Omran Daqneesh.

The truth about the iconic orange ambulance photo that the West tried to use to attack Syria.

I may have suspected that the scene was set up when it initially happened but it seems that it was real, however Omran’s misery was used as a photo op by the rebels in a crude attempt to draw in the West, to attack Assad. The extremists will clearly use any situation to further their cause. Perhaps we should also cast doubts over the Bana story, knowing how they tried to take advantage of Omran.


Fortunately Omran and his sister looked much worse than they actually were and both have recovered from their ordeal. Here is Omran’s father talking about the cynical use of his misfortune:

Of course the lying mainstream media won’t cover this story given that Omran’s family could have gone anywhere but decided to return to their home after the insurgents had been cleansed. The truth is that they were only interested in Omran when he was a stick to beat Assad with and were never bothered about his well being. Thankfully, he’s fine now he’s returned home to Aleppo and seems none the worse for the mainstream media’s abuse in covering his plight.

What this also confirms is the shameful and universal media drumbeat for war, which resulted from a small childs near miss. If you weren’t aware of it before, the MSM will stoop as low as they like for the profits of the military industrial complex. They are basically an evil combination and a prime example of all that is wrong in the West. Just like the Aleppo terrorists, they need to be cleansed.


Terrorist tweets.

It’s been revealed that Labour politicians have received nasty tweets after voting to bomb Syria on Wednesday. The party leadership have said they take the threatening tweets “very seriously”.

I’m sure it must be extremely distressing for them. However, it should be put in context,  despite the hurt feelings that must be causing them and their families sleepless nights. The innocent victims of the explosives they voted to jettison from RAF aircraft won’t need to worry about cranks using social media.

What a screwed up world we live in when the people that support dropping bombs are given infinitely more consideration than those on the receiving end of them.

It would seem that the poor victims of these twitter terrorists have informed the police concerning the life threatening tweets. I despair at these people who attach so much importance to themselves and their families yet  in a position of power they vote to reign terror on the people of Syria. Innocent people will always be killed by an air assault, we all know this but for these elected fools to be so blasé about the lives of others is astonishing.

Only when their own mortality (albeit a very remote threat by an armchair warrior on the internet) comes into question do they start to worry. They are pathetic.

The Labour Shadow front bencher Hilary Benn has been acclaimed for his speech supporting the bombing campaign, even though the party leader, Corbyn was against them. He spoke with passion on the merits of incinerating the people of Syria and even got a round of applause from his political enemies. Don’t get me wrong, I abhor the fake ‘Islamic State’ frauds. They have nothing in common with the vast majority of Muslims and if every bomb was guaranteed to wipe these monsters out, I might question my pacifist nature. The act of summary execution of any criminal being as much of a crime as the criminal act itself, makes it doubtful.

Benn very recently addressed the Labour Friends of Israel with  vomit inducing praise for the criminal state. This ties up with the real reason for the war on Syria. The main benefactor of Syrian chaos would be the Zionist entity. It would remove the only army that could make expansion difficult and they were hoping for a collapse of Assad’s forces, much like happened in Iraq. So far it’s not happened with the help of Russia, Hezbollah and Iran and long may it continue.

Who benefits from military acts of aggression?

The disturbing attack by Turkey on a Russian jet is a very worrying escalation. Putin has definitely upset ISIS and Erdogan too. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have their own agenda, primarily to stop Iranian influence and support for Hezbollah and Syria. Israel wants the same but for different reasons. A weak or better still, fractured Syria would be unable to resist Zionist expansion plans.

The US, Europe and Russia are all huge weapons manufacturers and in my view are the main beneficiaries of conflict. Russian assets in Syria and it’s long term support would suggest that arms sales aren’t a primary factor, however showcasing their impressive wares certainly won’t harm their weapons industry.

Tourism would be damaged the most as a result of conflict and disputes. It’s estimated Turkey will lose 450,000 Russian visitors due to the shooting down of their jet. Egypt will suffer in the near future because of the passenger plane disaster. Perhaps Erdogen believes it’s a price worth paying. We can safely assume that the Turkish leader doesn’t have investments in the tourism industries. It is of course the average Turk who will be adversely affected by fewer visitors, less jobs.

What he does have investments in is oil. The oil is transported from Syrian installations to Turkish refinement plants and Erdogen junior is reaping the rewards. That was until Putin’s air force obliterated  those tankers very recently. This might have resulted in the Russian jet being brought down and if it is, then Erdogen should be a very worried man. The loss of dozens of oil tankers will be the least of his worries.

Another aspect is Erdogens almost deranged insistence on Bashar Al Assad’s removal. Clearly the Turkish government have facilitated the rise of ISIS through their porous border and they appear to be looking to grab parts of Syria during the chaos.

The fanning of the flames by ISIS allies will result in more arms deals with Saudi and Qatar picking up the bill. I suppose it makes a change from the US, UK, French, etc taxpayers having to finance the bombing of countries that have done absolutely no harm to any of us.

American support for the Israelis (and Egypt) is the most interesting. Despite humiliating Obama countless times, their US aid has increased substantially. The reason Egypt gets so much US foreign aid is to make sure they keep the Gaza prison intact. Military assistance from the US in 2013 was $3 billion for Israel and $1.2 billion for Egypt. There are no special ties between the US and Egypt so why so much ‘aid’? It can only be for hush money to leave Israel alone. By the way, US aid figures that are above do not reflect the real cost. In reality it could be twice as much.