Corbyn defies the critics.

The so called political experts that have recently been questioning Jeremy Corbyn should have been taught some manners when they were younger. Both Jeremy Paxman and Robert Peston couldn’t hide their dislike of Corbyn, however,  the issue shouldn’t be about who they like, it’s about doing a fair and professional job that informs the viewer. Every BBC interview has been openly aggressive and tried to link Corbyn to terrorism or insinuate that he is soft on terrorism.

First of all Corbyn is accused of being a friend of the IRA, when in actual fact he simply accepted the situation and acknowledged that dialogue had to be attempted, even with people you might consider reprehensible. Then he is portrayed as a coward who hasn’t got the nerve to fire a nuclear weapons device (as if the ability to kill millions of people was an attribute!)

Emma Barnett is the latest BBC presenter to claim victory over Corbyn. He couldn’t remember what a certain figure to cost a manifesto pledge was and she harangued him when he tried to find out on his personal device. If she really wanted to know, she need only look at the Labour Party manifesto.

Apparently, she has been in Skegness to interview the UKIP candidate for the region, Paul Nuttall but he has withdrawn. Barnetts sycophantic twitter followers are claiming he is running scared, completely ignoring the picture on her twitter feed of Theresa May that proves she is not going to treat every interviewee equally. The BBC are so arrogant they don’t even try to look impartial.

Meanwhile, the very same interviewers are giving the sputtering Theresa May an easy ride and not mentioning her catastrophic tenure as Home Secretary. After polls giving May a 20% lead over Corbyn, her campaign has gone into freefall. The confidence that the British public had in her has fallen away alarmingly. On the other hand, Corbyn seems to have endeared himself to the electorate with his calmness, especially in the face of such combative interviewing .

The media assault on Corbyn doesn’t appear to  have had the effect they had hoped. The public is slowly getting wise to the fact that tv and newspaper reports need to be questioned. Facebook appears to be vital in the search for truth. The speed in which users spread the word to their friends when they find out an inconvenient truth is scary for authorities.

Corbyns integrity cannot be questioned. His many years in Parliament stand testimony to his continual fight for human rights causes and he has been vehemently anti war.  His voting record is there for all to see.

Consistently voted against the Iraq war
0 votes for, 6 votes against, between 2002–2003
Generally voted for investigations into the Iraq war
10 votes for, 1 vote against, 4 absences, between 2003–2016
Generally voted against replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
0 votes for, 4 votes against, 3 absences, between 2007–2016

Here are some of Theresa May’s voting habits:

Consistently voted for the Iraq war
5 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2002–2003

Almost always voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
6 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2007–2016

Generally voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)
10 votes for, 0 votes against, 7 absences, between 2012–2014

Generally voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
36 votes for, 0 votes against, 18 absences, between 2012–2016

Is this the fairness in society that Theresa May claims to represent? Ignoring a huge anti war protest in London, reducing welfare and punishing people with a spare bedroom or two? The kind of choice we have between May and Corbyn is something that voters have not had for decades. There is a real difference in policies. Corbyn will reduce military interference in other countries and will instead attempt conciliation using diplomacy. He will reduce the effects of austerity, the main victims being the poorest. He will try to stop companies avoiding their tax liabilities. He will increase the tax burden for the very wealthiest.


Corbyn: Respect International law.

Instead of a screeching, high pitched Theresa May, the quiet tones of Jeremy Corbyn reveal a more assured and realistic reflection of what the UK is capable of affecting in the world today. Gone is the pathetic crawling to the unpredictable lunatic in the White House, replaced by reiterated support for the US but not unconditional. When Trump finally reaches these shores, May, Johnson and many other sneering Conservatives will show what snivelling creeps they are. Pre Trump inauguration, they were so convinced he would lose that they openly mocked him. More recent statements have been embarrassingly subservient. The video of one of Corbyn’s speeches is here:

Corbyn is growing into the reluctant role he found himself in. I believe he only put his name forward to be the party leader because the other candidates were clones of Blair and that was the last thing the party needed. Anyhow, I know who I would rather lead this country and that’s despite virtually the whole mainstream media being against him. Considering the ridiculous biased coverage, Corbyn is actually doing an extremely good job.

