Donald Trump kneels to Netanyahu.

Rumours that the US government are going to relocate the embassy to Jerusalem makes no sense.

Americans need to be asking themselves why they should endure criticism for a policy that won’t enhance their lives one iota. Trump gains nothing by this inflammatory act that will anger many people. His country is in domestic chaos and foreign policy fluctuating wildly on a daily basis, the only consistent aspect to his presidency relates to his support for Israel. No wonder Netanyahu couldn’t keep the grin off his face during their photo ops. If we ever thought there might be an even handed strategy put in place to deal with the decades long Palestine/Israeli conflict, it was ended with the placement of his son in law Jared Kushner heading the drive for peace.

Kushner is an Orthodox Jew and in the past financially supported illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. Trumps daughter has converted to Judaism and subsequently, their children are Orthodox Jews. This information is relevant precisely because Kushner is supposed to be the ‘Middle East peace mediator’. Would the Israelis trust a Muslim taught in the teachings of Wahhabi Islam to be the man in the middle of negotiations? Why should the Palestinians put up with this farce any longer?

More to the point, why are Americans allowing the crack-pot Trump to waste precious time on the provocative Embassy move? Hasn’t he got anything better to do? What about his promises to ‘create peace’ in the Middle East and also avoid interfering in other peoples business?

Trump was elected because Clinton was so bad but his pre election promises have been dismissed quicker than the ‘real’ politicians would have done. Apparently, this was an election promise but it was probably the least noticed.

Hopefully, the American public are soon going to realise that Trump is wasting time on this pointless announcement whilst the lives of the vast majority are going down the pan.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu continues to break normally recognised International Laws with his continued attacks on Syrian assets. The temptation must be to respond to the smarmy Netanyahu but trigger happy Trump would just increase his covert attacks on Syria if they strike back.

America first.

Israel first. If it were America first, the billions given to Israel would stop, which would save the US having to give ‘aid’ to countless other countries to keep them from politically challenging Israel. Then Trump might be able to repair US infrastructure.

Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem won’t fix the roads that are falling to pieces nor the rotting bridges. Cutting off the Israeli gravy train might allow all Americans to get the specialised cancer treatment similar to what McCain has been enjoying. That’s if he dies before he is allowed to stop it.

Who needs patriots like Trump, Kushner and McCain?




Ban Trump from the UK.

When will Trump realise that Mickey Mouse could have beaten Clinton? (without the under 18 vote)

Trump won by default. Even Clintons own party supporters couldn’t bear voting for her. It wasn’t some kind of fantastic victory, it was the result of Clinton being despised, not him being popular.

Who could possibly find the ruthless, extravagant, arrogant Trump electable if there had been a reasonable alternative? Clinton couldn’t have beaten an egg. Even by American standards, Trump is like some kind of cartoonish baddie. If he didn’t exist, it would take a remarkable imagination to create him.

He has the eloquence of a boxing journeyman, who wasn’t very bright in the first place. His speech at the UN was made more amusing by the fact he kept swinging round to view his teleprompter. It’s alarming that he ever made it in business, never mind became the President of the US when he is clearly not too bright.

His recent support for the ‘Britain First’ claims surrounding video footage of Muslims abusing non Muslims was complete fabrication and in any event, several years old. As usual, the clumsy, ignorant President tweeted first without consulting any of his apparently useless advisers. Just like the ‘Britain First’ leadership, he has been humiliated by his propensity to want to criticise Muslims in general, rather than the tiny minority that wish non Muslims any harm.

If Trump wants to make a difference and put his money where his mouth is, he should cease support for the SDF in Syria, who have just made a comprehensive deal with ISIS to stop fighting each other. This effectively puts them on the same side and is further proof of the real agenda in Syria, which is to weaken the state so that it can no longer protect itself from Israeli aggression. Of course , he won’t do that because he is not in control of events in the Middle East.

