Free Ahed Tamimi.

I contacted my parliamentary representative to ask him to try to pressure Israel into releasing her.

It could be argued that I was wasting my time but here is the response to that particular aspect of my enquiry.

With regards to the case of Ahed Tamini, I do appreciate your concerns and I know that the British Government has made representations to the Israeli Government about it. More generally, you may be aware that in 2012, an independent report on Children in Military Custody was funded and facilitated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since its publication, Ministers and our Ambassador to Israel have strongly urged the recommendations of the report to be implemented. FCO Minister of State, Alistair Burt MP, raised the issue of children in detention with Israeli authorities when he visited the region in August.

Thank you again for contacting me.

Best wishes,

I was going to write back and tell him we could use our trade concessions with Israel as leverage for them to uphold International law. The trade surplus is to their benefit, but restrictions on them selling to us would be a crippling blow considering the size of the relevant economies.

I’ve been trying to discover what favours the EU does for Israel but it’s difficult for me to understand.

Boycott Divest and Sanction.

I did discover that the BDS is having little effect on Israel trade with the UK. In fact it is still going up year on year and if I understood correctly, a large portion of the trade is Pharmaceuticals.

  • Dexcel Pharma. …
  • Fischer Pharmaceuticals. …
  • Mediline Ltd. …
  • Rafa Laboratories Ltd. …
  • Rekah Group. …
  • Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. …
  • Trima Ltd. …
  • Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Dexcel alone offer a huge list of drugs.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals appear to be in to the anti aging market. We all know what a scam that is.

Mediline produce a range of items described here.

Rafa Laboratories work closely with a whole host of companies listed here.

Rekah Group produce pharmaceutical, cosmetic and vitamin products.

Taro pharmaceuticals produce Warfarin and have been warned for poor practices in their Canadian facility by the Food and Drug Administration.

Trima are described as medical suppliers.

Vitamed is engaged in the manufacture of prescription drugs, OTC drugs, dermatological preparations, dermo-cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Vitamed is also in the Rekah group.

The irony is not lost on the fact that their close neighbours in Gaza do not get the benefit of these products.

There is only one thing I can add to this disappointing information and that is, wherever possible use natural and herbal remedy sourced in anywhere but Israel.



Vote Conservative if you want to …

Get rid of the National Health Service for good.

The recent ransomware crisis revealed that 90% of the NHS trust computers are still on Windows XP.

This in itself is evidence of criminal underfunding or incompetent management, neither of which will be corrected. The usual rhetoric is ‘lessons will be learned’.

If you want to continue dropping bombs on people that don’t threaten us.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and currently Syria have succeeded in gaining only more enemies. Unsurprisingly, the warmongering stretches across the political divisions.

Wouldn’t the money spent on (possibly) illegal (but certainly) immoral conflicts above, been better spent on the NHS updating Microsoft products to protect against ransom ware that isn’t even a new concept?

If you want to bring back the horrific ‘sport’ of hunting.

A barbaric entertainment for the tiny minority cannot be justified on any grounds.

If you want to continue with the policy that harms only the poorest – austerity.

Services are being cut year on year, not by local councillors so much as a reduction of funds from Westminster. Yes, it’s the local officials that get all the criticism but they are only deciding which services are priorities.

If you want to ignore the wealthy corporations and individuals pilfering your hard earned pensions, like British Home Stores (Philip Green) did.

How many times do we hear ‘pension funds deficit’? To Philip Green and his family, it wasn’t a serious problem. They just sold BHS and all it’s liabilities (including the pension deficit) for one pound, to a sleazy, shady conman with a previous record of unscrupulous business behaviour. Problem sorted…… Unless you have worked for the BHS company for many years,  then you just had to take a serious hit on what your pension payment would have been. All perfectly legal ……..

If you want to continue funding the terrorist group known as the White Helmets (who have already received £32 million from British taxpayers).

This is the minimum amount. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund set up by the British government in 2015 is less than helpful with information regarding the £1 billion it has at it’s disposal, hence my claim of ‘minimum’.

If you want to continue the same old tired policies that batter the working and middle class of this country.

By using loop-holes and imaginative accountants, the wealthiest people in the UK avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

There are many more policies that will never enhance the lives of you or I. The government is full of idiots like Boris Johnson but it’s not just about Conservative Members of Parliament. Many of the Labour MP’s are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. All the rebels trying to remove Corbyn are ‘Blairites’. And we know where his policies got us – or rather got him and his family. Aside from the vast wealth he has accumulated with his reward from various Gulf countries and others, his offspring have managed to acquire nice little earners, not from their own talent, if they have any, but from their fathers cosy deals. The Blair Government actually behaved exactly like a ‘right’ leaning Conservative Government would have done.

