Dr Marcus Papadopoulos nails it again.

The political commentator, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos has again been involved in a brilliant interview where he explains the real intent of the White Helmets and the incredible stupidity of journalists and government officials by believing the claims of the militant affiliated group. We don't have to dig into the dark corners of the web to … Continue reading Dr Marcus Papadopoulos nails it again.

East Ghouta – No escape.

Jeremy Bowen supports the lies about the 'siege'. Reports from the BBC continue to imply Russian and Syrian behaviour is stopping civilians from escaping the East Ghouta region of Syria. The presenters first words, describing the terrorists as rebels, is a blatant falsehood. The militant criminals holed up in East Ghouta have no connection to … Continue reading East Ghouta – No escape.

Unconvincing propaganda failure with UNICEF collusion.

BBC news have claimed Russian or Syrian aircraft have attacked a school killing 22 people, including at least 7 children. Anthony Lake, the executive director of UNICEF said "If it's deliberate, it is yet another war crime committed by Pro Assad forces and was probably the largest single event on a school in the war … Continue reading Unconvincing propaganda failure with UNICEF collusion.

Syria:Total fabrication.

The British ITV station have just transmitted a news program concerning Syria but more precisely, it's about Russian involvement there. Accusations of attacking civilian Syrian targets weren't supported with any evidence, except video of collapsed buildings, which could have been anywhere and committed by anyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjE6AkSSFps The 'hell cannon' used by terrorists in Syria. Are … Continue reading Syria:Total fabrication.

Super smooth and silky ISIS public relations.

ISIS public relations department have made some awful mistakes, for example the young Palestinian beheaded just a few weeks ago (the group that did this crime aren't categorised as extremists by US and UK authorities) and rebel sources claimed they had all been arrested, however they were photographed during the recent battle in Aleppo, days … Continue reading Super smooth and silky ISIS public relations.