Deir Ezzor siege ends.

If you relied on the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know it.

A small group of Syrian forces have met up up with besieged soldiers in Deir Ezzor, a major Syrian city that has been held captive by terrorists for over three years. It is only a small step but a significant one to bring any semblance of normality to those that have been trapped.

To get to this stage has been an incredible feat. Just over two years ago the war was practically lost with terrorist extremists (supported by the US, UK, France, Qatar , Saudi and others) on the verge of victory. The Syrian Arab Army were being handed daily defeats, despite the huge efforts of Hezbollah and other allies.

…. Then the Russians came.

Militarily, the intervention wasn’t huge, only a small number of fighter jets and helicopters, with suitable support. It was the organisation skills, the expertise and the tactics that the Russians brought to Syria that were so vital. Furthermore, Russia have shown their dominance in the diplomatic sphere, constantly exposing Trump’s team to be the amateurs that they are. Maria Zakharova, with her amusing put downs to American journalists, have been a particular highlight.

 ISIS and its various co conspirators aren’t finished yet.

Extreme caution still needs to be taken to preserve the lives of SAA and its allies against the suicidal, drug crazed terrorists. There are clearly no limits to the heinous crimes these monsters will commit, proven by their barbaric atrocities against men, women, children and the irreplaceable monuments of Syrian’s rich history. The numerous bases that the US have created in Kurdish areas of Syria also means that the Americans and their allies haven’t conceded defeat. The destruction of some Arab towns East of the Euphrates has been deliberate in an effort to clear areas for the introduction of Kurdish inhabitants. The US attack on Deir Ezzor, which I have previously written about, exacerbated the difficulties for innocent civilians under siege and despite the criminal actions of the ‘alliance’, they merely delayed the current success.

Israeli exceptionalism.

Of course, Israel will continue to provoke, knowing that the US big brother will always try to finish off what Netanyahu starts. There is a disappearing window which becomes smaller at every village or town the Syrian allies liberate. The Israeli Prime Minister has been expressing spurious fears over perceived Iranian influence in Syria , in an attempt to get permission to counter it. These are based on the bogus claim that Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map. The phrase that was used actually translates to ‘remove Israel from the page of time’, which clearly refers to protecting Palestinians from the violence and ethnic cleansing that the Israelis have inflicted on them.

The ‘fear’ of Iran.

Israeli fear of Iran is an absolute fabrication. First of all, Iranian support for Palestine does not transfer to hatred of Israel. Secondly, Israel have a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate not just Iran but probably end life on our planet. Their fear of Hezbollah has much more basis. The Lebanese defence militia have already proven to be tenacious adversaries. Which brings me back to the heroic efforts of not just the military combatants defending Syria but every Syrian.

An unparalleled fight for survival.

Syrian ability to withstand such immense and concerted efforts to destroy it have no modern comparison. Bashar al Assad, despite many false accusations of numerous crimes, has stood strong when his enemies expected him to crumble. The Syrian people, particularly those who had justifiable grievances, have been conned. The traitors who allied with the foreign mercenaries were fooled. The terrorists are Israeli accessories, their betrayal of their Palestinian brothers and sisters is complete.

Having said that, Assad isn’t squeaky clean. By his own admission, he’s made many mistakes. However, none can compare with Tony Blair’s catalogue of lies and deceptions that were used to destroy Iraq. Furthermore, if the coward Blair had been in the desperate situation that Assad has endured, he would have escaped a long time ago.

Israel are pulling all the strings, systematically weakening every friend of Palestine. Driving a wedge to further part the Sunni and Shia. Trying to break off chunks from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq, by using the hapless Kurds. They have assets influencing the direction of many governments, manipulating every decision in the background. They are investing millions into the destruction of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement. One of their primary assets in the UK has managed to crawl back into a position of authority, Liam Fox. Zionists have too many ‘Israeli first’ Senators to name.

The humanitarian situation.

There are only two countries in the Syrian region who have not accepted refugees from Syria. Israel and Saudi Arabia. Try to go and live in either place if you practice a different religion. You would only receive any help from these two if you can prove your weapon is aimed at Syrian soldiers.