I’m not condemning all Conservative politicians. Some are extremely good. Likewise with Liberal Democrats. Research your prospective MP and find out his or her voting habits. We don’t want warmongers that create violence abroad and then wonder why people might want to come here and avenge our unprovoked military actions on them. Our politicians need to be in touch with reality. With particular regards to Syria, they do not want our ‘help’ via intervention. They just want us to stop funding and arming the terrorists that are ripping their country apart. The Syrian Arab Army and their allies will do the rest.

Our reputation abroad is poor, to say the least. We need politicians that will stop interfering in other peoples affairs for personal or corporate profit. The likes of James Le Measurier, who created the bogus White Helmets should be arrested, not funded.

We have creative, innovative and ground breaking ideas that can improve the lives of those in difficult circumstances living in other countries and the UK too. We need to put more effort into these instead of thinking we are still a global military power clinging to the shirt tails of (currently) Donald Trump. How embarrassing.

So, despite my ‘headline’, we should think carefully where we put the ‘X’ on voting day. A huge majority for the Conservatives could mean death for innocent civilians that support Bashar al Assad, because like it or not, he is the choice of the majority of Syrians.

My own regional Conservative candidate, Matt Warman, will not be getting my vote. Ignorance is no defence or excuse for being complicit in British tax payers money going to the terrorist amateur dramatics society known as the White Helmets.

To Mr Warman, I would say ‘learn how to use Google, or even better duckduckgo’. It’s amazing what peculiar inconsistencies can be found out about the antics, associations and crimes of the White Helmets.

Oscar friendly terrorists.

This image is from twitter account @syracide.

c5pcsmixmae9l9zThese sickening images should shame the spineless bastards that have anything to do with the oscars or the White Helmets. First of all the, the two men in the army fatigues are captured Syrian soldiers, they should both be entitled to fair treatment, as should any prisoner of war.  The two images at the top are clearly the same man, the picture on the left, he’s waving around an automatic weapon, on the right he’s wearing his White Helmet uniform. The two Syrian soldiers are being forced to turn towards the camera to be involved in some kind of selfie in the bottom right corner by the same man who is in the top images.

The bottom left image is the two men being led to their death.

This is not propaganda.

The White Helmet member is clearly implicated in the murder of these soldiers and there are reports that they suffered a brutal death, video recorded by ISIS. The smug, murderous bastard is here again, below.


Here are some other White Helmet terrorists.c0e7ecyukaao-ik

I could show more. Anyone who can’t see what is going on with this blatant glorification of cold blooded murderers needs their eyes testing. The British arsehole that manufactured these monsters should be arrested but instead received the OBE. I complained that my imposed tax payments should not go toward financing ISIS but my appeal was dismissed. The representative of Boston & Skegness, Matt Warman insisted these were legitimate Syrian Civil Defence. Take another look Mr Warman.

White Helmets – the response from my democratically elected representative.

This is what he wrote:

Thank you for contacting me about Syria Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, and also for your kind comments about my work locally, which are much appreciated.

I was interested to read your comments, and agree that we must do what we can to help those less fortunate, both at home and overseas. The situation in Syria is certainly not black and white, but the White Helmets are in fact the most successful rescue organisation working in opposition-controlled areas of the country. To date they have saved more than 60,000 lives and were nominated for the Nobel peace prize in both 2015 and 2016 in recognition of their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

As you note, the UK has provided financial support to the White Helmets through the cross-department Conflict Pool and its successor, the Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). Any use of CSSF funds is scrutinised to ensure that the provision of funding is consistent with export controls and complies with our international obligations. Recipients of CSSF funding have been carefully selected to prevent equipment being given to those involved in extremist activities or human rights violations. There is also constant monitoring of the situation in the ground and I have no doubt that the relevant authorities in the UK will be regularly reviewing their aid to the Syrian region to ensure it is used as intended. It is, of course, worth noting that investing in a stable Syria is in itself investing in the prevention of subsequent potential terrorism at home. In short, while there are aid projects with which many of us may quibble, I am not sure the White Helmets is an example of bad practice; quite the opposite.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. I will keep your comments in mind.

Best wishes,

Matt Warman MP

This was my reply to this letter.

Thank you for your swift response Mr Warman.

