Obama, good riddance.

….Your cowardice dealing with Israel will be your legacy.

Obama’s ability to speak in public is unquestionable. That was the reason he was elected in the first place. He could wipe the floor with the opposition because of his excellent timing and poise. Sadly, that’s where his talents ended.

His two terms have been a disaster not just for the US, but for the rest of us too. His weakness towards Israel is still being felt in Gaza, where another winter has inflicted untold misery on it’s inhabitants. I said ‘untold’ because it is. Mainstream media won’t convey the awful conditions that these people are enduring because of the most recent Israeli attack. Just like Syria, entire neighbourhoods are flattened. Gaza hasn’t got anywhere it can import the necessary materials from, because Israel won’t allow it. Israeli soldiers decide what goes in and allow very little to be exported out. Qatar funding isn’t aimed at the alleviation of conditions in Gaza, it’s to support Hamas. Even so, it’s been reported that much of the money promised hasn’t been forthcoming.

Obama’s first speech on the Middle East, almost eight years ago, created a sense of hope, particularly for any of us with more than a passing interest in the region. Netanyahu soon put him straight. He caved in and continued to do so until the recent UN resolution, when Samantha Power abstained instead of vetoing the settlement condemnation. The decision stung the Israelis but does nothing to create any kind of improvement for the Palestinians.

The Nobel peace prize for Obama?

This decision rendered the award a complete joke, however some of the previous winners have been less than peaceful. Henry Kissinger is the stand out killer.


Utter and complete failure to stop the war but that counts as success to Obama. Weakening Syria to please Israel was the intention, so he could conclude the mission was partially accomplished. I believe that the death and destruction in Syria will eventually come back to haunt Israel. The war is far from over, but what has happened is that the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah have been moulded into much more efficient fighting forces, better equipped and battle hardened. In comparison to the truck attack recently in Jerusalem, which resulted in the armed Israeli cadets running away from a solitary assailant. IDF soldiers might thrive and think they are wonderful when ‘herding’ unarmed Palestinians at the numerous check points. As recently as 2006, Hezbollah brought Israel to the bargaining table after they inflicted so many casualties on them after attempting a ground invasion of Lebanon.


Abject failure. President Putin has repeatedly humiliated Obama with his cautious approach to US provocation. The Russians have adhered to International law whereas US presence in Syria is illegal. The ‘responsibility to protect’ can hardly be used when supporting  the terrorist criminals of the Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra, amongst others.


The administration will again regard this as a success, the people of Libya, not so. The destruction of infrastructure to allow Western companies access to  profitable market has probably not materialised, due to continued instability. Clinton cackling over the death of Gadaffi should secure her place in hell.

Watching the sycophants heap praise on a failure.

Obama, tear in his eye approaching the end of his term, was praised for creating jobs in the US and probably lots of other insignificant policies that created more wealth for those that are already wealthy. Wall to wall sycophants cannot change the reality. No matter what your friends might say Obama, you are a miserable failure, a pathetic feeble man who did nothing for those that are less well off in society. You maintained the corrupt military industrial complex, you continued to give Israel eye watering amounts of aid, despite Netanyahu pissing on your shoes as you did so. You appear to be lacking a backbone.

Who am I to judge anyone?

That’s a valid question. I am speaking for those who are unable to speak for themselves. The hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi’s, Syrians, Libyans, Palestinians and to all the victims of his unprecedented killer drone policy that has created far more ‘terrorists’ than it has eradicated


Has Obama forgotten about Stuxnet?

Obama’s childish attempts to blame Russia for interfering with the US election, including the removal of 35 Russian diplomats from America, bear little resemblance to the reality surrounding the science of coding. Indeed, forensic evidence pertaining to computers can be easily manufactured and given the expertise, someone could quite easily frame a victim for a crime they didn’t commit. Even if Obama is clueless about computers, his minions should at least inform him how ridiculous his conclusions are.

To understand US bluster concerning the manipulation of election results, a trip back to the 80’s is required when the US openly confessed to being instrumental to helping Boris Yeltsin become the President of USSR. Whether the boast is true, we don’t really know but the foolishness of claiming to have been critically influential in his success is obvious.

It’s difficult to know exactly what Obama is alleging the Russians have done. Even if they were guilty of some kind of political espionage, I can’t really understand Obama’s basis for the accusations. Would exposing Hilary Clinton’s numerous secrets and financial misdemeanour’s constitute interfering in an election? I don’t think so, unless we think that the truth and communication of it, is undemocratic. Obama’s claims appear to tell us about the inner fears of the American elite and that they believe everyone else thinks in the same way as them, including President Putin. The Russian Presidents countless successes over Obama are testament to him not thinking the same way.