Scott Ritter – A comprehensive rebuttal of accusations that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons.

The renowned former weapons inspector systematically debunks US and UK claims of Assad using chemical weapons during the war.

Scott Ritter has always been a voice of reason when it comes to claims of weapons of mass destruction. He was one of the few real experts that cast doubts on Saddam’s ability to build such weapons, never mind use them.

He has written an article here that not only points out there is no evidence to support accusations of Assad using CW’s but also that he would have to be insane to do so. Assad, with an abundance of help from the Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah have managed to turn around a hopeless situation.

For Liam and Pat.

Despite fraudulent claims by both Israel and the US, Hezbollah are not a terrorist group and there is no evidence of them causing terror for any other group of people. Primarily, they were set up to defend against Israeli crimes when they occupied Southern Lebanon. Hezbollah are a defensive organisation. No Israeli occupation of Lebanon – No Hezbollah. They only became involved in  Syria because of their legitimate fear that ISIS would try to conquer Lebanon if they succeeded with Syria. Do some research and then try to claim Hezbollah are terrorists.

Genuine humanitarian aid.

Russian lives have already been lost in Syria, how many, we don’t know. What we do know is that the Syrian people (generally) are extremely grateful for the Russian support. It has been vital to the survival of areas such as Deir Ezzor, both on the military and humanitarian level. There is no safe way to land at Deir Ezzor airport any more, not since the US in conjunction with ISIS attacked Syrian forces in September 2016. Subsequent ISIS control over certain areas now means that the Syrians cannot fly in vital supplies safely. Deir Ezzor has been cut off from the rest of Syrian government held areas for over two years, so the actions of the US coalition were catastrophic. ISIS have repeatedly attempted to defeat Syrian forces in Deir Ezzor but fortunately for the 100,000+ civilians, they’ve failed so far.

Russian air-drops.

Despite serious risks of being shot down (the US/allies have supplied terrorists with manpads) Russian pilots have been dropping tonnes of supplies to Deir Ezzor, without which the town couldn’t have survived this siege.



Political interference by a foreign entity.

There have been recent accusations of Russian interference in the US democratic process, primarily by Hilary Clinton supporters. The claims are that Russia uncovered evidence Clinton had been giving US Ambassador roles to her friends in exchange for money. Further charges against her included using her own email addresses whilst Secretary of State, instead of email set up on a secure government server. The latter charges were cleared up a few months before the election, she was censured and the case was dropped. Anyone else accused of these serious allegations would be remanded in custody, and certainly not allowed out on bail.

US claims of Russian interference aren’t so clear cut. First of all Julian Assange had already posted the information on the Wiki leaks site, amid claims that it was a Washington insider that had leaked the data. The FBI countered with a ridiculous dossier that could only muster vague accusations and innuendo toward hacking by Russia and failed to provide any evidence whatsoever. Hacking sources aren’t easy to verify, and if it were Russian elements that compromised US servers, it would be extremely difficult to prove. These people are extremely talented coders, many recruited from shady groups of hackers because they are the best at what they do.

The Americans don’t seem to be disputing the validity of the information gleaned from this leak, they seem to be complaining about the timing of the revelations being helpful for Trump to overcome Clinton. Interfering in the political process, they claim. If we turn the argument around, surely if they hadn’t been revealed, this would have interfered by helping Clinton to become President, would it not? Either way, if it’s true, how can the truth be detrimental to a political process?

We in the UK have been victims of interference lately, too. An Israeli ‘agent’ (for want of a better word) was caught on camera discussing the possibility of ‘taking down’ British politicians, presumably he meant just the ones that disagree with Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. Two names that were mentioned have been slightly critical of Israeli policies. Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt were both named. They are openly gay and perhaps this is the reason Shai Masot (the Israeli official) seemed confident they could be brought down?

Masot also mention a £1million+ fund to pay for UK politicians to visit Israel on supposed fact finding missions. Bearing in mind, it costs less than a thousand pounds to fly to Israel, that’s an awful lot of visits. All these conversations, involving the pro Israeli lobbyists and Jewish organisation officials were caught on film by an Al Jazeera journalist working under cover.