The reason I have such doubts about the White Helmets is due to research I have undertaken for over 12 months. Here are just some instances of their worrying behaviour.

The White Helmets are not (as they widely claim) the Syrian Civil Defence. The real Syrian Civil Defence have been registered with the International Civil Defence Organisation since 12/09/1972. The telephone number to call them is 113 (when inside Syria).

The group claim to be unarmed and impartial, insisting they help all the people in Syria. This is not true. They only operate in rebel held areas of Syria and there are countless images of them carrying weapons. They have also been recorded removing the body of an executed prisoner, (killed by a terrorist faction) immediately after he was murdered.

There are a huge number of White Helmet volunteers who have been positively identified as being members of the criminal extremists that are plaguing Syria, including Al Nusra and their many off shoots.

Professional search and rescue experts have revealed many unsafe practices used by the White Helmets and accused them of not using rescue tools correctly. Nor do they have particularly suitable protective clothing for such a dangerous job.

The White Helmet training facilities are directed primarily from Turkey, which has been active in allowing free movement of extremists and weapons across the porous border with Syria.

Mayday Rescue appears to oversee the White Helmet operations. The numerous staff they employ appear to be a mixture of anti Assad demonstrators and former military officers.

They don’t appear to know if they are ‘Syrian Civil Defence’ or ‘Syrian Civil Defense’. Fortunately I do, they are neither, and they don’t even have an emergency telephone number they can be contacted on.

According to escapees from East Aleppo, the White Helmets concentrated on addressing military personnel victims, not civilian.

From their inception, they have used the name of another entity. They claimed to be impartial, unarmed and willing to help anyone in distress, regardless of who they support in this conflict. Despite their extremely efficient PR team, glossy image and even promotion by Netflix and George Clooney, they are suspicious. Their claims of rescuing thousands of victims can’t possibly be verified, certainly not in a war zone. Also, claims of losing 155 martyrs is only supported by information on two of them, both from August last year. Not exactly an honourable way to remember the fallen.

You’ve already made your views clear on this matter Mr Warman, I just wanted to express my opinion. If you like, you can consider this dialogue to be completed, as I know you have many other issues to address. Thank you for your time.

Regards, Andy


I gave him the option of ending our conversation because I didn’t want to get into a slanging match and I do respect his opinion, even though I disagree with it. Living in a democracy, albeit not perfect, does give me the option of communicating with my democratically elected representative, which is more than what Syrians living under ISIS control are able to do. Any questioning of terrorist policy will end in certain death.

Western criticism of the Assad government doesn’t justify encouraging and even helping a replacement regime that would be far more brutal. Why remove a secular government that, despite its faults, protects all minorities? Yes, groups within Syrian society probably do deserve more favourable treatment but are we really being asked to believe ISIS will solve the problem? There is nowhere in the world that is ‘corruption free’ and if we want to remove criminal behaviour from every government, there are far more urgent cases than Syria. We could start with the US and UK regimes first.

White Helmets – A letter to my democratic representative.

Friday 20 January 2017

Dear Matt Warman,

Whilst acknowledging your hard work on a local basis, my question is related to international events. Recently, it has been widely reported that the UK government has given money to a Syrian group known as the White Helmets. I have no problem with assisting those less well off than myself, (either at home or abroad) but I object to my taxes being given to an extremely dubious group that appear more proficient in acting and drama, than emergency services expertise. It is looking increasingly obvious that the White Helmets only gave assistance to terrorists in East Aleppo, rather than the civilians they claimed to assist. Only since the settlement occurred have we heard from civilians in East Aleppo. The vast majority have the opinion that the White Helmets were part of the terrorist Al Nusra group and did little to alleviate the hardship of civilians. I think I heard the figure of £23 million donated to this group and if that is the case, it’s truly staggering. While old people are having services cut across the country, (including your own constituency) one of our government departments is fomenting terrorism in Syria by funding this group. Not only have they been neglecting civilians, they have been accused of active involvement in both extremist violence and murder. Surely, the greatest care should be taken when handing over vast sums of money, however in this case it clearly wasn’t. In your capacity as my elected representative, could you please try to find out which department has let us all down and if anyone can be held accountable for this outrageous misuse of public funds. Thank you for your valuable time.

Yours sincerely

We should all ask questions….

…About how our tax payments are spent. Speaking of which, how will the new Trident submarines be helpful in defending this country (UK)?  They won’t be very useful if they can’t manage to fire straight. At least the authorities have ‘full confidence’ in the Trident system. That’s very reassuring.