Raed Saleh and the Emperor’s new clothes.

This White Helmet story WON'T be having the typical ending to a fairytale...........'They all lived happily ever after'. An item on the US news channel CBS claims that the White Helmets are in imminent danger, as more terrorist held towns and cities are liberated in Southern Syria. An article by Kylie Atwood and Margaret Brennan, … Continue reading Raed Saleh and the Emperor’s new clothes.

Trumps selective travel ban.

Donald Trump claims his recent travel ban is designed to stop terrorist entry to the US. Apart from the fact that it doesn't affect Saudi Arabia, the Middle Eastern country that promotes the Wahhabism, (the most extreme Islamic teachings) two other exceptions have been made. One is Raed Salah, the leader of the White Helmets. … Continue reading Trumps selective travel ban.