Israel itching for a fight.

Incredible restraint being shown by Assad in the face of mounting provocation.

The Israeli Air Force have now attacked the Syrian Arab Army and its allies for three days running. The strikes have been in support of Al Qaida/Al Nusra/ISIS or whatever name they call themselves. The illegal assaults have been completely ignored by the UN

Clearly, the Israelis don’t fear the terrorists as they claim to do when they accuse them of attacking them in occupied Palestine. The catalogue of assistance given to the extremists is even discussed in mainstream media. Money, weapons and medical assistance as well as military air support is given to the terrorist vermin who are confirmed Israeli proxies, in their attempts to weaken the Assad government.

If it weren’t for Syria and its allies struggling to fight the criminal invaders, the cowardly Israelis wouldn’t dare attack Syrian assets. The IDF couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag and it will be proven once Syria have finished with the US, UK and Saudi financed terrorists. I’m sure Nasrallah and his military advisors have already cooked up some nice surprises for the next time the Israelis feel brave enough to try to take on Hezbollah.

As it stands currently, only the IAF think they are safe to attack Syria without fear of reprisals. It’s the brain dead extremists that are doing all the dying but they aren’t bright enough to comprehend it.


I spoke too soon…..

Israel provides air cover for terrorist elements in  Quneitra.

The Israeli Air Force today supplied air cover for Al Nusra terrorists, destroying Syrian military vehicles and killing two Syrian soldiers. The lying Israelis claimed the attack was because of errant weapons fire into ‘Israel controlled areas’. If they weren’t illegally occupying the Golan Heights, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place but can they explain why these problems occur only when the terrorists are attacking Syrian forces?

Despite admissions of supporting terrorist elements for years, the Israelis get an easy ride from our media. They are never exposed for their crimes no matter how heinous. Palestine is ignored. Crimes against it’s neighbours are ignored. Israeli interference in the British political system, amongst other countries is ignored. For all the different ways which the mainstream media conveniently ignore Israel, there has to be only one conclusion. Israel controls the mainstream media.

Conspiracy theory? Try to find a journalist critical of Israel. Learn how many Palestinian homes have been bulldozed. Try to find out how many young Arabs have been killed by the IDF, claiming they attacked soldiers with a knife. Try to find the name of the 15 year old Palestinian girl that died because she was left for an hour and a half with her fatal injuries, bleeding to death on the floor. Try to find out the conditions in which Palestinian prisoners are kept in, many of them without ever being formally charged or tried in court. Learn what if feels like to be stood in blistering heat waiting to be processed to go through a check point that serves no security purpose.

Try to find this information out from our mainstream media and you will be wasting your time. No conspiracy theory here.


Israeli-Al Qa’ida Air Force.

A recent attack by extremists on the Syrian Arab Army and its allies positions, close to the Golan Heights was repelled, leaving dozens of dead terrorists and some destroyed hardware. It would seem that Syrian forces, even when facing superiority of numbers and equipment, are getting better at defending against these kind of attacks. This attempt appears to have been dealt with efficiently. Defending against a never ending line of suicide truck drivers requires extreme diligence and of course an error can result in countless comrades being killed. Difficult conditions to survive in.

A short time after this attack had been neutralised, Israeli fighter planes bombed several Syrian government sites in the southern province of Quneitra. Casualties and damage are unknown. The Israelis claimed they were responding to artillery fire from Syrian forces that fell in to ‘their territory’. First of all this is a demonstrable lie. The Golan Heights are an occupied Syrian location. However, we’ll ignore this fact and look at what evidence the Israelis provided to back up their claim of stray rockets. As in previous accusations of Syrian stray missiles, they have failed to provide a single piece of evidence. In effect, the Israelis are saying ‘You will believe us and anyhow, we’ll do as we please’. Forgive me for being cynical but Netanyahu and the truth don’t mix.

Israeli estimations of rockets fired from Gaza, have been exaggerated beyond the realms of fantasy over the last few years. For Hamas to fire such amounts of rockets would need a permanent salvo. Why should these claims without evidence be accepted as fact?

The Mavi Marmara, another example of Israeli claiming their lives were in danger, despite THEIR decision to board the vessel from helicopters above the ship….In the middle of the night.

In every act of resistance by Palestinians, the Israelis produce a very strong magnifying glass and then they show the world what is being done to them through it. Of course they never mention what they did to provoke the response, expecting anything close to the truth from these pathological liars would be impossible.

The racist, prejudiced and criminal nation called Israel will be made accountable for it’s catalogue of crimes inflicted on those perceived weaker. Of course, battle hardened and well trained soldiers create a formidable challenge after they have been beating unarmed youths and stealing cycles of little girls. The cowards known as the IDF are only confident with overwhelming odds in their favour and even then they make hard work of it.

It’s not just the air support Israel supplies for Al Qaida, hundreds of terrorist fighters have been treated at Israeli hospitals. Considering the terrorists supposedly principled and strict religious ideology, how can that fit in with collaborating with the ongoing torturers of their Sunni brothers and sisters in Palestine? These terrorists change the rules whenever they want. The traitors should be attacking Israel, not hiding under its protective umbrella. They flog and decapitate people for the most trivial crimes and yet betray the Palestinians on a daily basis by having friendly relations with their tormentors. The extremists aren’t religious, I doubt they are even Muslims.

A message for the terrorists working closely with Israel:

You are working with the enemy, a despotic regime that destroys the lives of every Palestinian. A corrupt, barbaric entity that imprisons the children of Palestine. A country that has been at the centre of every recent attack on innocent Muslims and you know when your worth has diminished? You will suddenly be just as reviled as every other Muslim by this Zionist entity that has no friends in this world. Your status will remain as long as you are useful. Once that period is over, you will be destroyed without mercy, one way or another.