The Trump and Netanyahu show.

'There is no greater friend to the Israeli state than Donald Trump.'   Netanyahu, almost incessantly grinning from ear to ear, had the look of a diminutive student, sidling up to his new best pal, the school bully. Trump, pretending to be the first impartial President, initially claiming he would solve the Palestine/Israel conflict. The … Continue reading The Trump and Netanyahu show.


Israeli bragging rights…..

The BBC announce that 'Israel approves delayed settlement homes'. 'Now we can build' a Jerusalem official says, as staunch supporter Trump takes office in the US. The arrogant Israelis might be thinking they can do as they please, and to a certain degree, they are right. They have the biggest thug around looking after them … Continue reading Israeli bragging rights…..

Israel: The screaming child.

TheĀ UN Security Council Resolution against Israel, one of the harshest that has ever been passed appears to be creating an uncomfortable time for Netanyahu. Threats and summonses (on Christmas day) were flying around with the Israelis appearing to be more than a little perturbed. The media haven't mentioned that most of these representatives summoned will … Continue reading Israel: The screaming child.