Omran Daqneesh.

The truth about the iconic orange ambulance photo that the West tried to use to attack Syria. I may have suspected that the scene was set up when it initially happened but it seems that it was real, however Omran's misery was used as a photo op by the rebels in a crude attempt to … Continue reading Omran Daqneesh.


Terrorist tweets.

It's been revealed that Labour politicians have received nasty tweets after voting to bomb Syria on Wednesday. The party leadership have said they take the threatening tweets "very seriously". I'm sure it must be extremely distressing for them. However, it should be put in context,  despite the hurt feelings that must be causing them and … Continue reading Terrorist tweets.

Who benefits from military acts of aggression?

The disturbing attack by Turkey on a Russian jet is a very worrying escalation. Putin has definitely upset ISIS and Erdogan too. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have their own agenda, primarily to stop Iranian influence and support for Hezbollah and Syria. Israel wants the same but for different reasons. A weak or better still, … Continue reading Who benefits from military acts of aggression?