership hasn’t inspired some sort of Nationalist, right wing  undercurrent that could turn the Labour movement into a racist or prejudiced party. Labour has historically had a left wing, socialist identity that was only undermined by Tony Blair. The shyster Blair tricked many of the electorate by allowing a ‘watered down Conservative Party manifesto’ to replace the long held principles of the traditional Labour Party. Whilst Blair was leader of Labour, the voters had a similar choice to the Americans – No choice at all.

Jeremy Corbyn’s promotion changed the party back towards its working class and social care roots. This, it would seem, is when the party suddenly accused of being anti semitic and reviled by the many Jewish groups calling for action to be taken to stop this seismic change  The question is, ‘what occurred that would alter the mindset of the Labour movement?’.

Nothing, the party didn’t change, just the leader.

Corbyn has been in the background of the Labour movement for over forty years. He has been anti war, against racism of any sort, promoting policies to help the less well off in our society and crucially, pro Palestinian. That doesn’t mean anti semitic, unless you use the recently manufactured description of it, created by Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn has never been accused of racism or holding prejudices against any other group. He has always campaigned for the rights of minorities and ethnic groups and never criticised any particular religion. He has also been fearless in his commitment to peaceful negotiation and has been criticised many times for having dialogue with widely described ‘extremists’. He preferred talking with the IRA than killing them and has been ostracised for discussions with Hamas and Hezbollah. This background is crucial to understanding the attacks on Corbyn.

The real objective is Corbyn, not the Labour Party.

Corbyn is no anti semite. His passion and commitment to the Palestinian equal rights struggle is the real reason the Jewish groups have attacked the Labour Party. Considering his neutrality in trying to negotiate a peaceful outcome to many disputes, the thought that he would suddenly become hateful to one group or another is laughable. Whether you agree with his political viewpoint or not, Corbyn never has been nor never will be anti semitic, it’s not in his nature.

Here is a list from the Labour Friends of Israel website. Only the MP’s highlighted in red can be regarded as supportive of Corbyn, the others are either neutral or hostile.

Joan Ryan
Ian Austin
Luciana Berger
Rt. Hon Nick Brown
Rt. Hon Liam Byrne
Vernon Coaker MP
Rosie Cooper MP
Yvette Cooper
Mary Creagh
Jon Cruddas
Wayne David MP
Gloria DePiero
Angela Eagle
Chris Evans
Jim Fitzpatrick
Rt. Hon Caroline Flint
Barry Gardiner
Mike Gapes
Preet Gill MP
Mary Glindon MP
Lilian Greenwood MP
Nia Griffith
Andrew Gwynne
Fabian Hamilton
Rt. Hon David Hanson
Carolyn Harris MP
Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge
Rt. Hon George Howarth
Rupa Huq MP 
Dan Jarvis
Diana Johnson
Helen Jones
Kevan Jones
Mike Kane
Liz Kendall
Peter Kyle
Rt. Hon David Lammy
Chris Leslie
Ivan Lewis
Ian Lucas MP
Chris Matheson
Steve McCabe
Catherine McKinnell
Conor McGinn
Melanie Onn
Lucy Powell
Toby Perkins
Jess Phillips
Bridget Phillipson
Tulip Siddiq
Virendra Sharma MP
Barry Sheerman
Ruth Smeeth
Angela Smith
Jeff Smith
Owen Smith
Wes Streeting
Graham Stringer
Anna Turley
Emily Thornberry MP
Karl Turner MP
Derek Twigg
Stephen Twigg
Chuka Umunna
Rt. Hon Keith Vaz
Tom Watson MP
Catherine West MP
Phil Wilson
Rt. Hon Rosie Winterton

So, out of 69 (that we know of) MP’s who are members of Labour Friends of Israel, only 13 can be described as Corbyn allies. The groups demanding action to rid the Labour Party of anti semitism are a consortium of fervent pro Israeli organisations and it is a political move to assassinate the character of Jeremy Corbyn. If the party removed Corbyn today, the allegations would cease… Unless of course, they elected another Palestinian equal rights campaigner.


The real reason for the campaign to remove the imaginary anti semitism is because Corbyn’s long held, consistent beliefs are very difficult to undermine. The party in general is much easier, especially when you have the likes of Joan Ryan and Ian Austin who have more interest in the citizens of Tel Aviv than their own constituents in Enfield and Dudley.

Kareem Dennis.

Never heard of Kareem Dennis, he’s a rapper or former rapper. In the video, he spells out the honest and genuine empathy of Jeremy Corbyn. The choice is simple in the UK election. The Conservatives have already stated that the interference in Syria will continue and uncritical allegiance to the Americans destructive policies worldwide.

Corbyn has insisted good relations would be maintained with the US but with reservations regarding the support of their military ambitions.

The difference in policy is markedly different on so many issues. Here is just a few.

Vote Labour       X

For an ethical foreign policy that doesn’t include attacking people that don’t attack us. Immigration (a major issue for many British) would naturally reduce with conflict reduction. Stop the privatisation of the National Health Service.