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Orthodox Jew and lifelong friend of Netanyahu is running the show in that part of the world. Trump promised to bring peace to Palestine and Israel but simply put Kushner, the fox, in charge of the hen house.

Unfortunately, cartoon characters can’t hold a candle to these ‘difficult to imagine’ real people. Life is becoming more like a fairytale every day and even worse, unlike the books we may have read, the wicked witch et al are winning.

The Balfour abomination.

His Majesty’s government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

This is the declaration, written by Lord Balfour which commits the British government to the formation of a Jewish state. I’ve highlighted in blue the part of this statement which has been completely ignored in the intervening century since it was originally penned.

The impending centenary is seen as a cause for celebration according to the Prime Minister Theresa May, along with a good many of ‘our’ approving elected representatives. A source of pride, she claimed. I suggest if she really wants to know the truth, she should do some research. Whilst throwing taxpayers money at a commemoration to ‘the Holocaust’ in London, she should reflect on the forgotten victims of Jewish ethnic cleansing, hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians. There will be no museum or fancy designer monument for the victims of the Balfour Declaration.

Just as we are bombarded with stories of surviving Holocaust survivors, empathy for Palestinians terrorised enough to flee with whatever personal items they could carry is none existent. Not only did the British give away something ‘we’ didn’t own, our ‘glorious’ British Army stood by while the well armed Jewish militias were driving away the indigenous people who had already learned of the consequences of not escaping. We will never know how many were slaughtered by the marauding killers.

Surviving Palestinians still yearn to return to the homes they were so callously and forcibly evicted from. Many of their descendants are living as refugees in neighbouring countries. They are classed as stateless and subsequently have few rights.

… And this is where, after being complicit in the original crime, our politicians turn the other cheek and pretend that this crime is not ongoing. Unsurprisingly, the crime has become much more subtle now. The perpetual land grabs, by building walls and the daily demolition of peoples homes, progressively chips away at the shrinking area they could possibly call a state.

israel-palestine_map_19225_2469 (1)

The graphic above shows the extent to which Israeli Jews have systematically increased the theft of Palestinian land. What it doesn’t show is the water deprivation, the dozens of pointless checkpoints or the lack of electricity the Palestinians endure. The Israelis even smash solar panels used in the more remote areas, donated by the EU amongst others. These examples are the tip of the iceberg. Life is made a misery for the Palestinians, without doubt a deliberate Israeli government policy. The research for Theresa May I wrote about earlier need only go as far as finding a map like the one above. I suspect she knows all about the ongoing crimes of Netanyahu and his extremist colleagues but flagrantly disregards the inhuman treatment the belligerent IDF soldiers inflict on Palestinians.  Moreover, the vast majority of our politicians are in ‘friends of Israel’. Perhaps they should be a lot more careful about the company they keep.


US Palestine/Israel ‘peacemaker’ is a life long friend of Netanyahu.

Further evidence, if it were needed that the Arab/Israeli ‘peace process’ is a farce.

Long time observers and experts of the Arab/Israeli conflict have continually dismissed (particularly) Israeli efforts to resolve it. The corrupt Palestinian Authority, through its weakness, has assisted the stream of belligerent Israeli governments in the pretence of a ‘peace process’. Over thirty or forty years, the Israelis have hoodwinked any interested parties into believing that they continually strive for a peace agreement. During all this time, they have been stealing Arab land, as well as intensifying the persecution of the Palestinians.

The predominant enabler to these crimes has been and still is, America. Purporting to be an honest peace broker, they have been nothing of the sort, continually undermining any remote chance of success. So the announcement from Trump, that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner would be given the job of mediating, was staggering.

First of all, Kushner is a Zionist who has contributed to the building of illegal settlements. He’s also an Orthodox Jew. It has now become apparent that Kushner’s family have been good friends of the Netanyahu’s for many years. How can the squeaky voiced Kushner be an impartial problem solver? He does make previous US attempts at arbitration look balanced.

