Led to war by a fool.

UK await a decision by the lunatic in the White House.

The pathetic UK government are waiting for the nod from Trump to bring even more carnage on Syria because of allegations relating to the use of chemical weapons. None of the previous claims have been confirmed and in each case there has been no logical or strategical reason to use them. The first time the Russians mediated to get rid of all Syrian chemical weapons, which the OPCW oversaw. The reason they had them in the first place was because their troublesome neighbour, Israel had (and still holds) vast quantities. The OPCW had no reservations regarding the removal and destruction by the US. Syria denied any involvement aside from the fact that many of their soldiers died in the terrorist attack.

The second claim was responded to by Trump, with 59 cruise missiles being fired at a Syrian air base. One of the ‘primary witnesses’, a doctor interviewed at the local hospital called Shajul Islam is a suspected terrorist who had been involved with the kidnapping of numerous journalists and aid workers before being allowed to return to Syria by the UK intelligence services. This was barely reported by the BBC and was only available in two year old editions of newspapers due to his court case collapsing. John Cantlie (the main prosecution witness) had returned to the region and was seized for a second time. He had already escaped being kidnapped once before.

The recent accusation, just like the others, are similarly shrouded in terrorist activities and their motives. This time it’s Jaish al-Islam, a notorious group of terrorists that are so extreme, even their fellow terrorist in Idlib despise them. They have apparently been moved to a location near there but their ‘colleagues’ have sworn to destroy them.

Ill feeling amongst the various groups is widespread but the venom reserved for Jaish al-Islam is particularly fierce and I believe there is a perfectly good reason for this. There have been rumours about US, British and Israeli special services infiltrated into terrorist groups since the war began but just as in Aleppo during that siege, Douma has also been rife with whispers of outside assistance to the terrorists. It’s claimed that the last pocket remaining in East Ghouta, controlled by Jaish al-Islam was also holding ‘foreign advisors’. If that was the case, it’s quite clear why the group is so unpopular. They are either considered to be a fabricated organisation designed by Western intelligence to do their bidding or they have actually been working side by side with the agencies that have been meddling in Syrian affairs. In other words Jaish al-Islam are considered to be traitors.  

During the cleansing of East Ghouta, SAA and its allies have found at least one chemical weapons factory built by the terrorists, needless to say, the mainstream media haven’t uttered a word about this warehouse that was abandoned as the Syrian government forces moved in.

I refer regularly to the OPCW but that’s not to say it’s an organisation that can be trusted. Ahmet Üzümcü is the Director-General of the organisation and is from Turkey. Erdogan’s hatred of Assad and Üzümcü’s relationship with him, if there is one, is not clear. The composition of the executive council changes on May 12th this year, the members are from a wide international consensus but their conclusions from the Khan Sheikhoun CW allegations were riddled with inconsistencies and, by their own admission, the control of the samples from the site were not kept under their own ‘chain of custody’ rules. That means there is no way of knowing if the evidence is credible. Their official report on Khan Sheikhoun is therefore nothing but tainted propaganda that could not be used in a court of law and casts serious doubts about their general authenticity.

It appears at the moment as if Theresa May is resisting attempts to take a vote in the British parliament, regarding Syria. Calls from all sides have been ignored, probably due to David Cameron’s failure to get approval the last time there was a vote. It will be a serious mistake if there is a large scale attack on Syria (which seems most likely the longer they take to plan it). The lies and ‘faulty intelligence’ from previous atrocities haven’t taught us anything. This attack is being built on claims by a terrorist group closely affiliated with Al Qaeda. Of course that group have never actually existed. It was the name given to them by the intelligence community and referred to ‘the base’, a list of terrorist suspects from around the world. It was designed and constructed by shady government lackeys, just like Jaish al-Islam have been. This is the reason the other terrorists have vowed to destroy them and the reason why the governments of US and UK trust their claims so much. They are security service assets and for this reason alone, appear to have such influence in creating yet another atrocity on a Muslim majority nation.

The common theme with all these baseless accusations is that US and UK are deliberately using extremely disreputable, unreliable and unbelievable sources in an attempt to get popular approval for attacking Syria. Shajul Islam, Jaish al-Islam and the White Helmets are just about as untrustworthy as you could get.

No war in Syria on behalf of terrorists.


The Skripal conspiracy and what it means to us.

It’s looking increasingly obvious that we have all been fooled by this elaborate hoax.

Reports are surfacing today that claim Yulia Skripal has been released from hospital, being debriefed by British authorities before being given a new identity so that she can ‘disappear’, like a ghost in the night. Many analysts are conflating the Salisbury poisoning and the current Syrian chemical weapon allegations but I was sceptical and couldn’t see any real connection. That has all changed now that it has become clear that Miss Skripal intends staying in the UK under a different identity.

The aim was to demonise Russia and unequivocally tie them to chemical weapons so that the general public make the connection:

Syria + Russia = Absolutely conclusive proof of chemical weapon using rogue states.

The diplomatic fall out was to bring back (supposedly) valuable assets in Russia, in case the war escalates from the locality of Syria, into a worldwide conflict.

Everything is finally making sense and it doesn’t look good. Israel knew it was coming, that is why they took the opportunity to kill 31 and injure 2,500, knowing that the Russian veto at the UN would overshadow the US veto to investigate Israel.

Russia has stated on numerous occasions that they are integrated into every level of the Syrian military and therefore one cannot be targeted without killing the other. If that happens, Russia have promised reprisals. If Russia don’t respond to what is being described as a huge assault on Syria, they will be regarded as weak, if they do respond it opens the door to the final war.