Despite overwhelming evidence, the British government consider the incident closed. This is the same government that has roundly condemned Russia over it’s unproven ‘attempt to interfere’ in US elections.

So the US is furious because the truth came out about Hilary Clinton and the UK have accepted an apology from Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev for an Israeli national (who wasn’t an official diplomat, so he could have been charged with at least corruption) for boasting they could ‘get rid’ of virtually any British politician.

I suppose what this does demonstrate is that both US and UK citizens are absolute mugs…For very different reasons.

Sanctions-A weapon of war.

US sanctions against Iraq were responsible for the deaths of 500,000 children. Madeline Albright, the US secretary of state at the time, showed no regret and insisted they were justified. The effect was devastating because treatable ailments went untreated through lack of basic medicine that were available almost everywhere else. It wasn’t a mistake, it was quite deliberate. Medicines are supposedly exempt from restrictions but governments make it so difficult that it becomes impossible to supply them if a country is being severely sanctioned.

Similar sanctions have been imposed on Syria. For decades the US has sanctioned Syria because of the support it gives to Hezbollah, even though they are primarily a defensive organisation, the US claims they are terrorists. The murder of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri is also blamed on Hezbollah, with no evidence to support it and no motive.

The US aren’t alone in issuing sanctions, the EU did exactly the same. Russia is also being extensively sanctioned but the effects on European countries is far greater than that felt by the US. 30,000 German businesses have close connections to Russian industry, but the effects are damaging to all European countries. Obama has used the EU to try and weaken Russia.

You won’t hear about the damage to industry and exports this side of the Atlantic from our own media. Anything that undermines US policy is completely ignored by them. The US wants the EU to do it’s dirty work but some EU countries are starting to realise that long term sanctions against Russia will do more damage to ‘us’ than them.  Germany is by far the greatest loser, their trade with Russia is larger than the US. When you combine the rest of Europe’s trade with the Russians, the loss of trade to the EU is huge.

Could it be possible that the US don’t realise how much damage they are doing to the Europeans with the extensive sanctions against Russia? Of course they do and so will our politicians, they just keep quiet about them. So if the US will damage trade for it’s supposed allies, the damage it will impose on it’s enemies needs no describing.

The Western countries are the major manufacturers in electricity, gas and water production facilities. When these utilities are attacked, the result is obviously devastating. The stricken country will try to purchase replacement parts but won’t be allowed to. With sanctions in place, the infrastructure will not be repaired, the people get very angry and revolt. That’s the plan.

This explains recent attacks on Palmyra gas fields, a processing facility at Hayan and the catastrophic pollution of water and subsequent deprivation in Damascus. What is surprising is that these vital sites have not been attacked before.

If an an invasion or ‘created opposition’ is successful, the result is also an economic bonanza for many US corporations. Post-war Iraq, a long list of companies made billions, even when they didn’t complete the work, which was more often than not. So, US bombs destroy facilities, then US charges you to fix it all up again, if you are lucky. It should also be noted that the same punishment is inflicted on Gaza. Time after time their vital utilities are destroyed for no other reason than to deprive the people of basic needs. This is the most vile tactic, initiated to collectively punish everyone. This is against international law.

A really determined company could apply for an export license for Syria, however it could be a long and expensive process. If it was in the UK, the government would make it as difficult as possible to avoid upsetting the US. If I wanted to send charity donations to Syria, I would be breaking the sanctions put in place by the EU. Not only do they prohibit any help from well meaning companies, they also stop individuals from donating.

Sanctions are a hidden killer but the MSM only ever mention that certain people have been sanctioned and their US bank accounts frozen. The implications of this weapon are far and wide. They are being used more effectively by governments to stop any assistance being given to a distressed nation unless they decide who the money goes to. We could give to the big charities because most of the money they get pays the chief executive hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. We can give to a charity like ‘hand in hand for Syria’, a very dubious charity run by anti-Assad activists and allowed to keep it’s charity status despite credible complaints concerning it’s political nature. In other words, you can donate to the Syrian disaster – but only through ‘us’.

