Bye, bye BBC……

My TV licence fee is due soon but after listening to Eddie Mair on PM last night when I was commuting to work, I’ve decided enough is enough. I will not pay money to be inundated with propaganda. I wouldn’t say there are specific rules to control how the news is provided to us but my guess is that if a BBC employee doesn’t spin a story the ‘correct way’, they would soon find their workload thinning out, dramatically.

Yesterday, whilst summarising the responses to Trump’s preplanned attack on Syria, there was a chorus of approving voices and a couple of condemnation, one of which was a Syrian army officer who sounded animated and passionate (quite rightly) and then it was finished off with Jeremy Bowen’s thoughts. I have had a lot of respect for Bowen in the past, despite sensing that he had to restrain his tone, particularly with regards Palestine. Amongst other things, Bowen claimed that the Tomahawk cruise missile attack was the first US action against the Syrian government troops. Considering Bowen’s vast knowledge on the region, I find it hard to believe that he ‘forgot’ about the Deir Ezzor attack which killed almost a hundred Syrian Arab Army and their allies in September 2016.

Omitting this fact was unforgivable. Thousands of Syrian people will still feel raw about the way their relatives died at the hands of the US military that day and as I’ve explained in previous posts, there is no way it could have been an accident.

If this is what you have to do, Jeremy – to remain being employed by the BBC, it’s your choice, but I won’t be contributing to your wages, nor your big fat pension, any more. I’ll miss listening to Eddie Mair too, he is an intelligent and very witty presenter. He’s not afraid to talk about the topics that other people would avoid and I have heard him giving a pro Israeli guest a torrid time. Having said that, the claustrophobic propaganda that the BBC has force fed me and millions of other listeners, readers and watchers is about to end, for me.


The mainstream media.

The MSM have totally ignored Aleppo since the the criminal terrorists were unceremoniously ‘green bussed’ out of the area. Thousands of stories and statements from the oppressed people of East Aleppo, condemning the actions and atrocities committed by the so called rebels haven’t been published by the media that was supposedly so concerned with the ‘humanitarian disaster’ that they were predicting during the liberation of the terrorist enclave.

The White Helmets have been condemned as closely connected with Al Nusra and other banned terrorist organisations, yet our media have said nothing. Moving affidavits by escaping Aleppans have not been shown to the wider world, unsurprisingly, the BBC left the region four days before Syrian government troops (and it’s allies) finally removed the rebel cancer.

We shouldn’t really be surprised. People generally are becoming more aware of the TV and newspaper lies. They are becoming the laughing stock, clinging to the often repeated lies that Bashar Al Assad is slaughtering his own people. Read any Syrian connected story at online websites and the public response overwhelmingly dismisses the propaganda. The journalists are living in a parallel world which they have to try to uphold simply to receive their monthly blood money.

Despite restrictions that are undoubtedly in the pipeline to restrict our efforts to ascertain the truth with regards a host of events across the world, the masses have become too curious. Thousands of blogs (many far more revealing than this one) are provoking curious doubts about the reality as compared to the brainwashing repetition of the MSM.

I hope that people will begin to search for themselves to find out the truth. Unfortunately, if we don’t, the murderous power brokers around the world will eventually imprison us in a vicious, uncompromising prison, whilst they look on from behind their secured and military protected safe zones. Particularly if you have children or grandchildren, you have to seize the initiative and do the only thing you can do to protect them. Work harder to inform yourselves, stop buying newspapers and stop watching TV news programs. Media deception is so blatantly obvious, you have to do research yourself to create an informed opinion. If your conclusion is different to mine, fair enough, I’ll still applaud the fact that you empowered yourself with knowledge.

Unconvincing propaganda failure with UNICEF collusion.

BBC news have claimed Russian or Syrian aircraft have attacked a school killing 22 people, including at least 7 children. Anthony Lake, the executive director of UNICEF said “If it’s deliberate, it is yet another war crime committed by Pro Assad forces and was probably the largest single event on a school in the war so far”

Wrong, Mr Lake!!

You appear to have forgotten the school that was attacked by two car bombs in Homs in 2014. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency stated:

“Initial reports indicate that at least 39 people were killed in the incident, of whom 30 were children. Three Palestine refugee children lost their lives and a further two were injured.”