Lets imagine the situation was reversed and the Arabs were in a powerful position, assisted by their generous friend, America. Would the Israelis allow a staunch anti Zionist be the main mediator? Lets not forget that any anti-Semitic feeling on the Arab side is  more than equalled in anti Arab feeling from the Israelis. And yes, I know that many Arabs are Semites too, so the phrase is rather deceiving.

Kushner is just about the most biased person that Trump could have found to resolve the Arab/Israeli conflict but maybe that’s why he chose him.

Tough guy Trump takes the heat.

Since Trump and Netanyahu met a few weeks ago, the rabid dog Israel, has appeared much more low key. I believe Trump advised his counterpart to let the latter to continue the provocation that is intended to give the US and its allies the excuse to properly attack Syria. Criticism of Putin is foolish. He’s played the situation superbly thus far by not responding to the crimes committed by all the anti Assad coalition.

I live in Lincolnshire, UK and just recently there has been a huge increase in fighter jet activity. Something could be in the pipeline – strategic planning and exercises for air combat? Nothing would surprise me. With a mortally wounded Prime Minister and an unpopular President, it might be the only way they can see to change their fortunes.

Don’t defend yourselves!

Israel have warned Syria that they will destroy all their air defences if they attack Israeli jets that fly over Syrian territory. So, if Syria has the temerity to defend itself against invading fighter planes, who ever they may be, Israel will destroy it’s S 200 and S 300. Good luck with that.

The parallel world that Israel insists is reality, appears to be predominant in their heads at the moment. They don’t seem to understand the word ‘defence’, either. Mr Netanyahu needs to realise that if his jets do not enter Syrian air space, there will be no need for Syria to defend against them. It’s not rocket science.

Trump has morphed into Obama.

For all Donald Trump’s bluster about policy changes during the election campaign, he has actually carried on where Obama left off. He is still threatening a Syrian partition to please Israel, whilst it also keeps the oil companies happy because of the vast profits they will gain from the pipeline that Assad refused to allow. The Kurds could be critical in stopping the latter and recent cooperation with Syrian forces might be a good sign but their lack of reliability is notorious. One thing is obvious, the US aren’t going to look after Kurdish interests. They will only continue to support them when it suits their own needs.

After Trump claimed it would be America first from now on, his conviction only lasted until he shared a press conference with Netanyahu. Trump’s family ties to the Israeli regime will mean every decision will be tainted through his blue and white tinted spectacles. Unconditional support for the rogue state will continue, exactly as it did with Obama but this time, because of friendlier relations between the two leaders, it won’t be so strained. Obama and Netanyahu clearly did not like each other on a personal and professional basis.

Obama’s dislike of Netanyahu was justified. At every opportunity, Netanyahu tried to make him look weak. Having learnt a lot about Netanyahu from studying his many years at the forefront of Israeli politics, he is one of the most detestable politicians. He’s arrogant, a supremely accomplished liar and if he worked in a second hand car dealers, he wouldnt earn much commission. Netanyahu can be quite convincing but under closer scrutiny, he’s the boy that cried wolf.

Behind the back slapping and warm greetings, Trump and Netanyahu probably hate each other too. The Israeli will think that Trump will be much easier to deal with than Obama and first impressions are that if Netanyahu tells him to jump, he will respond with how high?

Throughout Trumps life he will have encountered many Zionists. His dealings with property developers and lawyers will have ensured it. Of course, no matter what Trump does for the Israeli Prime Minister, it will never be enough.

The Palestinians will be the ones that suffer most but I have a slight hope that the current US/Israeli leaders might become overconfident in their expected domination of Middle East affairs. No matter how important they may think they are, if Israeli crimes become too obvious and decent human beings start to seriously question their discriminatory policies, the game will be up. South Africa had the support of US, UK and Israeli governments amongst other countries (that weren’t so public in their support) but when world opinion becomes so overwhelmingly against any regime, it’s days are numbered.

All the Israeli positive spin in the world by the corrupt mainstream media won’t hide the prejudices and contempt for their Palestinian victims.