When it comes to real interference, the US takes some beating. Countless election’s that have resulted in the wrong side winning have been overturned over the years by US espionage, some of which ended in bloodbaths. Financing the opposition is interference, arming them is irresponsible but more importantly, criminal. It seems Obama hasn’t studied US history very closely. Many examples have been proven to be true, usually by way of government state secrets being revealed.

Interference hit new levels with the Stuxnet attack on Iran, of which the US and Israel are understood to have been responsible for. I have no idea what the perfect result would have been for the nuclear facility infection but any tampering with nuclear system control is surely not advisable.

I was fooled by Obama’s promises before his initial election and looking back now, the fact that the raging lunatic, dementia riddled McCain was his opponent indicated that the race was already decided. Yes, it was naive to believe any politician but I always try to see the best in people. Anyhow, good riddance to Obama and his flawed accusations but we have no idea how bad Trump is going to be.

Israel: The screaming child.

The UN Security Council Resolution against Israel, one of the harshest that has ever been passed appears to be creating an uncomfortable time for Netanyahu. Threats and summonses (on Christmas day) were flying around with the Israelis appearing to be more than a little perturbed. The media haven’t mentioned that most of these representatives summoned will have been of the Christian faith and if this were the opposite way round and their attendance been demanded on a Jewish celebration, there would have been accusations of anti-Semitism.

I won’t pretend I know much about UN resolutions but some experts seem to think it’s very worrying for Israel whilst others dismiss the condemnation as a bit of a game. An irate Obama getting a little dig in at Netanyahu before he leaves office, perhaps. Whatever significance the resolution has, the Israeli reaction suggests it’s important. An announcement in Jerusalem concerning 450 new ‘settlement’ buildings has been postponed. John Kerry was quite scathing about Israeli intransigence toward a peace process. Sadly, the US administration has been silent over the last eight years, or things might be different now.

On top of all that, the war in Syria has just seen a major victory for the Syrian Arab Army. The Israeli government is a major sponsor of the rebels and assist them in host of different ways, despite them being on international terrorist lists. How any supposed ‘Islamic Jihadist’ can accept the assistance of the Israelis is beyond my comprehension but they don’t seem to see the hypocrisy of it. If Netanyahu has a dog, it would do well to steer clear of him for the foreseeable future.

You weren’t invited, you aren’t welcome and you will only make things worse!

The US announced 200 more American troops will be sent to Syria, to help with the war against ISIS. What makes Obama think that his useless troops could fight their way out of a paper bag, never mind defeat ISIS? They are more likely to be helping ISIS, just as they did when they attacked Deir Ezzor a few weeks ago.

The hard, indisputable fact is that the Americans don’t win wars. After initial shock and awe they go on to enrage the general population and their occupation tends to fizzle out, having succeeded in their initial objectives, primarily taking charge of the country’s assets. Basically, if leaving chaos in their wake and creating failed states is their intention, they are unrivalled world champions. Obama and the rest of the war hungry imbeciles should keep their noses out of Syrian affairs and concentrate on their own problems at home. Taking care of their old folk like the dribbling Senator McCain would be much more beneficial to US interests. Relying on advice from dementia riddled lunatics like Kissinger for their foreign policy is not very sensible and taking orders from the deranged Netanyahu is the ultimate humiliation. America has enough domestic difficulties without making other peoples problems worse and creating more enemies.

Mass US Senator adulation for Israel needs examination. The Israelis aren’t stupid. First of all they invite Senators to a free stay in the country and then brainwash them. They convince the visiting dignitaries that the Palestinians are inherently evil and despise Jews for no reason. They subsequently return home and vote for every measure beneficial to Israel. If Senators resist Israeli inducements they are subjected to a vicious media attack which ultimately destroys their career. This wouldn’t be so bad if Israel were a shining beacon of humility, social justice and equality for all, but they aren’t. They are exactly the opposite and should be hailed as the worlds worst example of how we should all live. They are specialists at manufacturing drones, (supposed*) security and boast of their expertise in keeping Palestinians under stifling control. They have few achievements and successes that benefit all people, they are embarrassing failures and shouldn’t be bossing anyone around, especially the supposed ‘super power’.