The twin bomb attacks on Akrama Al Makhzoumi School in Homs on 1 October, 2014 happened when two car bombs were left outside the school gates.

Absolutely no doubt of the intent here, Mr Lake.

Why wasn’t this atrocity in a government held area condemned? The different treatment of these two events suggest a political element influencing UNICEF statements and that is unacceptable. There have also been dozens of attacks on schools and university’s in government held areas that have slipped under your radar. You are very quick to condemn Assad forces without minimal evidence, but blind to the daily murders of civilians in government held regions. Basic principles should be adhered to in order to be fair and none political. Considering the bias in your statements and the failure to see atrocities committed by terrorists, do you think your $200,000+ salary is justified, Mr Lake? Personally, I think if you had any decency at all, you would realise your position is untenable and jump off this charitable gravy train.

Of course, questions should have been asked straight away when the SOHR were making this claim. How many times can this British government funded, one man band, who is extremely anti Assad and boasts of countless terrorist contacts in Syria, be taken seriously? These horror stories keep appearing and it’s always the same people that make the claims that are then repeated, without being verified.

Mud sticks and false allegations are a vital part of the propaganda machine. Journalists know that people are affected by the drip-drip effect of their headlines and rarely provide compelling evidence to back them up. Even if they do finally admit they were wrong, it’s always a low key admission, far away from the front pages.

I searched for information, to either confirm or dismiss the allegations of UNICEF, but there was nothing about this atrocity. The story just dried up. From it being broadcast numerous times as the top news story, it simply vanished. This is very unusual. Even the fabricated attack on a hospital produced a BBC documentary, Saving Syria’s Children. For the BBC to drop this story like a hot potato, there must have been serious flaws.

This video doesn’t convince me:

First of all Orient News is a terrorist sympathetic news agency. A Russian spokesperson insisted none of it’s aircraft were in the area at the time of the attack. Russia also took video footage from a drone of their own and experts concluded there was nowhere near enough damage for it to have been an air strike. The video above appears to be a very poor attempt to convince people of the attack, yet again White Helmets were on the scene.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the attack and White Helmets at the scene, an extremely suspicious combination. Looking at this footage here, it’s not surprising the BBC dropped the story, it’s embarrassingly obvious that it isn’t genuine.

So we had an extremist news agency, the White Helmets (an extension of Al Nusra) and a bitter Syrian exile who were all instrumental in this story and no one was suspicious?

There is more on this story here.

FAO Andrew Mitchell MP.

Mr Mitchell, I am using my blog to address you because I am not in your constituency and, as you know, it is almost impossible to contact an MP unless you actually live in that MP’s constituency. I cannot allow your grotesque lies to go unanswered. If the ‘plebgate scandal’ jury was as misinformed as your latest ‘performance’ in the House of Commons, its surprising anyone believed you.

First of all, we’ll have a geography lesson with regards to who controls what areas in the city of Aleppo. The ‘rebels’ are in control of an area approximately 5 kms x 3 kms in the district known as ‘East Aleppo’ which is now surrounded by Syrian government held areas where the civilians are quite happy to have the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. The civilians in government territory are being killed daily by the ‘rebels’ in East Aleppo, something which neither you nor the media have been able to grasp. Are the victims who live in rebel controlled areas the only ones that matter?

You claimed that Aleppo city used to be home for 2 million people and that is roughly speaking, correct. You further claimed that there are only 250,000 living there now, that is incorrect. There are 1.5 million Syrians still living in government controlled areas and there was 250,000 living in rebel held areas, but that estimation has changed dramatically and various agencies believe there to be a maximum of 40,000. Recent events where corridors have been opened to allow civilians and indeed rebels to escape East Aleppo have been rejected by those described as moderates and all the escape routes have been systematically targeted by the rebels to stop people escaping.Therefore the response to the deal has been muted. Is this the fault of President Assad and his Russian allies?

I would like to have addressed the large amount of false statements you projected to the House of Commons, but they are far too numerous and time does not allow. Here is what you said, a short excerpt:

The attack on the convoy marked a new low, with 18 humanitarian workers killed, food and medicines destroyed and warehouses and medical facilities seriously damaged. We should be clear about what is happening in Aleppo. The Russians are not attacking military formations. They are not engaging with militias and fighters. They are attacking hospitals and a terrified population, which is now down from 2 million to under 250,000. People are hiding in the cellars and the rubble that is Aleppo today. Last week, the M10 underground hospital was attacked by bunker-busting bombs to break through its roof and by cluster bombs aimed specifically at harming and injuring individual people. The location of that hospital was known to every combatant. There is no doubt that attacking that hospital was an international war crime.