Vote Conservative      X

If you want to continue our international warmongering (which drives people to become refugees) and allow the (drip – drip) privatisation of the NHS. Both as Home Secretary and Conservative leader, May has failed miserably in her attempts to (even slightly) reduce immigration (despite promises). Huge corporations are still making millions trading in the UK without paying reasonable amounts of tax. Don’t expect the Tories to change it.

Corbyn: Respect International law.

Instead of a screeching, high pitched Theresa May, the quiet tones of Jeremy Corbyn reveal a more assured and realistic reflection of what the UK is capable of affecting in the world today. Gone is the pathetic crawling to the unpredictable lunatic in the White House, replaced by reiterated support for the US but not unconditional. When Trump finally reaches these shores, May, Johnson and many other sneering Conservatives will show what snivelling creeps they are. Pre Trump inauguration, they were so convinced he would lose that they openly mocked him. More recent statements have been embarrassingly subservient. The video of one of Corbyn’s speeches is here:

Corbyn is growing into the reluctant role he found himself in. I believe he only put his name forward to be the party leader because the other candidates were clones of Blair and that was the last thing the party needed. Anyhow, I know who I would rather lead this country and that’s despite virtually the whole mainstream media being against him. Considering the ridiculous biased coverage, Corbyn is actually doing an extremely good job.

UK general election set for June 8th……

There really is a choice this time….At least in principle.

The polls show Theresa May well ahead of Jeremy Corbyn and she has seized on the chance of (what she will see as) an easy victory. If it’s down to mainstream media, it will be easy. They will all support the Conservative Party and ridicule Corbyn, hoping to destroy any remote chance of him winning. Also fighting against Corbyn will be a good number of Labour Members of Parliament, supposedly his own side. Having previously tried to get rid of him, they will be hoping a disastrous election result will be his death knoll.

I don’t know the procedure for selecting candidates to represent the Labour Party but if they are going to be defeated, they might as well go down without the help of their own team. I would urge any selection process to take into consideration the treacherous MP’s that have attempted to get rid of Corbyn, repeatedly.

The differences between May and Corbyn.

Corbyn does not support British intervention in overseas conflicts that do not involve us. He doesn’t believe austerity is working. Corbyn is tentatively pro Europe, so would be an alternative to May’s Brexit obligations. If Theresa May’s tenure as Home Secretary is anything to go by, civil liberties and freedom of speech will not be at the top of her priorities. Conservative Party promises to reduce immigration have been a complete and utter failure. Of course, it has to be controlled, this isn’t a huge island but government policy abroad has vastly increased the numbers of refugees in the Middle East and particularly Libya in North Africa. Turkey are controlling the amount of Syrians likely to opt for the Europe but Erdogan is impulsive and unpredictable and so the best way we could reduce that possibility would be to support Bashar Al Assad’s government and stop supporting terrorism. Stability for other countries would improve everyone’s lives but May will continue down the same path that we are going down now.

The wealthy are unaffected by increased immigration.

Think about it: How does uncontrolled immigration affect the wealthy? It doesn’t, apart from it maintains low wages because more people are after fewer jobs. So far as society struggling to come to terms with immigration, all of our infrastructure is put under extreme pressure. The leafy country mansions with increased private security are unaffected by pressure on inner cities. Worst case scenario for the rich is that they have to move to another part of the world.

The best immigration policy.

… Would be to dramatically alter foreign policy. Despite what the politicians tell us, we do support tyrants and dictators, as long as they comply with our wishes. Whilst they keep a tight lid on opposition aspirations, ‘our’ corporations destroy their potential economies by effectively stealing their resources. Continuing to inhibit economical success for the inhabitants, it increases their desire to quit their country for the apparently ‘successful’ West. Emigration is driven by poverty and hardship and ‘we’ are allowing that to continue because of our own corrupt practices. Military force is never used for ‘UK security’, it is used to protect UK companies while they ransack other countries valuables. Corbyn is acutely aware that the UK (and the US) foreign policy is a major reason for refugees but the mainstream media won’t tell you that.

Even if Corbyn did get elected……

… It wouldn’t mean a new horizon for British foreign policy where we would suddenly become world leaders. We only have to look at Donald Trumps words in his election campaign to realise that he’s either a prolific liar or he’s been told, in no uncertain terms, to tow the line. Corbyn is not a liar. He’s a decent human being with a strong perception of what is wrong and right. Unfortunately (or not), he doesn’t have a strong, likeable personality. He seems uncomfortable being the Labour Party leader and is not a particularly strong public speaker. Having said that, he’s not trying to entertain us, he’s trying to do the right thing, in a way that’s fair to everyone.

Research issues on the internet, don’t rely on newspapers and TV.

The Conservative Party have long been a deception. The Labour government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown was too. Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leader because he couldn’t bear to see the party being ruled by another ‘Tony Blair’. Corbyn quickly discovered that Hilary Benn was a snake when he made a speech encouraging attacks on Syria. He got rid of him. Corbyn is a principled man. He won’t attack and kill people from other countries and that’s why I will vote for him.