The Israeli government is probably the most prejudiced right wing collaboration since the Hitler regime. Their contempt for none Jews is emphatic. Tight controls on almost every aspect of none Jewish ‘Israeli’ lives restrict personal advancement. They crave control over all Palestinians but won’t use the money that America lavishes on them to pay for it. Making their lives as miserable as possible is the next best thing and they are very good at it. Prospects for most Palestinians aren’t good. Huge open air prisons are not conducive to human contentment nor a productive existence and removing any hope for the captives which drives them to despair. That is the intention.

Over the years, successive Israeli regimes have driven hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, look at what they built in place of those picturesque idyllic villages. I’d rather not put examples up of the disgusting and monstrous buildings that have replaced the individually unique buildings full of character that the Palestinians built. They are an eyesore, lacking any imagination (always built on hills to overlook the Palestinian villages and towns) and are proof that no one can buy ‘style’, not even with vast amounts of money the US gives them.

How did I get from uninvited American soldiers to criticising Israel? Because time and time again, America totally humiliates itself for the benefit of Israel. It will and does break any law to keep Netanyahu and his army of lobbyists in Washington quiet. The problem is that no matter what the US does for Israel, it will never be content and will always regard Americans as extremely stupid. Useful tools that Israel would not hesitate in betraying.

The chaos in the Middle East is created for Israel. They think they can dominate the Arabs with their small numbers by outwitting them, destroying their culture and driving a wedge between various factions. Do they really think their covert actions and devious nature is sustainable? Of course they do, thus far it’s working beautifully and they become more and more arrogant about their plans for a greater Israel. Complacency and the Arabs waking up to their plans will bring about their downfall and because of their crimes it will not be a peaceful demise. There is only one winner and it won’t be the Zionists.

* Many terrorist crimes have been committed whilst Israeli companies have been in charge of security including 9/11 airports and the London tube station bombings.


Obama and the blame game.

In March 2016, Obama publicly blamed David Cameron for the fiasco in Libya. Recently, a report by the British Foreign Affairs Committee also condemned Cameron for expanding the mission into regime change and using humanitarian issues as cover.

Quote from the report.

‘The Foreign Affairs Committee slammed the decision to invade the North African country in 2011 in an effort to remove then-leader Moammar Gadhafi. Though the intervention was ostensibly meant to aid civilians under fire from Gadhafi’s forces, British lawmakers said the UK government had failed to provide credible evidence that the dictator’s regime directly threatened civilians.’

The report came out a few days after Cameron had resigned his position as a Parliamentary member and the timing was perfect. The blame was shoved onto Cameron who was no longer the Conservative Party leader and so it wasn’t their collective fault. The civilian aid reason was a lie and it can be easily proven.

The cost of Libyan intervention prior to Gadhafi’s removal was £325 million (this amount of money could have paid for three 200+ bed hospitals in the UK).

Money for the rebuilding effort given to Libya after Gadhafi had been murdered was £25 million.

This is conclusive evidence that ‘humanitarian intervention’ has more to do with creating orders for the arms industry than protection of civilians.

Returning to Obama’s astounding avoidance of his part in the crime, we need look no further than Hillary Clinton. He appointed her and she was as much to blame as the European cowards, Sarkozy and Cameron. Moreover, if we knew what was written in those deleted emails from when she was in office as the US Foreign Secretary, the complete picture would emerge and Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, certainly wouldn’t be blameless.

New York ‘terror’ victims overshadow US support for ISIS.

The 29 victims of a pressure cooker bomb has given the US government convenient cover to overshadow the horrific crime committed on the Syrian Arab Army.

A report from The Indian Express included this statement:

Authorities said 25 people suffered minor injuries.

So all the international headlines describing New York as being gripped by terrorism and 25 of the 29 are suffering minor injuries? The death of at least 60 Syrian soldiers and serious injuries to up to another 100 and the media concentrate on the glorified firework? No mention that the thugs the US air force had just been protecting with air cover might eventually travel to New York and fill some more pressure cookers with nails, nuts, bolts and other odds and sods they can muster?

It isn’t just the American press that is totally ignoring the unprovoked attack on Syrian forces, the British media have the Davis Cup tennis exit and the closing ceremony for the Olympic games above the murderous USAF attack as regards importance. At least 60 families now have no bread winner, no father to guide and protect them, no husband to share the burden of nurturing their children. Life for these families will never be the same. Meanwhile over in New York half a dozen crepe bandages and a box of sticking plasters will sort out the vast majority of the victims of terror.


As you can see, US military and emergency services frantically trying to make some sense of the carnage in New York.

All this would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking sick.