(As a side issue, where was your condemnation of Israel dropping millions of cluster bombs in Lebanon, which are still killing people today?)

The attack on the aid convoy was by no means proven to be committed by pro Syrian forces, however, one thing that was proven and admitted to was the attack on Syrian soldiers and their allies at Deir Ezzor. The attack enabled ISIS to take vital areas from Syrian control and threaten hundreds of thousands of civilians in Deir Ezzor. How do you justify being the air cover for ISIS? The attack couldn’t possibly have been a  mistake because it had been under Syrian control for months, it wasn’t an evolving nor particularly volatile area until this attack was made.

It would appear that you have accepted, without question statements by the White Helmets.Indeed, your claims could be a statement from a WH representative. May I suggest you do some research on these people before believing them. A picture of a hospital bed in a bombed room is hardly evidence a hospital was actually at that location. I have a hospital bed in a spare room, it would be easy to make it look like a bomb site. If the rebels are to be believed, East Aleppo has the most hospitals in the world for such a small area.

So Mr Mitchell, wouldn’t it be prudent to do a little more research before you call an emergency debate, in future? Quite frankly, the facts that you seem to believe are actually terrorist propaganda and you should be ashamed of yourself at being duped by these barbaric and murderous individuals.

The real question is, have you been misled, conned or are you part of the agenda that isn’t bothered about peace in Syria, merely the removal of Assad? My instinct says the latter.

Are we really so gullible……..

Intense news coverage is being used to try to gain public approval for both the US and UK to attack the Syrian Arab Army AND that will mean attacking Russia too. The unrelenting images of people being pulled from buildings covered in dust are not a real reflection of the situation and it is in both Russia and Syria’s interest not to harm civilians. The same cannot be said for the terrorists. They continually bombard government held Aleppo and on a daily basis routinely kill civilians. Five children were killed whilst at school only yesterday. Reports of these murders are withheld from the news reports received in the West and only images purporting to be from inside rebel areas are transmitted. Every news bulletin is based on a pack of lies or from the terrorists themselves. Have we forgotten what happens to Western journalists when the terrorists find them? James Foley and Steven Sotloff’s families haven’t.

This is the fate of journalists caught by terrorists in Syria. Journalists Foley and Sotloff.

If this is what happens to journalists, how are the news media getting precise reports from inside terrorist held areas? The only exception would be Bilal Abdul Kareem, the American journalist who is a known sympathiser for the extremists.


Here is Mr Bilal, reporting from inside rebel held Aleppo.

The buildings behind Mr Bilal look intact. Perhaps a little bit shabby but certainly not half destroyed.


…. And these don’t look like they have been targeted by the Russian or Syrian air force either.


…. Nor these. I agree, not the most luxurious looking apartments but I can’t see no missile damage.

If we take a look at a government held part of Aleppo now.


Government held area of Aleppo, not something you will see on the BBC.

So if I can produce evidence of terrorists deliberately targeting pro Assad territory, why can’t the so called journalists? I have not had any training as a journalist, (which is probably obvious) yet I know that I could go and visit any government controlled area and get these photographs myself, providing I was brave enough to go to Syria.

By being deceived from media propaganda ‘we’ve’ already destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a good proportion of historic Syria. A good dose of scepticism is required when you see the dusty children being pulled from the rubble. If the White Helmets are involved even more so. Governments clearly don’t need public approval, as Iraq confirmed but they are more emboldened by it.

(in £millions)

Iraq war: £8,164.2

Afghanistan war £21,315.7

Libyan bombing:  £350.0

These are official government figures, so they might be double these amounts. The number of people killed in these unnecessary conflicts is impossible to calculate. Half a million Iraqi children died purely because we wouldn’t allow them to buy vital medication from the West. The same sanctions have been inflicted on Syria.

Hands off Syria!

Syria:Total fabrication.

The British ITV station have just transmitted a news program concerning Syria but more precisely, it’s about Russian involvement there. Accusations of attacking civilian Syrian targets weren’t supported with any evidence, except video of collapsed buildings, which could have been anywhere and committed by anyone.

