The Trump and Netanyahu show.

RTSYTTX.jpeg‘There is no greater friend to the Israeli state than Donald Trump.’


Netanyahu, almost incessantly grinning from ear to ear, had the look of a diminutive student, sidling up to his new best pal, the school bully. Trump, pretending to be the first impartial President, initially claiming he would solve the Palestine/Israel conflict.

The Palestinians must recognise Israel.

Why should they? In the same public meeting with Netanyahu, he’s saying he couldn’t care less if the Palestinians have their own state or not. Hardly the words of an unbiased mediator.

How will Trump oversee this attempt at peace?

With great difficulty, bearing in mind he refuses to communicate with the Palestinians. Yes, he implores Netanyahu to slow down on the new settlements but what exactly does ‘slow down’ mean?

The reality: A Palestinian state is impossible.201306_area_c_map_eng

The red* areas are controlled by Israel. The Palestinian areas are riddled with over 100 Israeli checkpoints. Travelling around their ‘own’ country is made impossible by the Israelis, deliberately. The ‘chosen people’ choose the Palestinians movements.

Family loyalty.

Trumps daughter is married to a Zionist Jew, Jared Kushner. He has campaigned for, and given money to the Israel Defence Force. Has he donated to a US veterans charity? I doubt it. This clearly shows his loyalties lie with Israel. Kushner has also helped finance illegal Israeli settlements, internationally condemned as being unlawful.

To think that Trump will be an honest broker in the Palestine/Israeli conflict is pure fantasy. Sadly, Trump is making previous Presidents look like they were impartial.

* The red areas controlled by Israel are increasing on a daily basis.


Israeli bragging rights…..

The BBC announce that ‘Israel approves delayed settlement homes’.

‘Now we can build’ a Jerusalem official says, as staunch supporter Trump takes office in the US.

The arrogant Israelis might be thinking they can do as they please, and to a certain degree, they are right. They have the biggest thug around looking after them now. Their dreams of even more power to continue with their perverted, prejudiced policies over the Palestinians are given the green light from Washington. Enjoy it while it lasts Netanyahu.

I firmly believe they will become complacent over just what they can get away with and when they do, the world won’t turn away because they shoved it in our faces. Desmond Tutu claimed the Palestinian conditions are much worse under Israel than what Black South Africans suffered during apartheid, and look what happened to that.

This isn’t just the right wing government of Israel, this has widespread public approval. Treating fellow human beings like this can’t last. The system is unsustainable and then there will be a bloodbath.

It’s hard to imagine…….

…. How intolerable living under occupation must be…

In actual fact, it’s impossible to imagine how debilitating it is to be under occupation, especially to a regime as vicious and vindictive as the Israelis. It’s no coincidence that the occupiers are world leaders in the surveillance and security industry, even though the catastrophic failures of 7/7 and 9/11 were both orchestrated when Israeli companies were supposedly keeping them safe. It was also rather unfortunate that multiple video cameras weren’t in good order too.

The Palestinians won’t be watched over by faulty cameras, that we can be sure of. Under the microscope of the most technically advanced hardware, their every move will be observed. The resolution of these photo/video cameras are mind boggling, and they might be much more advanced than what we, the consumers are aware of.

Check points are there to deliberately inconvenience and make ordinary Palestinians lives unbearable. The door being smashed down in the middle of the night is terrorism. Especially when one of your children is taken away. The torture of not knowing what is happening must be hell. That’s exactly what it’s designed to do. Rampaging ‘settlers’ must be quite intimidating too. Of course, their behaviour is also a terrorist threat to all the villages surrounding these architectural monstrosities. The old adage that you can’t buy ‘class’ is epitomised by the lack of aesthetic style that is visible in every single development.

It’s criminal in more ways than one that they flattened beautiful villages to build these horrific eyesores. Each one is situated whereby they can overlook the Palestinians below. They are connected by roads that can only be used by Israelis. Their water is supplied at the expense of the towns that have been there for hundreds of years.

Solar panels supplied by EU grants have been destroyed by the IDF. Buildings paid for by the EU have been razed. Not forgetting the daily routine of home demolitions under dubious restrictions imposed by the occupiers (already 151 this year), this all adds up to a life of complete, soul-destroying misery and the West should be utterly ashamed that it has allowed this situation to deteriorate year on year. I’ve probably mentioned most of this before but I wont tire of it until the Palestinians are given the right to decide their own destiny and are allowed to demonstrate their immense creativity without being constrained in an open air prison.

The truck attack assailants’ family have praised his actions even though numerous relatives have been arrested today. Netanyahu revealed the attackers ISIS connections, how he knows so quickly is suspicious. I doubt ISIS would turn on the Israelis now. All the time they have been attacking Assad in Syria, they haven’t lifted a finger for the Palestinian fight for freedom and haven’t once attacked Israeli assets.

So far as this latest incident goes, soldiers are a legitimate target for Palestinians and because of the oppression they face, they can hardly be condemned for resisting. The reaction  of relatives of Fadi al-Qanbar are not surprising, he did his bit to resist the occupation and better to die fighting than giving in to this brutal tyranny.


Israel: The screaming child.

The¬†UN Security Council Resolution against Israel, one of the harshest that has ever been passed appears to be creating an uncomfortable time for Netanyahu. Threats and summonses (on Christmas day) were flying around with the Israelis appearing to be more than a little perturbed. The media haven’t mentioned that most of these representatives summoned will have been of the Christian faith and if this were the opposite way round and their attendance been demanded on a Jewish celebration, there would have been accusations of anti-Semitism.

I won’t pretend I know much about UN resolutions but some experts seem to think it’s very worrying for Israel whilst others dismiss the condemnation as a bit of a game. An irate Obama getting a little dig in at Netanyahu before he leaves office, perhaps. Whatever significance the resolution has, the Israeli reaction suggests it’s important. An announcement in Jerusalem concerning 450 new ‘settlement’ buildings has been postponed. John Kerry was quite scathing about Israeli intransigence toward a peace process. Sadly, the US administration has been silent over the last eight years, or things might be different now.

On top of all that, the war in Syria has just seen a major victory for the Syrian Arab Army. The Israeli government is a major sponsor of the rebels and assist them in host of different ways, despite them being on international terrorist lists. How any supposed ‘Islamic Jihadist’ can accept the assistance of the Israelis is beyond my comprehension but they don’t seem to see the hypocrisy of it. If Netanyahu has a dog, it would do well to steer clear of him for the foreseeable future.