Foua and Kefraya evacuation bloodbath – Not even condemned by Donald Trump.

Different reaction from the US when it’s their allies who are doing the the killing.

No media mention of 200 missing women and children kidnapped by ISIS/Al Nusra in the Foua attack.

There were more deaths from the the Foua attack in Syria than the alleged Khan Sheikoun chemical weapons strike a week earlier. Even now, a day or so later, the true number of victims isn’t known. We had four days of wall to wall coverage that included statements from a disgraced former doctor accused of terrorism offences in the UK (Shajul Islam) and the completely unsubstantiated lies from the White Helmets.

Donald Trump bombed Syria, even though he didn’t (and he still doesn’t) have any evidence at all that Syria (or Russia were involved). Just before he bombed Syria he was empathising over ‘beautiful babies’, even though in that very attack he killed four children. Isn’t this baby beautiful enough for you Mr Trump?

Shahed is one of the luckier ones that escaped death AND the kidnappings that took place during the aftermath.

The mainstream media are keeping quiet about the circumstances of this attack on the people from two pro government villages in Syria (they had no choice because ISIS and it’s cohorts regard them as un Islamic). They have been under siege from the terrorists for over two years and been struggling to survive. Many of the children won’t have eaten properly for a very long time, which is why the sick bastard that committed this crime used sweets and crisps as a magnet.

Suicide bomber attracted dozens of kids towards him and his bomb laden truck, before igniting it.

These are the actions of a despicable organisation and yet Trump and previously Obama have both bombed Syrian soldiers in coordination with them. Don’t bother looking at mainstream news for coverage of this event, they are keeping it as low key as possible. Everything points to our governments and the slave like news agencies concealing the fact that WE are supporting the likes of ISIS and Al Nusra. WE (our governments) are complicit in killing innocent victims that are actually being protected by the Syrian government and that includes Bashar al Assad and his British born wife, who the media have decided should have her citizenship revoked.

If we want to find reasons to take UK passports from people, we should start with our own politicians, news paper owners and TV companies. They all sing to the same tune and in doing so are not enhancing our reputation abroad and actually create terror attacks with their treasonous behaviour. Have you noticed that they all support UK aggression on other nations? Have you noticed how they all use the Union Jack flag to get people to take pride in our military action overseas, even though there is no threat to us? Neither Saddam or Gadaffi were threats to us. In fact the exact opposite is the case. We are more likely to be victims of terrorism now than when they were both in power. The removal of al Assad and his government will exacerbate the problem even more. All three ‘supposed’ tyrants offered their people free healthcare, free education and subsidised housing. All three countries are now destroyed beyond the imagination.

The UK has been involved in all three crimes, along with the cheer leading media. That means we have been helping Al Qaida, Al Nusra, ISIS or whatever they are called to murder hundreds of thousands of people who had done us no harm. It’s time the decent people put a stop to it.


What happened to the anti-Trump protests?

Surely Trump is not so stupid………..That he believes the White Helmet fairytale of Khan Sheikhoun?

If he does, it really is an updated version of the ’emperors new clothes’. Almost anyone with any knowledge about Syria in general and specifically the White Helmets, knows they are a complete fraud and that most of them have been identified as members of Al Nusra or a similar terrorist groups. If that isn’t enough, the doctor at the forefront of the media’s attention during the alleged chemical weapons attack is actually a former doctor who was struck off the British Medical Register. The hearing was held in private and no reason was given for him being struck off.

Not surprisingly, the BBC and its co-conspirators didn’t inform the viewers that Shajul had been accused of kidnapping and threatening to kill the captured victims. A most basic search will reveal his murky past and would also inform the reader that he wasn’t a man who could be trusted and that he was a suspected terrorist. If this was the ‘acceptable face’ of the rebels, they are in deep trouble. Is it too much trouble for BBC journalists to perform a search in Google? It would seem so.

Trump has silenced many of his critics.