UK general election set for June 8th……

There really is a choice this time….At least in principle.

The polls show Theresa May well ahead of Jeremy Corbyn and she has seized on the chance of (what she will see as) an easy victory. If it’s down to mainstream media, it will be easy. They will all support the Conservative Party and ridicule Corbyn, hoping to destroy any remote chance of him winning. Also fighting against Corbyn will be a good number of Labour Members of Parliament, supposedly his own side. Having previously tried to get rid of him, they will be hoping a disastrous election result will be his death knoll.

I don’t know the procedure for selecting candidates to represent the Labour Party but if they are going to be defeated, they might as well go down without the help of their own team. I would urge any selection process to take into consideration the treacherous MP’s that have attempted to get rid of Corbyn, repeatedly.

The differences between May and Corbyn.

Corbyn does not support British intervention in overseas conflicts that do not involve us. He doesn’t believe austerity is working. Corbyn is tentatively pro Europe, so would be an alternative to May’s Brexit obligations. If Theresa May’s tenure as Home Secretary is anything to go by, civil liberties and freedom of speech will not be at the top of her priorities. Conservative Party promises to reduce immigration have been a complete and utter failure. Of course, it has to be controlled, this isn’t a huge island but government policy abroad has vastly increased the numbers of refugees in the Middle East and particularly Libya in North Africa. Turkey are controlling the amount of Syrians likely to opt for the Europe but Erdogan is impulsive and unpredictable and so the best way we could reduce that possibility would be to support Bashar Al Assad’s government and stop supporting terrorism. Stability for other countries would improve everyone’s lives but May will continue down the same path that we are going down now.

The wealthy are unaffected by increased immigration.

Think about it: How does uncontrolled immigration affect the wealthy? It doesn’t, apart from it maintains low wages because more people are after fewer jobs. So far as society struggling to come to terms with immigration, all of our infrastructure is put under extreme pressure. The leafy country mansions with increased private security are unaffected by pressure on inner cities. Worst case scenario for the rich is that they have to move to another part of the world.

The best immigration policy.

… Would be to dramatically alter foreign policy. Despite what the politicians tell us, we do support tyrants and dictators, as long as they comply with our wishes. Whilst they keep a tight lid on opposition aspirations, ‘our’ corporations destroy their potential economies by effectively stealing their resources. Continuing to inhibit economical success for the inhabitants, it increases their desire to quit their country for the apparently ‘successful’ West. Emigration is driven by poverty and hardship and ‘we’ are allowing that to continue because of our own corrupt practices. Military force is never used for ‘UK security’, it is used to protect UK companies while they ransack other countries valuables. Corbyn is acutely aware that the UK (and the US) foreign policy is a major reason for refugees but the mainstream media won’t tell you that.

Even if Corbyn did get elected……

… It wouldn’t mean a new horizon for British foreign policy where we would suddenly become world leaders. We only have to look at Donald Trumps words in his election campaign to realise that he’s either a prolific liar or he’s been told, in no uncertain terms, to tow the line. Corbyn is not a liar. He’s a decent human being with a strong perception of what is wrong and right. Unfortunately (or not), he doesn’t have a strong, likeable personality. He seems uncomfortable being the Labour Party leader and is not a particularly strong public speaker. Having said that, he’s not trying to entertain us, he’s trying to do the right thing, in a way that’s fair to everyone.

Research issues on the internet, don’t rely on newspapers and TV.

The Conservative Party have long been a deception. The Labour government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown was too. Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leader because he couldn’t bear to see the party being ruled by another ‘Tony Blair’. Corbyn quickly discovered that Hilary Benn was a snake when he made a speech encouraging attacks on Syria. He got rid of him. Corbyn is a principled man. He won’t attack and kill people from other countries and that’s why I will vote for him.