Netanyahu urges US to abandon Iran agreement.

Israeli leader creates the conditions for Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Benjamin Netanyahu has just held a press conference. This production is nothing short of a joke. The brass neck of Netanyahu calling the Iranians liars is staggering. Let's believe him about these incriminating files that have, with almost perfect timing, … Continue reading Netanyahu urges US to abandon Iran agreement.

Putin and North Korea.

Why do the media paint North Korea as a freak state when the reality of their predicament is blatantly obvious? In case we don't know, President Putin explains the logic. The use of sanctions by the US can be equally as devastating as 'shock and awe', depending on how integrated the 'victim' is. Because … Continue reading Putin and North Korea.

The hypocrisy of the US government.

.... Not that they are unique in this respect. 'Trump demands Maduro regime in Venezuela release 'illegally' held opposition leaders' ...Even though Israel routinely arrest or assassinate Palestinian leaders without a word of condemnation. Not to mention the hundreds of families terrorised by the Israeli Defence Force with their deliberate night time raids on those … Continue reading The hypocrisy of the US government.