Naftali Bennett: Almost silent and very deadly.

Will anything change with a new leader? Not likely. Bennett was pivotal in the 1996 massacre in Qana and has boasted of 'killing many Arabs'. After Bennett's recent success in negotiating the removal of the stubborn Netanyahu, the BBC virtually ignored his extremist views and instead quoted him as saying he would unite the nation. … Continue reading Naftali Bennett: Almost silent and very deadly.

Roger Waters.

A superb interview with the incredible Palestinian activist Roger Waters. A video with Roger Waters and other Palestinian activists shows  Waters at his defiant best and feels more like an armchair discussion with the fearless musician than a public interview. This audience with Mr Waters appears to be less inhibited with his criticism of the … Continue reading Roger Waters.

Breaking the silence.

Surprisingly, a BBC interview with a former IDF soldier critical of the Israeli military. A member of the Israeli anti occupation group 'Breaking the Silence', Avner Gvaryahu is interviewed by the selectively critical Stephen Sackur. Gvaryahu is very eloquent in his attack on Israeli policy. Sackur attempts to label him a hypocrite and a … Continue reading Breaking the silence.