Israel nailed by Norman Finkelstein.

Finkelstein is the master at defending Palestinian rights. If Finkelstein didn't have such an irritating voice (no offence) and if pro Israeli cowards would debate him, his knowledge is a devastating weapon. I can only recall Alan Dershowitz, one of the devious lawyers that managed to get OJ Simpson acquitted, having the 'courage' to … Continue reading Israel nailed by Norman Finkelstein.

I spoke too soon…..

Israel provides air cover for terrorist elements inĀ  Quneitra. The Israeli Air Force today supplied air cover for Al Nusra terrorists, destroying Syrian military vehicles and killing two Syrian soldiers. The lying Israelis claimed the attack was because of errant weapons fire into 'Israel controlled areas'. If they weren't illegally occupying the Golan Heights, there … Continue reading I spoke too soon…..

Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian…..

...Palestinian boy with cancer, gets 91 days for throwing rocks. These two sentences were from a tweet by @dancohen300, so my thanks go to him. I'm not a gambler but if I were, I'd put money on the Israeli murderer seeing the light of day first, if indeed he does see the darkness of a … Continue reading Israeli soldier gets 18 months in jail for executing a Palestinian…..

The ludicrous ‘Iranian threat’.

So what is this great threat from the Iranians? How many countries have they attacked? Actually, they haven't attacked any other countries for hundreds of years, the war with Iraq was initiated by Saddam, with US encouragement, logistics and military hardware. The Iranian government are what could be described as straight laced or traditional and … Continue reading The ludicrous ‘Iranian threat’.