Vote Conservative if you want to …

Get rid of the National Health Service for good.

The recent ransomware crisis revealed that 90% of the NHS trust computers are still on Windows XP.

This in itself is evidence of criminal underfunding or incompetent management, neither of which will be corrected. The usual rhetoric is ‘lessons will be learned’.

If you want to continue dropping bombs on people that don’t threaten us.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and currently Syria have succeeded in gaining only more enemies. Unsurprisingly, the warmongering stretches across the political divisions.

Wouldn’t the money spent on (possibly) illegal (but certainly) immoral conflicts above, been better spent on the NHS updating Microsoft products to protect against ransom ware that isn’t even a new concept?

If you want to bring back the horrific ‘sport’ of hunting.

A barbaric entertainment for the tiny minority cannot be justified on any grounds.

If you want to continue with the policy that harms only the poorest – austerity.

Services are being cut year on year, not by local councillors so much as a reduction of funds from Westminster. Yes, it’s the local officials that get all the criticism but they are only deciding which services are priorities.

If you want to ignore the wealthy corporations and individuals pilfering your hard earned pensions, like British Home Stores (Philip Green) did.

How many times do we hear ‘pension funds deficit’? To Philip Green and his family, it wasn’t a serious problem. They just sold BHS and all it’s liabilities (including the pension deficit) for one pound, to a sleazy, shady conman with a previous record of unscrupulous business behaviour. Problem sorted…… Unless you have worked for the BHS company for many years,  then you just had to take a serious hit on what your pension payment would have been. All perfectly legal ……..

If you want to continue funding the terrorist group known as the White Helmets (who have already received £32 million from British taxpayers).

This is the minimum amount. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund set up by the British government in 2015 is less than helpful with information regarding the £1 billion it has at it’s disposal, hence my claim of ‘minimum’.

If you want to continue the same old tired policies that batter the working and middle class of this country.

By using loop-holes and imaginative accountants, the wealthiest people in the UK avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

There are many more policies that will never enhance the lives of you or I. The government is full of idiots like Boris Johnson but it’s not just about Conservative Members of Parliament. Many of the Labour MP’s are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. All the rebels trying to remove Corbyn are ‘Blairites’. And we know where his policies got us – or rather got him and his family. Aside from the vast wealth he has accumulated with his reward from various Gulf countries and others, his offspring have managed to acquire nice little earners, not from their own talent, if they have any, but from their fathers cosy deals. The Blair Government actually behaved exactly like a ‘right’ leaning Conservative Government would have done.

I’m not condemning all Conservative politicians. Some are extremely good. Likewise with Liberal Democrats. Research your prospective MP and find out his or her voting habits. We don’t want warmongers that create violence abroad and then wonder why people might want to come here and avenge our unprovoked military actions on them. Our politicians need to be in touch with reality. With particular regards to Syria, they do not want our ‘help’ via intervention. They just want us to stop funding and arming the terrorists that are ripping their country apart. The Syrian Arab Army and their allies will do the rest.

Our reputation abroad is poor, to say the least. We need politicians that will stop interfering in other peoples affairs for personal or corporate profit. The likes of James Le Measurier, who created the bogus White Helmets should be arrested, not funded.

We have creative, innovative and ground breaking ideas that can improve the lives of those in difficult circumstances living in other countries and the UK too. We need to put more effort into these instead of thinking we are still a global military power clinging to the shirt tails of (currently) Donald Trump. How embarrassing.

So, despite my ‘headline’, we should think carefully where we put the ‘X’ on voting day. A huge majority for the Conservatives could mean death for innocent civilians that support Bashar al Assad, because like it or not, he is the choice of the majority of Syrians.

My own regional Conservative candidate, Matt Warman, will not be getting my vote. Ignorance is no defence or excuse for being complicit in British tax payers money going to the terrorist amateur dramatics society known as the White Helmets.

To Mr Warman, I would say ‘learn how to use Google, or even better duckduckgo’. It’s amazing what peculiar inconsistencies can be found out about the antics, associations and crimes of the White Helmets.


UK hospital beds and White Helmets.

Since 2013, the UK government funded the White Helmets to the tune of (at least) £23 million. Since 2011, hospital beds available to UK hospitals have been reduced by 15,000.

That’s the equivalent of almost 10% of our UK capacity. Every night we hear the horror stories of our elderly relatives being shoved in a corridor, waiting hours for treatment, it happened to my own father, numerous times. A government official is then interviewed who inevitably insinuates that our population is growing (this is a direct criticism of the amount of immigrants the UK is accepting). The status of our health service capacity is never questioned, nor is the NHS budget.