This isn’t going to be 59 Tomahawk missiles. The US and UK are going to fritter billions of dollars worth of military hardware onto the people of Syria in what will be a devastating attack. They had lost the war to remove Assad, now Syria will pay the price.

The writing is on the wall and we are unable to stop the lunatic in the White House, supported by a British poodle and a compromised Frenchman.

It’s quite surreal as everything falls into place and it becomes clear what is happening before our eyes. Despite an increasingly suspicious British public, the government carried on with the unbelievable Skripal fantasy and now it looks like they are both assets of the British intelligence services, being employed to smear Putin and the Russian people.

All I can suggest is to contact your local MP and demand a vote before we get involved in any action against Syria – We are effectively declaring war on Russia. Do you think the US will be concerned when the Russians sink the HMS Great Britain (or should it be USS Great Britain?)

Maybe it won’t come to this but I genuinely fear for Syria. A brave and valiant resistance against US/UK/Israel led terrorists has been an epic battle of survival, which looks like being undone by a host of raving lunatics that have no respect for ordinary people and if the shit hits the fan, they will be underground and ironically, will survive to die of old age.

Another irony of all this is that Syria and Russia have both given up all chemical weapons under the watchful eye of the OPCW.

Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted much of this, I hope I have. Nothing will please me more than if I end up looking an absolute plum for writing this article.

Carlson Tucker is the only high profile presenter that is revealing the truth.

The only thing I would contest is Carlson’s conclusion that Assad is capable of an attack using chemical weapons. Carlson’s expression when listening to Roger Wicker’s lies, is a picture. He then goes on to rip the Senators logic to pieces by simply stating the facts. This video should be spread far and wide by anyone that values both the international rule of law and the right to remove terrorism from their towns and cities. The remarks by refugees flooding out of  the terrorist run parts of Syria is compelling evidence that these thugs have been terrorising them and holding them as human shields.


Charles Lister.

Charles Lister is an expert on Middle East related politics. How do we know? Because he told us so and he’s a ‘senior fellow’ at the Middle East Institute (whatever that means). His profile claims: ‘Lister also managed nearly three years of intensive face-to-face engagement with the leaderships of over 100 Syrian armed opposition groups’.

That’s quite an achievement considering that most Westerners who encountered these people at close quarters, didn’t have a long life expectancy. Lister’s most recent tweets (he’s a prolific tweeter) concentrate on the chemical weapon attack at Khan Sheikhoun, of which he has just concluded that Assad did it and there is incontrovertible evidence supporting his claim.

charles lister

Lister criticises Russia for demanding OPCW involvement and then dismissing their results. He knows as well as anyone that there has to be absolute security of the samples for the results to be verified. The integrity of the suspected chemical weapons has to be assured by a chain of custody, whereby the samples are guaranteed to be tamper free. So far as I’m aware, all the samples retained cannot be verified.

Khan Sheikhoun is in a rebel held area. No one could have got close to the ‘scene of the crime’ without the ruling terrorists allowing it. Furthermore, as each hour went by, the alleged site of the attack was open to contamination, manipulation and tampering. Images a day or so apart have already proven that an item was removed from the bomb crater.

Lister supports his accusation that Assad was responsible by quoting the governments of Turkey, Israel, US, France and UK. All the aforementioned governments have not just passively but actively supported any opposition to the Syrian Arab Army, no matter what they did in terms of criminal activities or their extremist ideology. He missed out two other nations who support the claim. Those bastions of democracy, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Turkey has allowed the porous border with Syria to be a crossing point for thousands of terrorists.   Israel have treated terrorists at field hospitals and attacked Syrian assets on numerous occasions . United Kingdom has donated £ millions and and given equipment to the extremist White Helmets. United States have killed many Syrian Arab Army troops and destroyed bridges over the Euphrates.    France have been undermining the Syrian government and been involved in ‘coalition’ attacks.

So, we can conclude that unless a chain of custody can be absolutely guaranteed for the samples, any results or conclusions are null and void. Lister knows this but continues his claims and arguments as if the integrity had been maintained.

Despite his studious appearance, Lister is an avid supporter of military action. His many meetings with terrorists shows he has a strong stomach for violence – inflicted on to others. His friends in ISIS and al Qa’ida have made the lives of ordinary Syrians an absolute misery and he has been on the sidelines cheering them on, claiming that Assad’s removal is his priority. Well Mr Lister, I think you should give the Syrian people some credit and allow them to decide who should be the head of their nation. Your support and cooperation with terrorist groups are well documented.

Lister reminds me of that other self proclaimed UK ‘expert’, Eliot Higgins. I would put money on neither of them having been in a conflict area similar to the one they are insisting the Syrian people should endure. They must be earning a lot of money for supporting ‘regime change’ and inflicting such conditions on people they don’t even know. They ignore the fact that at least 55% of Syrians are living in government areas and that SAA liberated villages and towns are relieved to be rid of the extremist zealots that Lister and Elliot support… Because they were making their lives intolerable.

If they believe in the cause to remove Assad so much, maybe they should join the hundreds of other brain washed British fools fighting for extremist groups in Syria. That they have only a remote relationship with any real Islamic values doesn’t appear to deter the ‘mercenaries’ already travelled to Syria, I’m sure it wouldn’t bother these two armchair warriors.

If these two British snakes had any good intentions towards Syrians, they would advocate the withdrawing of any uninvited parties, which would include the five governments he gives so much credence to above. It would also mean the 70,000 moderates Lister so laughably claimed were fighting against Syrian Arab Army and its allies. There never were remotely near that number.