The ‘hell cannon’ used by terrorists in Syria.

Are we supposed to believe that the ‘hell  cannons’ that propel a 47kg gas bottle filled with explosives aren’t doing much damage and Russian and Syrian fighter jets are doing? For all the mobile phones and their recording capability we have at hand, why isn’t there a mountain of evidence implicating the Russians? Here is a video of the rebel held protests in East Aleppo, against UN aid being delivered to them.

This video has numerous issues which I will examine. First of all, there is only one woman in the video and she is wearing a niqab. It’s almost as if women were told not to protest. Compare this with government held Aleppo, which is an area where different religions and the various sects live side by side and protests are attended by an array of different people.

Secondly, the vast majority in the video are males of a fighting age and only one is armed, implying the rest are civilians. The protest itself was because they didn’t want to accept aid directly through government opened ‘corridors’, they demanded it be distributed through the official ‘rebel’ leaders. This is a very strange situation because there have been countless claims that the terrorists have been profiteering from the aid. The demonstrators look like they are relatively healthy and well fed and not very desperate, particularly if they can refuse food. The White Helmets might have a different take on things.

My third point is that I can’t help thinking that the footage has been ‘directed’, somehow. For the most part, there aren’t many children and it looks like the ones that are there are being used as props.



The most damning problem in this video is something the producers should clearly have thought about. The buildings. During this clip, I saw no damaged buildings of the type we see on our nightly news, yet the Russians are allegedly carpet bombing them. We in the UK are subjected to images of destroyed buildings and dust covered people in every bulletin about Syria. Just like John Kerry, these protesters appear to be in a parallel universe.

Here’s what it should look like.


Flip flopping Boris.

It seems Boris Johnson has been encouraging people to go and protest outside the Russian Embassy about Russian involvement in Syria. Is this the same Boris Johnson that was praising Russia for it’s support of Assad because he was fighting the terrorists, not so long ago? Since he became part of the higher ranking establishment he appears to have totally changed his opinion. All I’ve got to say to you Boris is that you are a lying fat fucker who should go and waste his own time protesting outside the Russian Embassy.


Thumbs up or down, Boris?

Fergal Keane.. Just another BBC fraud.

The program was well designed and slotted into the first ten minutes of the UK BBC News At Ten. Sad looking children with heart rendering stories. A Syrian disaster created by Bashar Al Assad, they claimed, what can we do, they asked. Let me state a few facts.

It is the UK, US and others who have been supplying and are still supplying weapons, money and support to the so called ‘rebels’ in Syria. They could not survive without OUR support.

The same countries want only one outcome – The removal of President Assad.

The majority of Syrian people want President Assad to remain their leader. That is called democracy.

Numerous groups have sprung up claiming to be independent Syrian supporters, they are not. They are financed by businessmen and governments with the sole intention of removing President Assad.

The White Helmets were set up by a British former soldier with the intention to work only in ‘REBEL’ areas and to blame every death on President Assad. Despite the fact that many of these ‘White Helmets’ have been caught brazenly assisting terrorist groups, they are still being touted for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The US attack on Syrian Arab Army soldiers a few weeks ago was described as a mistake, it wasn’t, terrorist groups attacked Syrian government forces as soon as the US attack ceased. This means the US government colluded with known terrorists.

What Mr Fergal Keane didn’t tell you was that the attacks on government held areas are killing many more civilians than attacks on ‘rebel’ areas. Most of the ‘rebel’ areas are rubble and have very few civilians living in them.

The few that are living there could have left only a week or two ago but seemingly the ‘rebels’ wouldn’t allow them to. It’s a tactic, to use them as shields, to try to stop the Syrian and Russian jets from bombing them.

How did you get into the ‘rebel’ held areas? They won’t allow vital aid in for the civilians but they will allow a Western journalist in? Ordinarily, journalists return from those people without their heads, how did you get around that problem? Or did you really go in at all?

What would we expect our government to do in the same circumstances? Allow the ‘rebels’ to terrorise us? Mr Fergal Keane, you are a fraud and you are aiding and abetting the US and their allies to attack a sovereign nation but unlike all the journalist miscreants that lied about the Iraq war and the Libyan slaughter, you will be brought to justice for your crimes.

You are a total disgrace to your profession.