I would dispute the amount of blame placed on immigrants for the crisis, and we shouldn’t forget, many that come here actually take poorly paid jobs looking after our elderly in nursing homes. How many pensioners have moved here from Europe? The people that come here have come to work. That means they are mainly younger immigrants and generally speaking, they won’t need to use the NHS so frequently. Sadly, with old age comes more and more reliance on our health system. There is a tiny problem of people coming here to specifically use the NHS but it isn’t significant enough to legislate against.

The White Helmets…Again.

The money given to an affiliate of ISIS, the White Helmets may seem insignificant to the UK budget but surely it could be put to better use than producing terrorist propaganda? The National Health Service estimate that it costs £400 a day for a hospital bed. That (£23 million) equates to 57,500 hospital beds being available, albeit for a single day. However it’s not just the White Helmets we have funded in ‘our’ efforts to remove Bashar al Assad. The truth is that we don’t know what else has been supplied as ‘non lethal’ aid, nor how much it has cost. Different departments are used as a smoke screen to hide the true expenditure. What we do know is that there are no moderate opposition in Syria and apart from a few at the beginning of the protests, there never have been. If it had been a natural domestic uprising, there would have been no need for all the extremist foreigner influx into the country. Do natural uprisings or protests about any government need foreign assistance? If it does, it’s an invasion, not a ‘peoples protest’.

The British people are being conned.

Our NHS shortage of capacity is being blamed on immigrants when it isn’t, and also being blamed on lack of funds, when it isn’t. We are actually observing the deliberate and calculated demise of the NHS, being run  down to hand over to private health care, whereby they will do us all a great service by running it. Of course, they will start profiting from it and we will effectively have a US modelled health service. Anyone who prefers this system would be crazy.

Almost every unpopular policy is carried out ‘softly’. A very minor side issue is then used as an excuse to proceed with it .

For as long as I can recall, immigration is blamed for a multitude of national problems. I’m not advocating a free for all. I think immigration should be controlled but not without major foreign policy changes. Allowing (British) corporations and organisations to plunder third world countries by bribing their politicians and businessmen in order to strip that country of natural resources is a major reason people want to leave those countries. In many deprived countries there isn’t even minimal economic drip down to the poorest, not enough to feed themselves with dignity, never mind educate themselves. What would you do? What would I do? Continue living in a country that has nothing to offer or risk a hazardous journey across the sea? It  gets to the point where people have nothing to lose, no hope, no prospects. These people are living in extreme poverty because Western companies are criminally stealing their natural resources with the coercion of corrupt officials.

Almost everything is connected…

The current immigrant crisis in Europe has a very clear and unambiguous cause but don’t expect the evening news to tell you. Before his vicious and disgusting murder, Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi warned Europe that his country was an important asset in stopping a huge influx of African immigrants that would proceed to Europe if he were to be removed. France and UK leaders were instrumental in his removal along with Obama. Not only did they open the floodgates, they also destroyed a very successful functioning country. Libya wasn’t perfect but name me a country that is.

Next came the deliberate destabilisation and subsequent invasion of Syria by US, UK and Israeli proxy forces, via the entity called ISIS. No, they didn’t just appear out of thin air, they have been carefully manufactured by the US and it’s allies to bring down governments that won’t capitulate to their demands. An added bonus to this creation is that they can use these ‘extremists’ as an excuse to attack all Muslims.

If a country is thrown into chaos, the natural reaction is to try to get out, it’s not rocket science. Many Syrians have done just that. The demonisation of Assad is then provided by our ‘trusted’ media, mission accomplished.

…Except, these refugees have to go somewhere, so they head for Europe.

This isn’t a mistake. David Cameron and Obama knew exactly what would happen. The same as Tony Blair and George Bush knew exactly what would happen after the invasion of Iraq. Do these three countries have anything in common?

The three leaders of Iraq, Libya and Syria were all severe critics of Israel and had supported the Palestinian cause. Coincidence? Make your own mind up.



Mr Cameron, you are the Prime Minister…..

…Our National Health Service appears to be in the middle of crisis because everyone seems to think they need a brain surgeon to attend the scratch on their finger, and that in turn creates great pressure on our Accident and Emergency service. I won’t go into detail about how you and others (namely Tony Blair) have been setting your friends up to rape the NHS and have begun doing so on a daily, slow drip basis. I would add that this current problem with the NHS has been waiting to happen. You knew about it and so did most other politicians …This is when your private health schemes will be useful.

Instead of dealing with this NHS emergency you seem to have been pre-occupied by a footballer and a small Northern club wishing to employ him.

Prime Minister David Cameron believes any club thinking of signing convicted rapist Ched Evans must ‘weigh the decision very carefully’ due to ‘the position of footballers as role models’, his spokesman has said.

Mr Cameron, weighing decisions very carefully is a phrase best kept for life and death decisions. As an example, the decision to go to war. Did you vote to go to war with Iraq, Mr Cameron? Did you weigh your decision very carefully? Not carefully enough, it would seem.