The truth about Syria. Please show your friends and family this short video. (Updated)

My criticism for the BBC is usually unrelenting. Interviews are skewed and many interviewees attempting to relay a logical and honest rebuttal to the lies of governments are cut short, aggressively questioned and even deliberately sidelined. This short interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos is a rare exception. He clearly describes the actual truth about Russian assistance to Syria, its perfectly legal basis and the disgraceful action of the UK government, with regards to its attempts to distort reality. Most importantly, the interviewer allows him to answer his questions without interruption.

I urge people that might not be fully aware of the situation in Syria to watch this news clip, which is only just over 4 minutes long. I applaud Mr Papadopoulos for his factual appraisal of Russian involvement in Syria and would add that if we do not hold our warmongering politicians to account, we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict which could result in nuclear weapons being used. We are at a very dangerous point in history that could escalate in to a catastrophe if we do not fully understand the situation.

Please, please encourage friends, family and colleagues to spend just over 4 minutes of their time to watch this invaluable interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos


For those who think that I may have been exaggerating when I said “we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict”, here is a very sobering discussion between General Dunford and Mr Wicker of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In the latter part of the short clip, John McCain puts the General under pressure and he starts to back pedal. I believe he caved in due to the reputation of McCain and his close relationships with militant extremists in Syria. Having said that, General Dunsford wasn’t convincing with his detraction, despite McCain’s dismissive comments.

McCain probably became agitated because he has met with known terrorist’s in Syria, even being photographed with them.


It has been claimed that the man second from the left is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. I’m not sure about that, although there are many similarities. What isn’t in doubt is that McCain broke Syrian law by meeting these thugs, without having the relevant paper work. The sooner this nasty piece of work ‘retires’, the better.

Are we really so gullible……..

Intense news coverage is being used to try to gain public approval for both the US and UK to attack the Syrian Arab Army AND that will mean attacking Russia too. The unrelenting images of people being pulled from buildings covered in dust are not a real reflection of the situation and it is in both Russia and Syria’s interest not to harm civilians. The same cannot be said for the terrorists. They continually bombard government held Aleppo and on a daily basis routinely kill civilians. Five children were killed whilst at school only yesterday. Reports of these murders are withheld from the news reports received in the West and only images purporting to be from inside rebel areas are transmitted. Every news bulletin is based on a pack of lies or from the terrorists themselves. Have we forgotten what happens to Western journalists when the terrorists find them? James Foley and Steven Sotloff’s families haven’t.

This is the fate of journalists caught by terrorists in Syria. Journalists Foley and Sotloff.

If this is what happens to journalists, how are the news media getting precise reports from inside terrorist held areas? The only exception would be Bilal Abdul Kareem, the American journalist who is a known sympathiser for the extremists.


Here is Mr Bilal, reporting from inside rebel held Aleppo.

The buildings behind Mr Bilal look intact. Perhaps a little bit shabby but certainly not half destroyed.


…. And these don’t look like they have been targeted by the Russian or Syrian air force either.


…. Nor these. I agree, not the most luxurious looking apartments but I can’t see no missile damage.

If we take a look at a government held part of Aleppo now.


Government held area of Aleppo, not something you will see on the BBC.

So if I can produce evidence of terrorists deliberately targeting pro Assad territory, why can’t the so called journalists? I have not had any training as a journalist, (which is probably obvious) yet I know that I could go and visit any government controlled area and get these photographs myself, providing I was brave enough to go to Syria.

By being deceived from media propaganda ‘we’ve’ already destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a good proportion of historic Syria. A good dose of scepticism is required when you see the dusty children being pulled from the rubble. If the White Helmets are involved even more so. Governments clearly don’t need public approval, as Iraq confirmed but they are more emboldened by it.

(in £millions)

Iraq war: £8,164.2

Afghanistan war £21,315.7

Libyan bombing:  £350.0

These are official government figures, so they might be double these amounts. The number of people killed in these unnecessary conflicts is impossible to calculate. Half a million Iraqi children died purely because we wouldn’t allow them to buy vital medication from the West. The same sanctions have been inflicted on Syria.

Hands off Syria!