Gone are the numerous campaigns to have him impeached and the constant bad publicity from, not just US media but the worlds media.. What has created this massive swing in his fortunes? The negative publicity has (just like his hair) receded since April 6th. Coincidentally, (or not) that was the day he fired 59 cruise missiles at Syria. This tells us that it is the US military complex that determines whether he has an easy ride of his presidency or not. There can be no other reason. All the anti Trump criticism has suddenly disappeared from the front pages and from the headlines of the major TV news outlets.

It looks like Trump was being vilified not because he has such a low regard for women but that he was being too friendly with nations instead of aggressive. As soon as the aggression started, the negative headlines stopped. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Trump has no charisma or charm. He has a very limited vocabulary, repeating the same phrase, seemingly because he isn’t bright enough to think of anything better to say and it beggars belief how he ever became so wealthy. His hair provides an insight into his vanity. I think he is bald but the ridiculous, elaborately woven rug sat on his head doesn’t do him any favours. He just looks a prick, even though no one will tell him. It’s hardly surprising they won’t, given his recent killing spree’s. He’s a psychopath.

Maria Zakharova explains basic ‘norms’.

Maria Zakharova tells the CBS reporter to allow an independent investigation in to the allegations of Chemical Weapon use by Syrian forces. The CBS reporter claims its too dangerous for anyone to venture into Idlib. So the people who the US have just broken all international laws for, will not allow experts in to assess the situation? Video’s taken by individuals with an agenda cannot be trusted as evidence, yet that’s what just happened with the ‘shoot first, ask later’ actions of the US.

Trump has exposed himself as a feeble man. He’s been forced by warmongering US politicians and think tanks into breaking international law. Of course, the US doesn’t recognise the ICC and Trump’s actions explain exactly why they don’t.

Theresa May, don’t support the actions of a rogue state in my name. Insist on normal procedure whenever a crime is committed, observe the tried and tested methods of criminal investigation.

A White Helmet video is not sufficient. The claims of Shujal Islam does not give it credibility.


The timing of alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria.

Each of the two major allegations of Syrian Arab Army chemical weapon attacks have occurred directly after mass kidnappings by terrorist factions in Syria. In each instance, it’s been reported that the captives taken are the ones that end up dead due to the chemical weapon attack. The victims were both taken during attacks on pro government areas. White Helmet involvement in the reporting of this latest incident confirms to me that this is another atrocity committed by ISIS, Al Qaida or whatever they want to call themselves. It’s interesting that the WH suddenly appear after being so quiet since their forced removal from Aleppo, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near these people, for varying reasons.

If the terrorists were to give up the remains of those killed, their description of the chain of events may be verifiable. This will not happen, just as it didn’t in the previous murderous attack.

If inspectors were allowed access to the scene (and it’s a big ‘if’), the people instrumental in carrying out this propaganda would have time to ‘prepare’ for them. The chances of an independent investigation are nil. Apart from that, any Westerner with the courage to go anywhere near Idlib deserves a medal.

The next question is how to treat the effects of Sarin and the exposure to it.


This is how the US military would try to deal with it.


…And this is how the White Helmets would treat the victims.

Quote from the Independent:

‘Hussein Kayal, a photographer for the pro-opposition Idlib Media Centre, said he was awoken by the sound of a bomb blast around 6.30am local time (4.30am BST).’

The ‘doctor’ in thisĀ video claims that they started to receive patients at 8-30 local time. I used the word doctor loosely. He is called Shajul Islam and was charged with kidnap in 2013 along with another man. The case was dropped because the two main witnesses didn’t arrive in court. In my view Shajul is an asset for the security services and his word cannot be trusted.

The sunset at local time is 6-15. The picture above shows a very bright image, not at all like where I live just minutes after sunrise.

Without doubt, this is another false flag by the terrorists and hopefully evidence will be forthcoming to prove it. Considering what we already know about the White Helmets previous productions, this is well within their capabilities.