Obama, good riddance.

....Your cowardice dealing with Israel will be your legacy. Obama's ability to speak in public is unquestionable. That was the reason he was elected in the first place. He could wipe the floor with the opposition because of his excellent timing and poise. Sadly, that's where his talents ended. His two terms have been a … Continue reading Obama, good riddance.


Has Obama forgotten about Stuxnet?

Obama's childish attempts to blame Russia for interfering with the US election, including the removal of 35 Russian diplomats from America, bear little resemblance to the reality surrounding the science of coding. Indeed, forensic evidence pertaining to computers can be easily manufactured and given the expertise, someone could quite easily frame a victim for a … Continue reading Has Obama forgotten about Stuxnet?

Israel: The screaming child.

TheĀ UN Security Council Resolution against Israel, one of the harshest that has ever been passed appears to be creating an uncomfortable time for Netanyahu. Threats and summonses (on Christmas day) were flying around with the Israelis appearing to be more than a little perturbed. The media haven't mentioned that most of these representatives summoned will … Continue reading Israel: The screaming child.

You weren’t invited, you aren’t welcome and you will only make things worse!

The US announced 200 more American troops will be sent to Syria, to help with the war against ISIS. What makes Obama think that his useless troops could fight their way out of a paper bag, never mind defeat ISIS? They are more likely to be helping ISIS, just as they did when they attacked … Continue reading You weren’t invited, you aren’t welcome and you will only make things worse!

New York ‘terror’ victims overshadow US support for ISIS.

The 29 victims of a pressure cooker bomb has given the US government convenient cover to overshadow the horrific crime committed on the Syrian Arab Army. A report from The Indian Express included this statement: 'Authorities said 25 people suffered minor injuries.' So all the international headlines describing New York as being gripped by terrorism … Continue reading New York ‘terror’ victims overshadow US support for ISIS.